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Amalfi from Rome

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Amalfi from Rome

Can anyone share what is the best way to get to Amalfi and back and the cost?

Also how many hours.


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1. Re: Amalfi from Rome

"Best" means different things to different people. Some folks wouldn't consider anything less than a door-to-door car service, others value time over all else and will spring for a helicopter, and some of us are willing to take more time and save money by using public transit. In between there are those who will rent a car and drive themselves. What are your priorities?

For perspective, Amalfi is about 175 miles from Rome.

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2. Re: Amalfi from Rome

Most people will take a fast train from Rome to Salerno, then either a bus or (in season) a ferry to Amalfi.

The cost of the train depends on the kind of train you use and how far in advance you book. Trenitalia tickets go on sale 4 months before travel, and the cheapest tickets often sell out quickly. Discounted ticket prices keep going up as the travel date gets closer.

You can get train times and costs from www.trenitalia.com clicking on the UK flag to change to English and using the Italian names for towns, or from the competitor on major routes http://www.italotreno.it/EN

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3. Re: Amalfi from Rome

I would love to take a private tour but it is obviously it is costly.

My first option would be to take a shared private tour and I did put out a thread asking if anyone is interested to share but I haven't had any luck yet. It would cover the cost of getting there and the tour itself there which I think is essential. I suppose it would cost about Euro 600 per car/tour or 6 or 8. If we could share it out, it could work out to about Euro 100 per person or less which would be ideal.

The next option would be to take public transport - bus or train. Train after checking (thanks sydneynick) would cost Euro 120 for a family of 4 return. It of course does not include the tour and that could add up to roughly the same as taking the private transfer all the way from Rome.

I guess I am saying that if we have 4 of us, it would be best to do a shared tour. But my problem is I am not sure how to find others that may want share. Any advice?

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4. Re: Amalfi from Rome

I'm not sure that you'll find anyone else who will be interested in doing a shared tour. That's a really long day to be with total strangers in the same car. The driving journey is about 3 hours each way.

You could take a high speed train to Salerno in about 2 hours for 19 euros each or a slower train in about 3 hours for 9 euros each. Once in Salerno you could hire a driver for a few hours and take your tour.


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5. Re: Amalfi from Rome

It's actually more like a 4 hour trip from Rome to Amalfi (the village) via car - I too strongly recommend the bus to Salerno from which you could have a car service pick you up and drive you to the coastal villages OR take a ferry to Positano, explore there, grab a ferry over to Amalfi, do some exploring, take the bus up to Ravello (about a 20 minute trip) and then back down to Amalfi from which you could take the last ferry back to Salerno for the train back to Rome. It would be a full day but if you start very very early, it is possible - or you could just choose one of the villages and enjoy your time there without running around or being stuck in traffic on the road.

And, this method saves you a bundle of money; I too don't think you are going to find strangers who are going to want to share that cost for a full day with strangers - maybe you will be lucky, but I wouldn't count on it.

It's also a pretty dull ride from Rome to the coast. Fast train is much more pleasurable and not subject to traffic conditions.

Another thing to factor in is that once the "tour" gets you there - you can't really drive through the villages anyway - there is one small road in the middle of Positano but to see the village down to the sea, it is all pedestrian only; there is one little road that runs through the middle of Amalfi (the village) so you would have to walk that village as well and Ravello is entirely pedestrian only. So you would basically just be paying for the ride from place to place and their time while they sit in the car and wait for you. Not worth it in my opinion - at all.

And, arriving via the ferry is a wonderful experience.

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6. Re: Amalfi from Rome

I'm not sure what you'd want a tour of anyway, the Amalfi Coast is mostly about the views and shopping and you probably don't need a guide to figure that out.

It actually hadn't occurred to me that you intended to go down and back in the same day - that sounds like torture to me. But, if you want to do this to yourselves, I'd take the train from Rome to Salerno, bus and ferry combination up the coast, then ferry from Sorrento to Naples and train from Naples to Rome.

One of the problems, of course, are the limits of public transit. The first train to Salerno doesn't even get you there until 9:30 in the morning (after leaving Rome at 6:25 AM. You can get this train at a discount by purchasing in advance for 19 Euro per person (vs. 28 Euro for last minute purchase). For four people you're already up to 80 Euro.

The last trains back from Naples leave between 8:45 - 9:30 PM (again, 19 Euro in advance, 24,50 at the last minute), so that's your other bookend. Everything else has to squeeze in between.

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7. Re: Amalfi from Rome

Public transportation from Rome to Amalfi:

A very common question on this and other travel sites is how to most efficiently travel from Rome to the town of Amalfi (or nearby hamlets) without spending around 400 Euros for a private transfer.

Here I will lay out the alternatives, some of which are seasonal, others year-round. But I will start out from Rome FCO Airport, for the benefit of those travelers going directly from plane arrival in Rome to Amalfi.

FROM ROME FCO AIRPORT TO CENTRAL ROME (for onward connection to Amalfi Coast)

1. By airport train: Trenitalia runs an unreserved airport train nonstop from Rome FCO to Roma Termini Station every 30 minutes, travel time 32 minutes, 14 Euros, where travelers can connect to frequent high-speed Trenitalia trains to southern Italy. This train is guaranteed even during rail strikes. Alternatively, Trenitalia also runs an unreserved airport train to Roma Tiburtina Station every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes on Sundays), travel time 48 minutes, 8 Euros, useful for those travelers intending to connect to the ITALO TRENO high-speed service from Tiburtina to southern Italy (this service is not guaranteed during rail strikes). You must validate the paper ticket for the airport train before boarding (you do not need to validate the ticket for the onward reserved train). You can purchase both tickets (for travel on Trenitalia, not ITALO TRENO) at the airport train station, where you will find both electronic ticket machines and manned agent windows. If you choose to use one of the travel agencies at the airport, you will pay a small surcharge. The ticket for ITALO TRENO (if not purchased electronically) must be purchased at Tiburtina Station.



2. By airport bus: There are currently three airport bus operators from Rome FCO to Roma Termini Station, with roughly hourly departures taking around 60 minutes and at fares ranging from 4 to 6 Euros, useful for connections to the Trenitalia high-speed trains to southern Italy departing from Roma Termini. These buses depart from the bus bays at the far end of Terminal 3 arrivals level, within sight of the airport train station. The bus drops passengers outside of Termini Station (in the case of TAMBUS and Terravision directly on the sidewalk adjacent to the station itself, and within steps of the station building). The airport bus is handy only to save money; otherwise, the nonstop airport train to Termini Station is faster and usually more punctual.




3. You need to allow at least 20 minutes connection time between the actual arrival time of the inbound airport train and the scheduled departure time of the outbound train to southern Italy. The incoming airport train may not be punctual. Also be aware that the arrival times of the airport buses are very approximate (they can get caught in heavy street traffic), so you really need to allow greater connection time to the onward train. Obviously, you’ll need more connection time if you want to purchase food or beverages to take on the train with you to southern Italy!


Now that you have arrived at either Termini or Tiburtina station, you need to connect to the high-speed train to Salerno (not Naples). Take Trenitalia from Termini Station (or competitor ITALO TRENO from Tiburtina Station).

Trenitalia operates three types of fast, reserved trains from Termini Station to Salerno: the most frequent is the older, less appealing Intercity (IC) train, which takes three hours and has a “BASE” fare of 28 Euros. There are two daily more modern Frecciabianca trains which take 2.5 hours and have a “BASE” fare of 40.50 Euros. The fastest and nicest trains (Frecciarossa and Frecciargento) take two hours (they alone take the high-speed rail line) and have a “BASE” fare of 46 Euros. All of the Freccia trains travel nonstop to Naples, while the Intercity trains make three stops en-route. Capacity-controlled, discounted fares as low as 19 Euros on the Frecciarossa/Frecciargento trains, and 9 Euros on the Intercity and Frecciabianca trains, are also offered with an advance purchase of up to FOUR MONTHS, but it is VERY RISKY to book these promotional fares for travel immediately after arrival by plane. If you were to MISS your reserved train while holding a promotional ticket, you would FORFEIT the ticket and be required to purchase a new, “BASE” fare ticket to Salerno! So, if you want to “take your chances”, you could book the lowest fare of 9 Euros on the Intercity train, and keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise, be prepared to pay “full freight” with a “BASE” fare ticket. Also, be careful to take a DIRECT train to Salerno rather than one which requires a connection at Napoli Centrale (which will only lengthen the journey). Purchase food and beverage at Roma Termini Station before boarding your train to Salerno, because on-board catering (when available) is extremely limited and of lesser quality. However, the made-to-order ILLY Espresso coffee on the Freccia trains is fairly good.

Competitor ITALO TRENO currently runs eight trains per day from Tiburtina Station to Salerno at a “BASE” fare of 44 Euros, taking about two hours. Capacity-controlled, discounted fares as low as 20 Euros are also offered, but it is VERY RISKY to book these promotional fares for travel immediately after arrival by plane, as noted above.

The quality of service of ITALO TRENO compared to Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa/Frecciargento trains is very similar, with only minor differences. The quality of service on the Trenitalia Intercity train is noticeably inferior. The Trenitalia Frecciabianca train is better than the Intercity, but not as nice as the Frecciarossa/Frecciabianca (or ITALO TRENO). Nevertheless, all of these trains are air conditioned, although sometimes the system does not seem to work particularly well on the older Intercity trains.

BEWARE: If you’re considering purchasing an ELECTRONIC ticket at the “BASE” fare for travel from Rome to Salerno (or Naples) in advance, in order to avoid needing to purchase a traditional paper ticket at FCO airport or at the Termini/Tiburtina train station, be aware that you will FORFEIT the ticket if you MISS your reserved train by MORE THAN ONE HOUR. The discounted promotional tickets referenced above have no grace period, while the “BASE” fare ticket has a grace period of only one hour (in case you MISS your train). Also, do not purchase an ELECTRONIC ticket for the airport train to Termini or Tiburtina, because it has a validity of only 90 minutes from the departure time of the train shown on the receipt (insufficient if your plane arrives late). Instead, purchase a traditional PAPER ticket for the airport train once you arrive at the airport train station. Don’t forget to validate the paper ticket for the airport train before boarding!


Children up to the age of 4 years, 0 days travel FREE on all trains, without a ticket and without a guaranteed seat.

ONE child up to the age of 12 years, 0 days travel FREE on the Trenitalia airport trains to/from FCO Airport, with ONE paying adult. Excess children up to the age of 12 years, 0 days travel at a 50% reduction.

Children up to the age of 15 years, 0 days travel at a 50% reduction on the Trenitalia RESERVED trains (Freccia and Intercity).

When offered, the “BIMBI GRATIS” promotion allows children up to the age of 15 years, 0 days to travel FREE with at least one adult paying the “BASE” fare.


ITALO TRENO children’s discounts vary according to type of fare category. Consult their website for details.


If you’re starting out from Rome after having overnighted, and are taking a RESERVED Trenitalia train on a SATURDAY, you can purchase the Trenitalia 2X1 promotional ticket in advance, and save 50%:


As with most other promotional fares, 2X1 tickets are non-refundable and also non-changeable, and you forfeit the ticket if you MISS your reserved train for any reason other than a missed connection from another Trenitalia train where you have an official connection time of at least 15 minutes. Note that the Trenitalia SUPER ECONOMY fare can sometimes give a discount better than 50%, and it is not limited to Saturday travel.


The last leg of the journey is also the most scenic. There are essentially two options, but the first is seasonal (April through October only):

1. Walk 800 meters from the Salerno train station to the landing dock of the Cooperativa Sant’Andrea ferry boat off of Piazza della Concordia (straight out the station front doors in the direction of the waterfront). Allow a full 10 minutes to complete this very easy, flat walk along asphalted sidewalks. Take the ferry boat to Amalfi (35 minutes, 8 Euros). Be certain that your train gets into Salerno in time for the last boat to Amalfi (boat departure time may vary from shoulder seasons to peak summer months). You can’t reserve the boat trip, just purchase the ticket from the kiosk at the dock. You can bring heavy luggage on board with you. Before accessing the dock area, you can purchase ice cream or pastries at “La Madrega Gelateria e Frullateria”, along the Lungomare, at the corner of Via Mauro Clemente leading from the Station, just before crossing the busy road (Lungomare Marconi) to get to the boat dock. A few steps west from here is “La Madrega Gastronomia-Primi Piatti” where you can get a cafeteria-style hot meal, and further still (at the next street corner going west, Via Giacinto Vicinanza) is a pizzeria (“Pizzicorio Pizzeria-Rosticceria-Trattoria”). Across the busy road, notice the covered bus stop. This is the spot where you get off the SITA bus RETURNING to Salerno from Amalfi. It’s also the spot where buses to PAESTUM stop. Beyond the bus stop is a monument (tall column surmounted by a statute). Beyond the monument is the path leading to the ferry dock.

BEWARE: The ferry boats are subject to cancellation during inclement weather, and some boat departures may be curtailed at the tail ends of the service season (early April or late October). It’s always best to telephone the boat operator before arriving in Salerno, to verify departure times. Use your cell phone, if available.


2. From November through March (when the ferry boats don’t operate), and indeed at other times as well, you can choose to take the hourly SITA bus (unreserved seats) from the Salerno train station to Amalfi (75 minutes; 3.80 Euros). Purchase the ticket at the travel agency inside the station foyer. Board the bus directly across the lane from the train station (where there is a passenger island). Note that the same bus drops passengers at Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori, Minori and Atrani before terminating the run at Amalfi (the fare is only 2.50 Euros to Vietri or Cetara). If you plan to use the SITA bus again along the Amalfi Coast within 24 hours, you may save money by purchasing the 24-hour bus ticket for 7.60 Euros, or even a 3-day ticket for 18 Euros. You must validate the ticket on board the bus on its first use. Heavy luggage should be placed in the under floor luggage compartment. The bus makes a couple of stops in Salerno before heading up the hill to Vietri. Sit on the left side (facing the driver) for the best views. If you need a coffee break before taking the bus, there is a Chef Express café/bar next to the travel agency, walking to your LEFT as you exit the station.



3. Want to spend a night in Salerno before proceeding along the Amalfi Coast? The Hotel Plaza, smack in front of the Station and steps away from the Lungomare, is the handiest place (although lacking in charm). There are also many bed and breakfast locations going in the direct of the Centro Storico (1 kilometer west of the Station), although you would want to reserve these in advance during the travel season.


Travelers (and especially those with mobility issues) should be delighted to know that there is a daily direct bus between the Roma Tiburtina BUS depot and Amalfi (stopping also in Positano and Praiano) from June through September, with absolutely no connections or transfers. You get on the bus in Rome and get off at your final destination of Amalfi, Praiano or Positano. You place your heavy luggage in the baggage hold. There are also year-round direct buses to Sorrento. Marozzi is the bus operator. A rest-room stop is make en-route to Sorrento. The direct bus to Amalfi departs at 7:00 a.m. and arrives at 12 noon, and a one-way ticket costs 21.50 Euros. You board the bus at the Roma Tiburtina BUS depot, which is located 300 meters from the Roma Tiburtina train/metro station. You can get there from central Rome either by taxi or by underground metro. However, the 7:00 a.m. departure makes this an option only for those people overnighting in Rome (and not connecting from the airport).



Few people know that there is a direct airport bus between Rome FCO Airport Terminal 3 and the Salerno bus depot (where you can connect to the SITA buses to Amalfi), operated by Buonocore Group MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY throughout the year, and daily except Sundays and holidays from June 15 through September 15. The fare is 20 Euros for adults and 10 Euros for children up to the age of 10 years, 0 days. There is a 5-Euro charge for a second or subsequent piece of heavy luggage (the first piece is free). The 15:20 departure time from FCO airport makes this a viable option for plane arrivals between 12 noon and around 14:00. It takes four hours to reach Salerno. Once again, this bus solution works very well for people with mobility issues.



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8. Re: Amalfi from Rome

Terrific info GAC.

I am going to have to re read it several times.


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9. Re: Amalfi from Rome

WOW!!! I've been watching this topic for future travel in the fall - with a possibility of heading to this area so this info is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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10. Re: Amalfi from Rome

If you catch a train from Termini to Naples in the morning, grab a local train to Sorrento, and a bus to Amalfi,

then back the same way in the evening. The bus ride from Sorrento to Amalifi is very exciting. I would suggest you spend the night in Sorrento, a very enjoyable little town, take the bus from Sorrento the next morning then catch the train back in the afternoon. We caught the 9am bus in Sorrento, walked around Amalfi, had lunch, caught the bus back, and caught the 3pm train to Naples and the 4:30 train back to Rome.