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need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

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need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

I need some help deciding where to go in Italy! I thought June would be a good time?

If I get a flight to Pisa, am I correct in thinking that I could get a train to the coast?

Cant decide which part of the coast to stay in, Cinque Terre or R. de Levante. Does anyone know how long the train journey is from Pisa?

Monterosso sounds nice and has been recommended on this site. There is alos S Margerita and Porto Venere or La Spezia?

I'm looking for soomewhere that it is easy to travel from by train, with a nice beach, don't need any nightlife!

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1. Re: need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

We have always stayed in Santa Margherita. It's a really nice town, good restaurants, and a great promenade. You can also walk, bike, or take a boat to Portofino. Access to the CT is easy by train. There are many small beaches along the coast. Monterosso has one of the nicer ones.

Yes, you can easily catch a train from Pisa to anywhere along the coast. It's about an hour and a half to Monterosso and about 2 hours to Santa Margherita.


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2. Re: need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

Hi I lived two villages from Monterosso for 20 years and my parents are still there so I know the coast very well.

Monterosso is very nice but the beach is not that huge. In June it would still be OK as the tourism is not at its peak.

Santa Margherita is a town, so much bigger than Monterosso which is a village. Totally different kind of places. This is not to say that S. Marcherita is not nice!!! On the contrary!

A little village that people don't know and that is only three 5 minutes train stops from monterosso is Bonassola. The beach is one of the loveliest along the coast! I got married there!!! It would be easy to get by train as already said.

I wouldn't stay at La Spezia. I remember trains full of "Spezzini" (inhabitants of La Spezia) arriving at weekend in Bonassola during July and August.

June is a lovely month although my favourite one is September by all means because the water is warmer and the whole summer atmosphere is calmed down leaving a lovely sense of peace. The weather is normally still good for a 7pm swim when the whole bay starts colouring with the night colours and the sea is much calmer...

Portovenere is very nice but not easy to reach by train at all. I spent there my first hooneymoon night and it is a magical place. there are boat trips from Bonassola and Monterosso that takes you to Portovenere which is worth doing.

Another place in between Bonassola and Monterosso is Levanto. Still a village, but a bit bigger. The beach is the widest along the coast but not as pretty as Monterosso or Bonassola. You have the advantage of the bigger village though.

If you are prepared to go as far as S. Margherita, why not going a bit further towards Genoa to Camogli. It is a lovely village and they do a magnificent "focaccia al formaggio"... impossible to translate! Worth a visit for a day if you don't go there.

I hope I haven't confused you but helped you! Please do ask more questions if you need to.

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3. Re: need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

Jenny Cinque Terre are in the middle of the "Riviera di Levante" ... the other riviera is called "Riviera di Ponente". This riviera goes from Genoa to Montecarlo. It' s out form the international tourist circuit but it is very nice and lively with lot of sandy beaches and good night life (especially Alassio).

If you do not need nightlife and you like beautiful scenaries I'd suggest Monterosso in CT. It's easy to reach by train from Pisa there is a beach and scenaries are unique.

As previous post said skip the peak season (Mid July - End August) beacuse the village is so small and it will be overcrowded.

Ciao have a nice holyday in Liguria.. don't miss the "Focaccia" (in every bakery shop in the morning)

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4. Re: need to help deciding which part of the lligura coast?

You can easily check the train schedules at www.trenitalia.it. Honestly I found Cinque Terre so full of non-Italians that I felt like I was in Disneyland. However, the food was very good, and the walks were beautiful. There are only a couple of very small beaches because the coast here is extremely steep. That is the reason it has remained so isolated, and why the hills have been terraced.

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