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How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

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How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

Will we be sorry if we bring 2 roll on suitcases? We plan on visiting 3 cities and taking the Eurostar train to each. Can we keep the luggage near us on the trains? If not, is it safe elsewhere and easily accessible when we need to get off the train? I don't want to overpack, but I don't want to do laundry either.

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1. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

Less is more! We did 10 days last summer and I thought my husband would never speak to me again! (2 adults/2 kids and 5 pieces) We schlepped our bags on trains/boats/planes. You can put your bags in luggaged compartments in the same car that your in - if you're lucky and it's not too full or you can put them in overhead racks in the cars. (Beware if they are too heavy to lift!) I brought wayyyy to much.

Have fun!

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2. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

You will be VERY SORRY if you bring 2 roll on suitcases!! However, if you do it will FOREVER wean you against such things.

We do three weeks and we bring a 25 or 26" roller and a backpack. We have no trouble at all, and we bring back 12 bottles of wine with us each time.

Pack smart and pack light, pack light, pack light. Most people NEVER wear all the clothes and shoes they bring. You're not trying to win a fashion award from the Italian government, you are on vacation!

We don't "do laundry" per se, but we do pack a small bottle of woolite and a travel clothesline. We wash out a top or two and some underwear about once per week. It really saves. As far as shoes, comfort is the key. Did I say comfort is the key? We take sandals and some walking shoes and that's it. No dress shoes, no heels, nothing like that.

All over Italy you will see those unfortunate souls trying to get their excessive luggage on or off the train, around the streets in Venice, or up and down the hills in Tuscany. It simply is not worth it, especially if you only going to be there for 10 days.

Rick Steves has some lists for smart packing on his website. Next time we go we're going to shoot for two carry-ons each and that's it, for three weeks in Italy. Good luck and pack light.

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3. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

Can't advise a gentleman but think about wearing stretch wool, cord or chino/khaki trousers as they will keep their shape and not look very worn. If you are travelling in the winter, get lined trousers or take silk long underwear (I get mine from Lands End or WinterSilks)- it will help keep the damp out and can be rinsed out in a sink and dried overnight. Most European hotels have towel warmers in the bathroom and you can dry lots of stuff on them usually overnight. I stick to black trousers with a black pullover sweater (my trips are always winter) and go for color/variety with silk turtle necks and/or scarfs as they are both light and take up no room. I wear silk sock liners as socks (same sources) and they also wash and dry overnight. Shoes - as I go to ski as well as tour, I need snow walking boots and haven't yet found any that can double for city wear without being too sporty or too warm/heavy for miles of walking. For cities in winter, I take one pair of leather ankle boots and one pair of leather slip-ons that can be shined up (I've thought about getting really plain ones and taking shoe clips for dressy but haven't tried it yet) for evening. I hear you about not wanting to do laundry but rinsing out a couple of things every couple of days in the room is really easy - I fought doing it for years and became a convert about 3 years ago when I got sick and tired of dealing with big, heavy bags. Again, sticking to stretch, black trousers helps to make them wearable for a couple of days if not three and with the right accessories, they are dressy enough for evening. Hope these suggestions help - it's fn buying lots of pretty scarves and necklaces - wait til you're there to get some, too. Most cities are at least lightly covered with soot, etc. and the black helps to disguise a mark from sitting or leaning on a sooty place.

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4. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

Will you be sorry? In a word - yes. We travel with 3 bags, a small flight attendant size roller backpack type bag and two slightly larger rolling bags. We try to carry on all three saving us from losing bags and long customs lines. I never pack hair dryers, curlings irons, hair straighteners, or any do-dads I can't live without - a ponytail holder and skull-cap are my best friends.

We spent 2 weeks in Europe this last time and as the other poster said, we brought hand wash detergent and after two days, we would wash socks and underwear and the occasional shirt using the luggage racks to let them hang dry. Trust me, it's far less of a hassle than hauling a giant bag around, plus carry ons, plus a purse, on trains and planes.

We each wore sneakers on the plane and brought a pair of nicer shoes for nights out. We packed a few sweaters for cool nights and were just very careful with our clothes. Don't bring anything for 'just in case' nights. Only bring what you know you will need. If you need something else, buy it while you are there.

As far as traveling with the large suitcases, as I alluded to earlier, it will be a pain. The luggage racks on all the trains will be overhead so you will have to hoist them there. There is no guarantee that there will be space in your car or above your seat. If they are too large, it will be a hazard to get them up there.

If you don't have anything smaller, Target carries several lines of bags that are smaller roller bags that would be more appropriate for multi-city travel in Europe. I would seriously consider purchasing a couple of these and paring down your 'necessities' to fit into a couple of these bags. It'll will make everything so much less of a hassle.

Have a great trip!!!

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5. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

Hi there, in your question about where you can put your baggage on the train. I was in Italy two weeks ago. WE took the train from Rome to Naples. We did not have any baggage because we only took a day trip, but we travelled first class, and the baggage area is close to where you are going to be seated. And oh by the way, depending on what time of the day you are going to travel, if it's going to be a heavy travel day, buy first class ticket, its only a few euro's more.

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6. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

cruisin Susan, why not take your own hint from your own nickname? I just recently took a cruise (on Seabourne....the absolute BEST!) One of the most wonderful parts of the trip was NOT having to shlep the luggage, and waking up each day in a new and exciting place! We managed to visit Rome, Florence, Portofino, Elba, Corsica, Cannes, Nice, and MonteCarlo, all in one week! The only regrets I have about any of my European trips involve dragging luggage. If this is your first trip and you need to do the sightseeing stuff, then I can understand spending more than one day in each place like a cruise allows, but if it is not your first time to these places, I discovered it is THE way to travel and REALLY enjoy yourself without stress.

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7. Re: How much luggage does a couple really need for a 10 day...

As everyone has already said, you won't need half of what you are thinking of taking. Two lighter suitcases would be easier than one heavy one. We wore jeans that could be worn 3-4 times without stretching out, dark colored tops that could be worn twice, and washed socks and underwear every couple of days. Dried them on the heated towel racks.... perfect! We went from Rome to Venice to Florence and back to Rome in 17 days. We left one big suitcase at the train station in Rome while we were gone. Thank God for that!! Schlepping heavy luggage isn't fun or easy on the back. Get your luggage ready a few minutes before the train stops, you need to get off quickly. Leave enough room in your suitcase to buy new clothes if you need any. Better to buy new than to wash old!!