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My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

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Venice, Italy
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My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

Does anyone know if flea powder exists here?? Took my dog to some of the little islands recently. First time ever he has a terrible infestation. I've gotten the runaround from 3 different pet shops. Have only been offered preventative measures (collars, drops and sprays) FINALLY, a local friend told me to go to the Pharmacia where I was able to purchase a medicated shampoo (supposedly guaranteed to kill fleas.) 2 shampoos later.......NO results. Also went to a Parapharmacia....nothing available.

My dog has sensitive skin/allergies and I NEED flea powder. Is it here somewhere that I don't know of? Can I have it expedited from the USA without it being seized? ughhh, Help.

Someone did mention a vet being able to prescibe some type of pill. But I'm concerned about side effects.

Hoping for any advice. Thanks

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1. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

my thoughts would be a home remedy of items you can find in italy:

in case:

Things You’ll Need:

* Dog flea comb

* Dish soap

* Olive oil

* 2 bowls

* 6 lemons

* 3-quart pot

* Empty spray bottle

* Lemon or rosemary essential oil

* Oral flea medication


Step 1:

Fill a bowl with warm water and two to three drops of dish soap. Stir the soapy water. Fill another bowl with warm water and set it next to the first bowl.


Step 2:

Coat the flea comb with olive oil to help fleas stick to it. Comb your dog's coat with the flea comb to remove the fleas. Concentrate on the base of the tail, the abdomen and the head, where fleas are commonly found, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. After each stroke, dip the comb in the soapy water bowl to drown the fleas, then dip the comb in the plain water to rinse.


Step 3:

Continue to comb your dog's entire coat to remove the fleas, periodically rubbing more olive oil on the comb, as needed. After finishing, dispose of the soapy water with fleas by flushing it down the toilet to prevent any fleas that remain alive from jumping out of the bowl.


Step 4:

Cut six lemons in half and add them to a 3-quart pot. Add 1 quart of water and bring the lemons and water to a boil on the stove top. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes, then steep for three to four hours.


Step 5:

Strain the lemon water and add it into an empty spray bottle. Spray your dog's fur with the lemon water, working the liquid into the fur with your hands. Do not spray your dog's face directly; instead spray your hand and rub the mixture around your dog's nose, eyes and mouth. The lemon water will naturally repel and kill fleas on your dog. Store the spray in the refrigerator and continue to spray your dog daily to repel fleas.


Step 6:

Rub two to three drops of lemon or rosemary essential oil into your dog's collar to repel fleas and create a homemade flea collar.


Step 7:

Give your dog an oral flea tablet to kill fleas on its coat and prevent new ones from hatching. Some of these medications work quickly, in as little as 30 minutes, such as Capstar. Administer the medications according to the directions on the package, as you can use some products daily, others monthly. Obtain these types of medications from a veterinarian.

Tips & Warnings

* When combing your dog, do so over an easy to clean area such as a sink or bathtub in case any fleas fall off of the comb.

* After giving your dog an oral medication, wait a few hours and give your dog a quick bath using a gentle dog shampoo to help remove any dead fleas from its coat.

* Vacuum your home and wash any dog bedding in hot water to kill fleas and flea eggs remaining in your home. Dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic trash bag.

* Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth around your home, especially in the crevices of your floor, to kill fleas, then vacuum it up and throw away the bag.

* Obtain oral medications to treat fleas from a veterinarian, as these are usually safer and more effective than over-the-counter products, according to the ASPCA.

* Never use flea products meant for cats on dogs, or vice-versa, as this can cause toxicity.

Benson, Arizona
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2. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

to the OP you might want to ask this kind of question on the expatsinitaly.com site....I found them to be very helpful for stuff like this...

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3. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

I can only comment on this in response to... "Someone did mention a vet being able to prescibe some type of pill. But I'm concerned about side effects."

Here in the US - flea medication at the vet in the form of a pill is getting more and more common. I still use the once a month stuff you rub at the base of their neck... but my vet said they are starting to recommend the once a month pills now over the rest. It's safe.

Good luck!

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4. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

Where are you bringing your dog from? If from the USA have you checked how and what the regulations on importing a dog into the European Community might be?

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5. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

Jzz if you are still stuck in 2 weeks let me know and I can see if they sell in the UK......

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6. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s


Here in the U.K. " Frontline" is a sure solution, but google

thjey might have it in Italy,

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7. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

Frontline is also made in Italy:


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8. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

I've not heard of pills for flea control, but I always used Frontline for the dogs (Use Stronghold for the cats, as that does ear mites and some worms - only reason I didn't use it for the dogs was that it was never a problem getting them to eat worm tablets in a bit of cheese. Cat's never so accomodating with tablets)

Another thing about Frontline is that it's not a prescription medicine, whereas Frontline does need a script from the vet.

You probably know, but there's an American vet on the Lido. The cat sanctuary in Malamocco use them and I think the dog sanctuary may use them too? Any vet will have good flea treatments and you'd probably be best getting something direct from the vet?

My two hated fleas as both had sensitive skin and couldn't use powder as it gave them the sneezes and they both would try and lick it off.

Really hope you get your pup sorted. Must be driving him/her mad, especially if it's warming up now.

Seattle, Washington
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9. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s


Fast, reliable and (usually) good prices. They can even fill prescriptions from your vet.

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10. Re: My dog (in Venice) needs flea powder. Have ?'s

Frontline can be ordered online from Vet /Pet Medic ( Sorry can't remember exact name its one ot the other google it) Mum uses it on her dog with great results