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I hope your rich

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Vidor, Texas
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I hope your rich

If I never see Rome again that will be ok. I really wasnt prepared for our stay here. My wife booked the Hilton Gardens Inn very close to Fumicino airport. The hotel is nice and the price is ok, but it is far from anything that you want to do. A cab ride cost 40euros into town, one way. A cab ride to a local restaurant in Fumicino is 12 euros. A coke at the airport is 2.50 euros minimum. The Leonardo express train from the airport to the end of the line at Termini is 11 euros. It is not airconditioned and is very hot. If you plan on sightseeing Rome, this is not the place to stay unless you plan on spending a fortune using cabs to the center of town. And if you plan on using the trains it will take you at least an hour to get to the center of town from the airport. And its not cheap. As I said it costs 22 euros roundtrip from the airport. There is no place of interest to walk to from this hotel. They do provide a free shuttle from the hotel to the airport and back every 30 minutes.

As for the food. I understand why the Italians are very slim. The food aint that good, so why eat too much? And it is always over priced. A simple hogie with the slimmest cut of meat I have ever seen with some non tasting cheese cost about $7. I guarantee they can get about 5000 sandwiches from one spiral cut ham. I dont understand how Italian natives can afford to eat out. The jobs here must pay very good.

We leave for Sorrento tomorrow. I dread hauling my luggage a mile or so to and from trains. I guess I am just spoiled. I love my Texas truck and the thought of being able to drive it anywhere I want and not have to give blood and my firstborn to the hotel to park it there.

Rome, Italy
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1. Re: I hope your rich

Being in Fiumicino Airport (and not even in Fiumicino village) you DID NOT stay in Rome that is 35 KM away (as reported in the hotel web page)....and, yes, being stucked in the middle of no-where prices for (any) good are higher than usual (also for locals)...if I want to go in NYC I don't book in NJ....it's simply logic. Give this city another chance :) and you won't be disappointed!

Ciao Daniela

Livonia, Michigan
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2. Re: I hope your rich

It is hard for me to formulate words to respond to your post.....so many things one could say...

So all I will ask is: did you happen to check the location of your hotel before your trip?

PS - I DREAM about the wonderful food in Italy......

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3. Re: I hope your rich

So you're blaming Rome because you and you're wife made a poor selection in choosing a hotel?

Had you done any research (which most people do before going to a foreign country) you would have had a better idea on where to stay and could have saved yourself quite a bit of money in traveling costs.

You also would have realized that Rome is expensive - but guess what - so is New York and Paris and London.

As for the food - like anywhere, there's good and bad. Personally, I've had some of the finest meals I've ever Italy - even cheap meals that consisted of a personal pizza - so don't assume all of the food is bad because you had one bad sandwich.

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4. Re: I hope your rich

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that you were not prepared for your stay in Rome. And that's in part to what an earlier poster mentioned about the fact that you actually did not even stay in Rome. While I could go on and on, what it all boils down to is that on this trip you didn't even come close to experiencing Rome, and giving the city a chance. I hope that you'll do some research, use these forums, and eventually try again and truly experience all this fabulous city has to offer.

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for Rome
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5. Re: I hope your rich

It is unfortunate that you chose to stay at a hotel near the airport. I am not sure why you would choose this hotel for your entire stay when there are so many wonderful hotels in Rome. If you had chosen a hotel in Rome you could have walked to all of the sights and found wonderful places to eat. You can easily find great, low cost food in Rome. There is no need to pay 2.50 for a soda unless you are in a touristy area, like around an airport.

I hope you will give Rome another try and this time stay in the city. You will find it much less expensive and have much more time to spend seeing the sights instead of getting to them.


Frisco, Texas
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6. Re: I hope your rich

Listen, I haven't been to Rome yet (I go in October), but I'm a born and raised Texan. I'm sorry, but you make it look as if Texans are incapable of proper planning and research, as far as I'm concerned.

1. EVERYONE knows the Fiumicino Airport is a good distance from the sight-seeing center of Rome. That's why no one stays out there unless they want to be close for a really early flight out or visit the Ostia Antica ruins for a full day. Anyone who stays by the Fiumicino airport during a visit to Rome is bound to have a negative experience. I can't even imagine... It would be like staying at the DFW airport when your REAL destination is Frisco or Plano. Why do that?! Get a hotel IN Frisco or Plano!

2. Forget the cabs man, if you were staying in the main area of Rome you could WALK to all the major sites, or get a cheap public transit pass and use the Metros and buses.

3. Having never had a meal in Rome yet, I still have to respond to the food comment. The fact is, you didn't name a single place where you ate. For all we know, you ate at tourist traps. If you stayed near the Fiumicino Airport during a visit to Rome, we certainly can't underestimate your lack of understanding about the place...

Even people who LOVE the food in Rome will tell you the restaurants that cater to tourists (high in number and usually located near the major sites or way out where your hotel was) are TERRIBLE. I'm quite sure you can eat horribly in Rome if you try hard enough... In other words, if you do ZERO research, which appears to be the case with you, I'm afraid.

St Paul, MN
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7. Re: I hope your rich

I am also having trouble formulating a response to this post.

I am a a budget traveler and I love staying in Rome. I stay in Apts, take public transport everywhere. The bus and Metro tickets cost one euros each. When I stay overnight in Rome, I stay at hotels near Termini (not the airport) and take public transport to restaurants and the sites or walk; in the morning I spend 40 euros jsut once to get to the airport early in the morning (hotels call me a taxi). I often arrive at Termini by train from FCO (11 euro for one person, 22 euros for 2).

The food in Rome in my opinion is fabulous. My foodie daughter and I salivate at the prospect of even going to Rome. On our 2008 trip to Rome, one of the most expensive place we ate at was La Cisterna. 75 euro for 2 people for dinner included a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, 1 pasta course and 2 lamb courses with pototoes and 2 desserts. I never at a a restaurtatn driectly on a main piazza or across the strett from a tourist site. At La Piazzetta near the Coloseeum I can get by on 10+5+2=17 euro for dinner for one with the Antipasto bar, dessert bar, bread and water.

Now, you should have done your homework BEFORE staying at the Hilton Gardens at the airport. There has been plenty of posts about the Rome airport hotels. One example is Ron in Rome FCO.


your wife should have searched the TA forum before bookuing there.

Let us know what you think about Sorrento. I have stayed there also and really liked it. it's not cheaper than Rome. You'll have to tell us if you hauled your luggage from the Circumvesuviana stop to your hotel (the cheap option), got a Sorrento taxi to take you to the hotel from the Circumvesuvaian stop (i hear they are expensive even for a short hop), or hired an expensive (80-100 euro, one-way) to take you to your hotel from the Naples train station .

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8. Re: I hope your rich

You made a mistake and now you want to blame someone. You never asked anyone on this forum for help ,but know you think its alright to blame Rome and Italians for your own stupidity.As they say suck it up

Toronto, Ontario
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9. Re: I hope your rich

I appreciate posts like this as it serves as a great reminder as to how important planning before hand really is. I leave for Rome tomorrow and can't wait and am glad I spent months on this forum preparing for it.

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10. Re: I hope your rich

so this is a joke right -- you are really an Aussie or a New Yorker doing a burlesque on a Texas stereotype?

I particularly loved the 'I stayed at the airport hotel and really hated Rome' part -- nice touch

you have a future in comedy writing