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Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

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Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

Is there any "discrimination" by the hotel depending upon with who you book the room with? I am getting a very good deal from hotels.com and no one else has the room that cheap, so I am wornding if I would be pushed in a dark/dirty room?

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1. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

If possible, always book with the hotel and cut out the middle man. If you are getting a better deal for the same room, however, go with hotels.com. I have used them several times and never had a problem with my reservations. Hotels dont care as long as they get paid and the staff will never know how you booked your room. I just like to avoid the middle man b-c its one less person to screw something up.

Buona fortuna!

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2. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

Interestingly, contacting the hotel directly rarely gets you a better deal. They would usually "match" the travel website rate, though.

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3. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

I agree. And many times you may find hotels say there is no rooms available when you can get them from Expedia etc. They may have alotted a certain number to these brokers. So long as you're using a reputable booking agent like Expedia, Hotels.com or Venere.com, you can feel pretty comfortable.

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4. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

Cutting out the middleman reduces cost is usually a myth.

Very few hotels employ any type of sales and marketing resource. It is only the larger chains that can afford to do this. So the middlemen is often a distributer for hotel, the middleman of course gets his cut as he takes on the costs of sales and marketing on behalf of the hotels.

In most countries I've found contacting hotels direct is often expensive. It woudn't be wise for the hotel to try and compete with it's own distributer. The agent is selling rooms for the hotel with the hotels complete agreement. If a hotel allows an agent to advertise/offer it's hotel and the prices are wrong, the must honour the price to you and they must claim for compensation from the agent.

But some agents aren't very good at communicating with the hotel so it is always I good idea to confirm your booking direct.

I'm heading to Rome today and from booking my own hotel I found that whilst Rome has huge number of hotels, they do fill up very quickly.

Good luck.

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5. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

This is not my experience that it is cheaper to book through an agency. Most of the hotels have found out that it is better to get all of the cake themselves. I have seldom booked through Hotels.com or similar sites, because the prise has always been cheaper at the hotel website. If you look into it most of the chain hotels states at their websites that they guaranty that they can offer the cheapest rate. And then I prefer to book directly

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6. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

We've used venere several times and others (octapus and itwg)and always had very good rooms (though hotels do know who you've booked through, obviously). And you do find availability through one site and not another at times too.

As to hotel's own site being cheaper......In Trieste for Savoia Excelsior the venere rate was better than hotel website by 30 euros! Triple wd have been even cheaper booked on octopus but as then booked "double + child" it wdn't have been true triple just extra bed added in double,whereas venere assumes 3 adults. In fact we were given a "residence", a suite sleeping 4 and with cooking facilities.

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7. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

Clearly hotels will give you their best rate if you book directly with them. One such site which lets you book direct is www.italyhotelsdirect.com and www.romehotelsdirect.com (i think they are both managed by the same people).

The best available rate is more or less guaranteed as the ultimate objective is surely to bring the customer and the hotel together without middlemen.

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8. Re: Hotel booking directly or thru another website?

It's taken me 5 days to make up my mind about a hotel, I had about 10 in mind and couldn't choose, each one of them I called direct to hotel for tariff after finding them under a holiday broker and all but two where more expensive booking direct with hotel, the other two were the same price, I also found that some brokers would say rooms not available when other brokers would have a couple left, so make sure you look around as I found the hotel I liked the look of and there where no rooms left, I checked out a few other brokers and eventually found the room I needed at the hotel I wanted, also you will find some brokers cheaper than others so may be worth looking around for price to. hope this helps.