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First time in Puglia


We will be visiting Puglia for the first time in January for 4 days. We will stay in Bari and want to do day trips from there (by public transport!).

From the research I have done, our itinerary would look something like this:

9th - arrive in Bari at 13:20, check in and see the town (Citta Vechia)

10th - day trip to Alberobello

11th - day tip to Matera

12th - day trip to Lecce

13th - leave at noon

Now, we would want to add some other attractions/destinations to these main points, but I'm not really aware how much time these places require, especially concerning that it's gonna be January and it's going to get darker earlier.

So my questions are:

1) I have just assigned the days randomly and we don't care in which order we are going to do the day trips. Are some of them better than others for nice weather, or it doesn't really matter? Because we could set the order of the day trips based on this criteria.

2) Can we add something to the aforementioned day trips? I was thinking of:

- Grotta di Castellana, Locorotondo or Marina Franca (or 2 of these if there is enough time) to the Alberobello trip

- Altamura to the Matera trip

- Polignano or Monopoli (or Ostuni?) to the Lecce trip

Are these feasible additions to the itineraries? We don't want to give the impression of trying to rush the trip, we would just love to make the most out of it. In case of those with more options, which are the nicest ones? Do you have any other suggestions? We are into scenery, old towns, quaint villages, history, museums (although that is probably not the main attraction here in Puglia from what I've seen), seaside places, good food.

3) Would the Trani-Andria-Castel del Monte area be a nicer place to visit for someone who is here for the first time than any of those mentioned earlier? Is it worth replacing something from our itinerary and adding this area?

Any opinions, insights and suggestions from locals and tourists are appreciated.

Thank you!