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Concerns about Ryan air

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Concerns about Ryan air

I am due to fly with ryanair next week and am quite concerned. Especially after channel four are doing a programme next week about the faults with the air line. My first worry is about cancellation of flights that i have heard occurs quite frequently. Secondly is that weight restrictions on luggage. The maxium requirement is 15kg on main luggage and 10kg on hand luggage. There doesn't seem to be a big difference beyween the two. I am presuming that the main luggage has to be quite light. I have an average suicase that does not fit all that much. However it feels quite heavy.

Has anyone got any comments about their own experiences with the air line. I am already scared about flying so I am really worried. Is the airline as bad as it is made out. And how are they with saftey requirement. The channel four documentary apparently highlights flaws with their saftey.

London, England
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1. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

Ryanair are low cost so don't expect extras; but they cannot play games with safety, and are bringing in new planes.

I have used them several times over the last few years, to Italy and have experienced no cancellations, just a couple of delays.

The cabin crew are not as customer concious as many others are; on-board food and drink is expensive and on late flights don't expect the full range of items - definitely will have no ice and will be low on favourites. Take your own food and drink - their spirits are now in plastic bags - no more miniature bottles - and they are cheap brands.

It is a bun fight to get on board - if only they gave numbered seats - people push and shove - chill out and let the rabble go first - you will get a seat.

Luggage is light - they now charge £2.50 - on line or £5 at check in for each piece of luggage to go in the hold. They charge for excess baggage - so beware. Take the minimum.

You get what you pay for and they are cheap and cheerful!!

Enjoy your holiday.

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2. Re: Concerns about Ryan air


I wouldn't worry to much.

RyanAir has the newest fleet of airplanes in the world, I would be more concerned to fly with the other companies (Who probably lobbyied for the makeing of the documentary).

I have used them 3 trips (return) and the only delay was caused by easyjet.

Put most of your heavy stuff in your hand luggage, and you will probably be fine, (make sure the hand luggage IS 10 Kg.

You can allways pay extra for owerweight.

Forget about that documentary, you could make one about the dangers of can-openers just as well.

If you'r afraid of flying, don't watch documetaries.


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3. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

Don't worry!!!I've flown with Ryanair seven times in the past 2yrs,(Once with Easyjet..and it was terrible,in comparison!Suffice it to say,Stellios'll never get my money again!!!),and never had any problems.Get to check-in as early as poss,so you get a boarding card in the first 60...You can have your pick of seats...It's very much a "free for all" in the 60+ numbers.One complaint I do have,however,their,(and some passengers!), definition of "hand luggage",is dubious,at best...I've seen rucksacks that take up a whole overhead locker!!!!As to the charge per item for luggage reffered to earlier....Never heard of it!...and I booked a flight to Rome,with Ryanair, last night!!!Perhaps they're hiding it from me...???

Hope I've been of help,enjoy your hols,


North Yorkshire...
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4. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

RCV5 - they are hiding it from you!

We didn't learn of the changes to the luggage allowances until we tried to check in and were told oh it has been on the website for 2 weeks! and if you look very hard under latest news - there it is! Because everyone always does that don't they? just incase....

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5. Re: Concerns about Ryan air


You must of been unlucky never had a problem with Easy Jet. and they have no hidden charges.

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6. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

Wow, you guys are starting to scare me.

I'm using both EasyJet and Ryanair and trips to and from Rome. And to think, I was thinking it was going to be a pleasant trip.

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7. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

It will be just don't look for luxury otherwise pay 10 times more and fly one of the bigger boys who will give you a plate of airline food and not much more other than a numbered seat.

Getting into the first 60 doesn't often mean anything other than you get first onto the bus----then the others arrive hem you in get of first and take the good seats!!!

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8. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

Ryanair is cheap. I can't give any information on security but their service is VERY poor.

I've used it twice, both flights were delayed, staff was very rude (shouting at somebody because he was showing the wrong page of his passport). The planes were dirty (floor, tables), no water for washing hands in the toilet and a terrible smell.

On check-in, it's the best to have a folding chair, had to wait about 1 hour for check-in in the queue.

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9. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

I travel with them on average 25 times a year and have never had any of the above complaints.

I do not expect luxury at the price I pay and for longer flights I obviously choose another airline. Ryanair however means that I can wake up one morning decide that I would like dinner in Paris or Barcelona or Glasgow the next day and simply book paying less than a taxi fare to my local restuarant in many cases.

Safety has never been an issue as they have a fleet of modern aircraft----all 737-800 series.

If they are rude they get more back than they bargained for.


Kent, England
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10. Re: Concerns about Ryan air

I've used Ryanair over 5 years to travel to Rome, Pisa and Venice. No complaints at all, wonderful value for money. For the price you pay the service is very good. Clean planes, hardly a delay, just expect to pay a bit more for onboard drinks and snacks [most people bring their own], and unreserved seats- you sit where you like once on board. They have brought air travel down to prices that everyone can afford, and desrve every credit for it. No need to worry at all, in my opinion.