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Venice - Last minute help!

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Venice - Last minute help!

I apologize in advance for what will surely be a long post. I feel that it's necessary in order to get help but don't want to punish the people that might actually help me! :)

Okay, for those of you who have helped me in the past...I'm hoping will still be around if I bring this thing to life. If your new...you're welcome to help too! I need it! I've been killing myself lately! I'm a very compulsive planner and have spent so much time on Rome that I am freaked over Venice! I thought I had a better handle on things.

We leave next week and I'm so worried that it's causing me a bit of confusion...and panic! Or panic...then confusion!

I'm hoping you can help me organize...and make a few suggestions on good days and orders in which to see things. (I have plugged a few things into the days...as you can see below)

I don't have to have a complete down to the minute plan but would appreciate help with groupings.(I don't have a good map of Venice..or much time)

I would also appreciate it if there are any small things you can plug into my itinerary..perhaps a church or square that we would otherwise miss.

Here's what we have on our list:

1. St. Marks Square/St. Marks Basilica/Campanile

2. Doges Palace - Secret Itineraries (already booked)

3. Bridge of Sighs (with Doges Tour)

4. Rialto Bridge & markets (see early in the day)

5. Guggenheim Museum - (wife wants to see this)

6. Frari Church

7. Scuola San Rocco

8. San Giorgio Maggiore

9. Ca Rezzonico

10. Santa Elena neighborhood stroll (see sunset?)

11. Visit Torcello

12. Get off beaten path by walking early to:

Dorsoduro along the docks...

See San Sebastiano, Angelo San Raffaele,San Nicolo del Mendiocoli, and San Francesco della Vigna in Castello.

13. Campo San Barnaba (not sure how I got this idea)

Here are the days that we can plug into:

Day #1 - Wednesday -

a. Arrival at lunch time May 13...buy Venice Card or Transport card with Chorus Pass and toilets. (I will do this on arrival at train station if possible)

b. Checking into Al Ponte Mocenigo.

c. ??? (perhaps take a stroll to little square near hotel...Campo Giacomo del Orio...little grocery...interesting non touristy church)

d. AND/OR ???

Day #2 - Thursday -

a. Take Vaporetto #1 for morning tour of Grande Canal

b. Then ???

Day #3 - Friday -

a. ??? (perhaps early to Rialto and markets?)

b. 10:45 - Doges Palace Secret Itineraries Tour

c. Spend day at St Marks Square/Basilica/Campanile

Day #4 - Saturday -

a. ???

Day #5 - Sunday - Last -

a. ???

I hope this hasn't been too confusing!

I figure to keep Friday in St. Marks area due to Secret Itineraries tour. I also know the Vaporetto #1 ride and Rialto market area need to be done early. Other things are just as business hours permit. Even how to group things would be very appreciated!

Thank you!!!

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1. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

It looks like you have most things covered. Myself I do not plan anything. I just get up in the morning and go. Whatever strikes my fancy. If it is a beautiful day then I may decide to go to Murano or Burano.

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2. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

HI andiron, We meet again!!

There are many possibilities so I won't tell you which day but only which things might go together easily.

IF you like, you can go to the Rialto Market and then either take the vaporetto down the canal(I think you need to also do this at night when the buildings are lit up!!).

You have several choices of where to get off but if you get off at the Academia stop you can then easily walk to the Guggenheim. You will be in the Dorsoduro sestiere. You could then walk across the area to the side facing the Giudecca canal and from the Zattere vap stop go out to San Giorgio Maggiore.

From there you can cross to San Marco Square perhaps to have a drink outdoors at Florians and hear some music or take the vap back to your hotel.

Another day you could go to the Frari and Scuola San Rocco and Ca Rezzonico which are not far from each other.

You could walk to these from the Rialto Market if you prefer to do that OR take a vap part way. You will see when you get there that your list may be too much one day and just right on another day.

Don't forget to make restaurant reservations for dinner and to ENJOY the trip!!!!!

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3. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

Thank you for the support...but even though I have many things covered on the list...I really like to have a basic outline for each day.

There are days of the week that are better for some things than others...I assume. And, I have been told to group things geographically.

So....If someone can assist with goupings of the sites we have listed I would appreciate it very much. This would be immensely helpful and save me a great deal of stress and time.

Simply put...I know St Marks and Doges Palace area should all be one day. How should I group the rest given the first afternoon...and three more full days? Thanks!

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4. Re: Venice - Last minute help!


I'm no help, but I soooo feel your pain on the confusion and panic, I'm there too....If we don't "talk" before you go I hope you and your wife have a fabulous time! I look forward to extensive trip reports since you're getting back just before we leave!



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5. Re: Venice - Last minute help!


St. Mark's Square, Basilica, Campanile, Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs.

Guggenheim, Ca Rezzonico, Frari, Scuola di San Rocco, Campo San Barnaba (probably as location of antique shop in Summertime), San Sebastiano, Angelo Raffaele, San Nicolo dei Mendicanti (a bit out of the way); can be combined with Zattere(Dorsoduro "docks")

Sant'Elena, San Francesco della Vigna (both somewhat out of the way, probably best combined with taking vaporetto to Torcello)

Rialto and San Giorgio Maggiore can be combined with any of the above.

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6. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

Hi Riffsmom and Zerlina...so great to see you!

All very interesting and VERY helpful. Maybe this will help others as well...jenmol ;)

I just read in a guidebook about a walking tour...much of this tour goes past a few of the sites on our list...but includes many more. It starts at St. Marks square...winds it's way past a few site to Ponte Dell'Accademia...then to Santa Maria della Salute...past the docks...to San Trovaso...Campo San Baraba...with (Ca Rezzonico nearby) then over to Church of Carmine, San Sebastiano...then back up to Campo Santa Margherita. Then the map disappears! :)

I assume that the Frari and Scuola di San Roccco must be nearby and also on the way to the hotel. Also missing from Zerlina's grouping in this walk is San Nicolo dei Mendiacanti.

I really don't know if it's a good idea to group so many things on one day...but here's a thought.

Day 1...Lunch,Frari, Scuola San Rocco, Ca Rezzonico, then perhaps a rest at Campo San Barnaba. Then dinner, possibly a gondola ride...and?

Day 2...up early...take vaporetto from "San Stae" stop (hopefully vaporetto #1) to St. Marks Square...kind of a canal tour...and then start walk with viewing of exterior of St. Marks area.

Then see: (per guide book walk)

Church of Moise, Santa Maria del Giglio, Santo Stefano, cross at Ponte dell'Accademia bridge (take in views), see Guggenheim Museum, head over to Santa Maria della Salute, walk to Punta della Dogana (take in view), walk zattere (docks) to San Trovaso, walk up to Campo San Barnaba, then head over to Church of Carmine, then San Sebastiano, Campo Margherita for rest. Then return to hotel.

Day 3...breakfast...nice walk to St. Marks Square...meet for Doges Secret Itineraries Tour at 10:45 (arrive early). See Doges Palace and Bridge of Sighs. After tour we will eat lunch. Afternoon will be spent seeing St. Marks Basilica. We will end by go up in the Campanile. After this...no plan..maybe gondola ride? Dinner...perhaps see the orchestra play in St. Marks at one of the restaurants via vaporetto ride at evening/night?

Day 4...Up early to see Rialto bridge and market. Then see both Sant"Elena and San Fracesco dell Vigna. Next we can take vaporetto to see Guidecca and Torcello in the afternoon. I need find these things on the map and place them in proper order. Also need to make sure of where we should catch vaporetto for Guideca and Torcello. Have dinner and then we might do something romantic. Perhaps some sort of nice place to just take in Venice...perhaps a quiet nook or place with entertainment?

Day 5...no plans...just do whatever we want. Take a long walk...perhaps see San Zanipolo Church as it is the only thing on my list not put somewhere else...but truthfully...not even sure why it's on my list!

I feel that the help you've already provided has helped me immensely....and that I now have pretty good plan/outline. Of course...I would like to know what you think! Have I miscalculated times? Is this too crammed?

Thank you so very much for the help!!!

PS...and then there's Florence and Tuscany...I'm racing to put it all together! :)


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7. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

Oh wait...I didn't include St. Elena neighborhood anywhere. Perhaps the last day can start with yet another vaporetto #1 ride...where we get off past St. Marks...at the "fish tail"?

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8. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

Sorry Andiron, I could not do days as you have described. It is your trip so I am sure your plan will be right for you!

On MY first trip when I spent 3 days in Venice I:

1 arrived, walked to Campo San Polo for lunch then walked to the Frari and Scuola di San Rocco and back to hotel and out to dinner.

Day2 Took the 10AM vap to Burano and then crossed to Torcello, went back to Burano walked around and had lunch. Took vap to Murano, walked around went to glass museum and back to hotel.

Had drinks and light supper in San Marco Square at Florians and then went to see La Traviata at Musica


Day3 Secret Itinerary Tour,Basilica then vap to ghetto area and took tour.

I loved it and then came back last September for more.

I spent a week last September and STILL did not see all the things on YOUR list.

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9. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

Wow...okay...perhaps I just don't get it? I really don't know how frantic the pace is...nor am I sure what to cut. I guess we can take what I have now...and use it only as a rough guide. If you have anymore advice I'll certainly take it. I just whipped that together after getting ideas from you and Zerlina.

This is me...head down...slithering away! ;)

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10. Re: Venice - Last minute help!

I think you are getting unnecessarily panic stricken. The fact remains that you will not be able to see everything in Venice no matter how fast you run, and this is OK. It leaves something to come back for. (our fourth visit this year)

One piece of advice which you don't seem to have planned for, you are better to order your transport, cultural and even toilet tickets (though I wouldn't worry too much about this one)on line through Venice Connected at least a week before you arrive. You can then pick them up and activate them on arrival in the city. It is cheaper than buying in Venice itself.


But really, the pace is much more relaxed and you are likely to come on many of the places you have named without even planning it. Wandering around Dorsoduro and San Polo you will accidentally walk through Campo san Barnaba and see the delightful floating vegetable shop


or you will wonder what this pleasant square is that you just walked into and find it is Campo san Margherita

nickbooth.id.au/Images/campo_St_Margarita.jpg with a great little wine shop at one end that sells wine from a barrel. (We found this area very pleasant in the early evening with the families out for the passegiata) then a stroll up the Zattere to a cafe or restaurant.

I want to see Angelo Raffaele too and have been advised it is open in the mornings but not the afternoons.

I am not saying don't plan at all, but don't overdo it. You will be surprised at how things fall into place as Venice is quite small.