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Why we love Rome

Denver, Colorado
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Why we love Rome

Anytime someone speaks of Rome, Italy or the two words in the same breath I get light-headed and my stomach begins to flutter – swirling with excitement and anticipation. The mere mention of this Eternal City caresses my soul with magical memories vivid to the eyes as well as the mind. For me, Rome is like the girlfriend I kissed for the first time before I knew she would become my wife.

I enjoy reading everyone’s stories on this forum. It’s a way for me to reconnect as well as staying up to date with all that is happening in Italy.

So now I would ask everyone who is willing to please share the reasons or experiences for their love affair with Rome and answer the question, "Why do we love Rome"

Grazie ed abbia un giorno bello!

Harrisburg, PA
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1. Re: Why we love Rome

Because it oozes history and I love history. The Roman Empire, the Catholic church...it's all there, around every corner.

(I also love the gelato!)

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2. Re: Why we love Rome

I share that light-headed feeling as well, johnsharpe. Rome is a city like no other...the layers of history, art & architecture on display - the pace, the people, their culture, food & wine...sitting in Piazza Farnese at night & listening to the swifts diving in the dark blue sky above...many perfect memories make it easy to love the Eternal City. And definitely a city to return to over & over again, with new revelations to experience.

(And don't even get me started on the shoes....)

Naperville, Illinois
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3. Re: Why we love Rome

Because Rome is full of beauty, splendor and grandeur of times past and the beauty it still holds today, thousands of years later.

Because of the people the who love life and good food

and high fashion... Most of all because of their hospitality

and carefree attitude.

If you want romance and carefree days and sights you will not see elsewhere, you must experience ROME at least once.

You will want to return again and again and again.

The gelato and coffee are to die for also.....

rockville centre, ny
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4. Re: Why we love Rome

My love affair with Rome began in the '70's as a naive 22 year old girl in love with a beautiful Italian boy enrolled in medical school in Rome.

The engagement never turned to a marriage because him being a Roman boy...well, one can guess, his attentions were turned elsewhere after I returned to the States.

My love affair with my fiance may have come to an end, but my love affair with Rome began and still it simmers.

As johnsharpe so eloquently put it: "this Eternal City caresses my soul with magical memories..."


Rome, Italy
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5. Re: Why we love Rome

I can't explain it. I've been to Paris, which is more elegant and def. cleaner, London, which is more cosmopolitan and I love San Fran, New York and Amsterdam but Rome has my heart. Maybe it was the timing of my first trip. The company I worked for had just shut down and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I was feeling sad, fat (by L.A. standards) and invisible.

Then I went to Rome. I had no expectations about the trip. However, once I got there it was weird. I felt like I was home. It makes no sense really.

Anyway, I realized that I had been going through the motions in L.A. and was stuck in a major rut. I went back again 11 months later, to see if the first trip was a fluke, it wasn't.

For me it's the art, architecture, food, culture and history. I felt the professionals I met had a lot more balance in their lives. Living in a place so old puts things in perspective.

I made some great friends in Rome. Several of them work in the same field as me but their approach to life is totally different. Spending time in Rome reminded me why I work in a creative field. I felt inspired just walking around my neighborhood. L.A. still gets me down but I look forward to my next trip. I will live there someday.

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6. Re: Why we love Rome

Because although I am not a native, it is one place where I fit in. For a theologian, it feels like home. :-)

Plus being surrounded by all that history.

Coeur D'alene, Idaho
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7. Re: Why we love Rome

It's the only city that I can forgive all of it's faults and enjoy it because of them. When I read reviews about graffitti and dirt, I can honestly say I don't see the dirt and graffitti while I'm there! I'm so busy enjoying every wall, alley, Roman, etc. It's just magical whether strolling through areas the Caesars strolled, or watching young Italians flirting in the piazzas in the evening -- it's just the most beautiful city in the world.

I love Paris, and as someone else pointed out, it is cleaner, but something about the dirt and perspiration and noise just makes me love Rome even more.

On my first trip to Rome when I was 9, we were in a tour bus and were driving through the city. We turned onto a narrow street and there was a car just a little too far out into the street. Our driver stopped and got out and we heard some yelling. Less than a minute later and there were about 4 locals grabbing each corner of the car, still loud and probably cursing, and they lifted and carried the car about 3 or 4 feet up onto the curb. It was the neatest thing I'd ever seen (as a 9 year old) and I've been in love ever since with the Italian way of life (or at least how I perceive it).

New York, New York
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8. Re: Why we love Rome

I had travelled all my adult life about three times a year to england, france, germany, belgium and kept missing italy because it was just a little out of the way and too expensive. After the death of the woman who raised me I immediately went out and even though I couldn't afford it booked a trip to ROme. THe funny thing is that I only wanted to go to italy, I'll never remember why I chose rome in particular. Well as everyone else here it was love at first sight and there are many specific reasons. There is no other city that I know of that every two blocks contain significan archeological treasures. The history is everywhere but it is specifically the ruins and not just buildings that makes it for me. There are ancient streets throughout europe but not that have a 2,000 year old colum in the middle. Then we come to another crucial aspect which I think defines the people who love rome. That is the crazy frenetic pace and people. ROme has something special that new york doesn't even have and I call it controlled anarchy. There seems to be no order, no rules, no stop signs no lines but in fact there is its just not overt. Just like the ruins from many contrasting periods can sit along side each other, the people exist in a very controlled caos. You can't see the order at first but it is most definitely there and it works better than countries with overt order. The bus incident is a perfect example. I was just in paris because what I will call my only drawback to rome. The art in rome tends to dye out about the 1700's. I'm a huge impressionist fan and of course I have to go to paris because they seem to have scarffed them all up. well as soon as I landed I kept telling my friends. Oh if we were only in rome...it put quite a strain on our friendship. but my point is that paris is oposite. people wait in long lines, every building is exactly the same, the people all dress the same (lovely but the same) it drove me carzy and made me want to be in rome. Finally the countryside of italy but especially rome and south is unparalleled. I was shocked that around paris is completely flat. I am overwhelmed by all the hills and it a a lifes goal for me to drive up one and see the villages on top.

Ut oh, I just realized I'm going out of control talking here. Well you asked, and rome just does that to me.

Denver, Colorado
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9. Re: Why we love Rome

Travelbug22 -

Its okay because i could have gone on and on before i realized i wrote a novel! lol

Besides, I am crying so hard now - having Rome withdrawls - that i am gonna have to find someone who is leaving soon just so i can zip myself up inside one of their cases . Im not sure if i am going to be able to make it till my next trip early next year...

coxs creek, kentucky
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10. Re: Why we love Rome

Oh, Johnsharpe, you have hit a chord in me with this one !! I will start by quoting a line from Tennyson:

"And I would that my tongue could utter

The thoughts that arise in me"

Well, without being a great poet, I will try to put my feelings into words. Rome took me by surprise, to say the least. I did not go there expecting to fall in love with her, but I did. There is something in Rome for every sense. The sights of the greatest masterpieces on earth, the sounds of the street musicians and the beautiful murmer of eloquent Italian being spoken, the tastes of delicious pastas and herbs and sauces and gelato and oil and wines, the smells of the delicious cuisine being cooked up and down every little street, the touch of your hand on a marble wall or the feel of the cool water from the most beautiful fountains ever made by man. The unexpected turn of a corner that leads you to another treasure.Being surrounded by the colors of the earth on every building all aglow at sunset. Being surrounded by the congregated bones of the great men of past times who have filled history with their deeds and the earth with their renown. Wandering about the streets and piazzas and feeling myself shrink into insignificance in comparison with the handiwork of some of the greatest minds of all time. Walking into a church--any church-- and feeling the need to drop to my knees and weep. Seeing the striking contrast between the ancient and the modern on every street. Not just seeing how great the architecture is, but the enormity if the buildings. Noone can be prepared for it ahead of time. The Pantheon, the most incredible building of all time, nearly 2000 years old ,yet still standing ,defying the encroachments of time. And by far what captured my heart and soul the most, was the people of Rome. They are truly the most wonderful people I have ever met. Without them, it would have just been any other city with art. They have truly humbled me. I do not think the same way about many things since being there. I now feel a sense of serenity that I never felt before. I believe that Rome has strengthened me as a person. I hope one day that I can find a way to repay them for all that they have given to me. I would quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem, How do I love thee, but I am afraid that might be considered overkill at this point. Sorry to write so much, but believe me, I could go on for days. I truly love Rome. And yeah, I am weeping now.