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The heat with kids ???

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The heat with kids ???

Hi, I will arrive in Rome on Sunday for 3 nights and the forcast is for 33-36 degrees. I'm worried about the heat as we will be bringing 3 kids age 7/11/14.

We' v booked an air conditioned apartment off campo di fiori so that we can walk to most sights but with those temperatures we may be spending a lot of time indoors. Has anyone any suggestions of where to bring kids out of the heat ie museums nearby, public swimming pools or a hotel pool we could use. .

Le Marche, Italy
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1. Re: The heat with kids ???

My forecast shows 39 for Tuesday.

There are lots of air-conditioned museums in Rome. I suggest you try to do all outdoor activities early in the morning, then return to your apartment for a rest after lunch, and visit air-conditioned museums in the afternoon.

Some good choices, all fairly near Campo dei Fiori, are:

The Doria Pamphilj Gallery, in a sumptuous Renaissance Palace which you enter from Via del Corso. The Palazzo is fascinating as an example of the way wealthy families lived during the Renaissance. There are also some excellent works of art on display, as well as some mediocre stuff. The collection is pretty much the original collection of the Doria Pamphilj family, and is displayed as they displayed it. There is an excellent audio guide narrated by one of the family members.

The Barberini Gallery has an excellent collection of Italian paintings, from the middle ages to early modern times, but especially heavy on Renaissance and Mannerist painting. This is in another gorgeous palazzo, but the original furnishings are no longer there, replaced by art displays. There is an amazing ceiling fresco; they provide padded benches you can lie on to admire it.

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme is a bit further away, near Termini station. It has great antique sculptures, as well as ancient Roman mosaics and frescoes.

My granddaughter, who is now age 7, has enjoyed all of these museums. In fact, when she arrived in Rome this year, the first thing she wanted to see was Palazzo Massimo.

The Capitoline Museums, above the Roman Forum, have ancient sculptures, but a lot of other things that may interest your children. You can see the foundations of the ancient Temple of Jupiter, a lot of artifacts found in the area, the orginal of the replica bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius that's found in the square outside, and various body parts (enormous feet and the like) from a former colossal statue of the Emperor Constantine. If you want to visit the Roman Forum, I suggest you go there as soon as it opens, at 9 AM. When it gets too hot, you can go to the Capitoline Museums, where you can also have lunch. There are great views over the Forum from a terrace in the museum.

The Villa Farnesina, in Trastevere, has some wonderful frescoes, including some by Raphael. It's set in a lovely garden, but, with the heat, you might want to visit the garden early and then see the museum.

There is a museum of the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci in Piazza del Popolo. This museum is mostly hands-on, and should be very interesting to kids. We were there earlier this month, but I can't remember if it was air conditioned. But, then, it wasn't 39 degrees out when we were there. If it wasn't air conditioned, it was at least relatively cool inside.

Geelong, Australia
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2. Re: The heat with kids ???

Aussies deal with summer temps like that all the time, sometimes hotter. Keep up the cool drinks (I mean lots of drinks!), dont venture out without a water bottle(s), hat(s) and sunscreen on ALL exposed skin, and wear loose fitting t-shirts/ tops to aid cooling. Even if it seems cool in the am and you don't think you need to worry yet, you do. If you have to wait in line try to find a shaded spot, if the wait is too long and in the sun, just plan to come back in the cool of the am or early evening. Plan on rest spots and a shady park area for a chance to rest your feet and bodies from the heat reflected from the pavements, and air conditioned interiors for visits in the afternoon. Dealing with heat can be exhausting, and yes sometimes dangerous, if you are not accustomed to it and do not prepare, but it can also be great. Evening strolls and early morning walks are a delight without the need for even a light cardi, a little breeze out of nowhere on a hot day is a joy to experience. Have a lovely time and remember Water, Suncreen and Hats will be your saviours!

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3. Re: The heat with kids ???

For the children, a scavenger hunt for gelato between museum stops, could be fun. There are a gazillion flavors that you will not find at home, and you can order small portions at each stop. So you might want to map your museum treck as a gelato crawl.

Here is a flavor glossary


St Paul, MN
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4. Re: The heat with kids ???

I have often wondered why people go on vacation in such heat.

Last month here in MN it was 37 Deg C (100 deg F) and I went to work in my building with A/C, fro my car with A/c, and ran A/C in my house nonstop. The gym where I exercise has A/c also; you would not catch me walking 2 miles and lifting weights out in the the 33-37 deg C heat.

Lately it has only been about 34 deg C, 93 deg F.

"Keep up the cool drinks (I mean lots of drinks!),"

All in a place (Rome) where the nearest ice is in the Alps instead of in your drink. At least in your apt you can make some ice in our own freezer to put in anything your drink there.

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5. Re: The heat with kids ???

We stayed in an apt. off Campo De Fiori and the A/C was so cold we turned it down! Seriously, we brought collapsible refillable water bottles and filled them all around the city at the various fountains, you will see everyone doing this as well as wetting their heads. My husband really hates the heat and he did ok. Start your days early as soon as things open and then take a break somewhere with a/c in the middle of the day, whether for lunch or back at the apt. We were surprised at how much it cooled after about 7 at night. I thought we would not be able to eat outdoors in the various campos but we did EVERY night! Also, we used the roof top garden terrace two nights for the hotel our apt. was associated with which was fantastic. Our kids are 14 & 17 and never really complained (at least not about the heat LOL!) When walking places we took our time and stopped frequently in the shade for water breaks. You would be surprised how much of a difference that made. Enjoy you will do fine! It's just so exciting to be there!

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6. Re: The heat with kids ???

Freeze your water bottles to take along with you. The ice will melt during the day, but your water will stay colder for a longer period of time.

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7. Re: The heat with kids ???

Do a ton in the early morning, then come back and take naps to get out of the afternoon sun. Seriously. Wake up and then hit it hard at night when the city comes alive again.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: The heat with kids ???

"I have often wondered why people go on vacation in such heat."

For many of us, the summer is the only period in which we are able to carve out a chunk of time to travel to Europe so it really isn't a choice.

St Paul, MN
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9. Re: The heat with kids ???

"For many of us, the summer is the only period in which we are able to carve out a chunk of time to travel to Europe so it really isn't a choice."

I have gone to italy, London, or Paris during "spring" break (10 days) with my 2 daughters to avoid the heat in the summer. One of my daughter's had "spring" break at the end of Feb. As my daughters got older, it got to be more and more difficult for everyone to go on the same vacation anyway.

Even though we only had 2 children the cost of international travel is high, and the cost to fly to europe June-Aug is higher than at other times of year. We used to go on cheaper US vacation (drive or fly) in the summer. US locations are more dependabley air conditioned.

roanoke, va
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10. Re: The heat with kids ???

You are very lucky to live near schools with such generous spring breaks, lupaling. Our breaks here are not that long and not really conducive to international travel.

OP, I'll second the others- do as many outside activities in the AM as you can and plan on a daily siesta back at the apt. Also make sure to carry water bottles and refill at every fountain you see, haha!