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Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

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Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

Wow, be careful renting a car in Italy. We arrived in Naples to return our car only to find the rental agency closed and no place to park the car. The door has a nice little note that said any cars left on the street would be ticketed and charged to our rental.

After spending 6 hours trying to get a hold of National Car Rental, we finallly reached someone and they said it was our responsibility to return the car to Rome Airport (3-1/2 hours away!).

We had a tour we had to catch and had no other option than to cancel the remainder of our trip and return the car to Rome Airport.

When we arrived in Rome, they charged us a weekend car rental fee of $960 euros as a vehicle transit fee of $268 euro to return the car to Naples. The last charge was a $320 euro which covered the insurance of the person who had rented the car for the weekend (if the office was closed, how could someone rent it?!!) , Our original rental was only $267 euro for 24 hours. After two brutal hours of the rudest people I have ever dealt with, we left stating that we would just dispute with our credit card company. They treatened to have us arrested and said that they would put a hold on our passport until the fee is paid in cash or wire transfer. (never threaten to cancel a credit card payment). Once the police arrived it was determined that we had to comply with their request but settled by paying all of the cash we had between ourselves which was about $560 euro. Being in a foreign country and not knowing their laws and how far we could go with our position was very frustrating.

Everyone at National must have been ready for our phone call when we arrived home in the US because they were all ready yelling on the phone before we had a chance to tell our story. And of course, refused to do anything.

This is not something I would expect in Italy. Avoid National at all cost!

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111. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

We also rented a car in Florence at Maggiore. This was in October 2012. We noticed a charge on our credit card statement for 37 Euros 12/14 from Maggiore. After a lot of hunting on the internet, I found an email address to inquire why/what the charge was for:

Citation office


0039 06.89280199

Serena Zucchi

Relazioni Clienti

Maggiore Rent spa

Via di Tor Cervara, 225 - 00155 Roma

+39 0622456014

reclami@maggiore.it - http://www.maggiore.it

They said it was to give our information to the Italian Authorities so that they could issue us a fine. On 3/23/13 we finally got the ticket in the mail--to be paid within 60 days for 102.02 Euros, otherwise penalties start accruing. The Municipal Police of Florence make it very convenient to pay the fine, I must say--went online and paid so as to have solid proof of payment.

My lesson learned is that renting a car in Florence is easy; its returning it that is almost impossible! Just about every street to get back to Maggiore was restricted to residents only and our GPS was no assistance to differentiate how to get there without going in restricted areas. I think we drove around in circles within walking distance of the office for about 30 minutes. I am pretty sure that I know when I got the ticket, thought I "dodged the bullet", but unfortunately not. Finally figured out a way in near the train station. I noticed the Hertz location was nearby the train station, so would have been an easier return.

Amazingly we visited 5 hill towns without getting a ticket in those cities (so far!)--luckily we are able to understand/read Italian enough to have figured out the driving restrictions but we just never felt relaxed that we had navigated successfully.

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112. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

We too had a horrible experience with Maggiore in Milan and are still dealing with their deceitful and unethical practices. They do not make themselves available to check the car for damages before you take and then when you return it before they are open charge you for damages that were not there. We paid over 2000.00 for the two week rental and when we arrived home they had charged an additional 200.00 in gas/fees and then....784.00 in damages!! I disputed with my credit card company and won the dispute. Maggiore was not happy and has now sent the charges to a collection agency! The trip was perfect except for these crooks. Initially made the rental through rentalcars.com but they were not able to help in any way. Next trip to Italy I am going to have to think long and hard about renting a car.

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113. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental


Sorry to hear about your woes. I wish you had stumbled across this thread before you did business with them. I have been renting cars in Italy since 1961. I have never done business with National/Maggiore. I have done business with Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, and many others. I have never, ever had an experience like yours.

In addition to everything else, unless you rented a large Mercedes, BMW or similar car, I think you were charged more than twice what I generally pay for a medium-sized car. (I frequently, but not always, do business through AutoEurope.) The last time I rented a car - a few weeks ago, I got a terrific Opel for two weeks and paid just about 30 euros a day for it - including CDW insurance. That was an exceptional deal - I have paid twice that, but even so, you were abused.

Do come back to Italy, and do rent a car, if you enjoy getting into the countryside.

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114. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. In South Africa and I am sure where you are we pride ourselves with good customer service. They are really not very ethical in the way in which they dealt with us and you and they continue to get away with it. I will hire a car again but not through them. An unscrupulous car hire company will not spoil my fun......

Safe travels.

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115. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

AVOID NATIONAL/ MAGGIORE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! We also had the absolute WORST experience renting from National/Maggiore out of Florence. Had reserved more than a month in advance, economy car with seating for 5 (actually 3 of us plus baggage). After waiting over a half hour to be 'helped' (totally surly and rude young woman, Veronica), we were shown to a Fiat 500...2seater. When I told them that was not what I'd reserved (showed them my reservation), and that we clearly could not put 3 people in a 2seat car, she shrugged and said that was all they had, and if we wanted something we could fit into, we'd have to wait till one was returned. Of course, they couldn't say when that would be. Checked with all other agencies in the area, no luck. So we waited, surrounded by our luggage, in their office, for almost 4 hours. No apology, just rude indifference. We had an appointment at a winery in Chianti, which we ended up late getting to. The man who looked to be the manager never even looked our way, much less did he try to explain or apologize. We're normally extremely patient people, but this was one of the nastiest group of people I've ever come across in the 'service' industry. NEVER AGAIN!!! By the way, rented from SIXT when we got to Paris, and the experience was excellent from start to finish...polite, prompt, helpful people.

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116. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

National used Maggiore. We flew into Pisa and got the car, and had arrangements to drop off the car in Florence. I had no idea at all where to drop off the car, and couldn't find the lot in Florence when scouting out where it was the day before we were heading home. I wrote Maggiore asking for an address- no answer at all even months later! I followed a bus driver to the parking lot. I barely made my flight. Maggiore puts the "K" in kustomer service!

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117. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

Horrible experience with the rental office in Naples. The associate was rude, condescending, and provided beyond horrible customer service. The office in Venice was great but in Naples, we could not have had a worse experience. I would never recommend renting from them. That goes for National Car rental either. We are still trying to settle a dispute with them. Definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.

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118. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

I also had a horrid experience with MAGGIORE CAR RENTAL.

I was stranded on a highway outside Rome when my car had 2 flat tyres (I had accidentally driven over a metal rod - or something sharp - exiting a parking garage, near Buffolotta Highway).

1, I called the office where I had rented the car, for help. I was stranded on an industrial site, with cars hissing by and I couldn't move.

The office just told me to phone their breakdown service. I tried with the number they gave me, but it did not work.

I phoned them back, but they gave me the same number which still it did'nt work. I explained again and again and I sobbed and BEGGED them to phone the breakdown service!

They sounded bored and refused point blank. I explained my predicament: it was noon, 40 degrees, I had no water, 2 small children and I COULD not cross the highways for help. Not their problem, was the response. Phone the breakdown service.

2. I eventually phoned my friend Eva, in Stellenbosch, South Africa. My phone battery was by now very low. She phoned the agent, Nancy, at International Travels in Johannesburg and Nancy spoke to Maggiore in Italy.

At last a pick- up lorry arrived,

We had been stranded for almost 3 hours in the blazing sun with no shelter. Nancy said there would be a replacement car waiting for us at the breakdown centre where we were heading.....all squeezed up in the lorry, with our car wobbling on the back: no taxi, of course- we just had to rough it.

At the tire place in central Rome, we found no replacement car. We had to go out all the way to Rome airport to get it!!!!!! We had to take and pay for a taxi.

3. Upon arrival at the airport, at great expense in our taxi, guess what?

There was no car waiting.

What was waiting, was a great deal of administration. We were treated with incredible disrespect by the official and every time I tried to open my mouth to explain, he refused, literally, to allow me to speak. Eventually I lost my cool. I had asked him several times to allow me to speak and he had just kept on talking either to other customers, on the telephone, his colleagues or even to me.

He did not shut up for a second. He even shouted this to me: "I can't listen to you while I am speaking!!!!!!" The whole office burst out laughing and I burst into tears. He then gave me an inferior car to the one I had rented from them for a MONTH (this was on day 5 of the month) saying it was in the same class.

I slammed my hand down hard on the counter and shouted at the top of my voice at him that, after this, I actually think an upgrade would be more appropriate, but that I DEMAND at least the same car as a replacement and that I was going to give a full report of this on TRIPADVISOR.

I turned and walked out to the cloakroom to compose myself. A few minutes later (by deus ex machina intervention?) as I walked back into the Maggiore office, he announced that an identical car had (miraculously?) just been released.

I REALLY THINK TRIPADVISOR OUGHT TO CREATE A MORE PROMINENT FORUM WHERE THIS SORT OF INCIDENT MY BE REVIEWED - JUST LIKE WITH THE HOTELS. It was the magic word TRIPADVISOR that eventually got my car for me. I will never rent from Maggiore again, unless they send me a written apology for this treatment.

I will report back.

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119. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

I tried Maggiore in Sicily... Just awful, ended up paying twice what I booked online...

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120. Re: Be Careful of National Maggiore Car Rental

I had the exact same experience with Hertz in Venice. Avoid car rental companies in Italy. Avoid them like the plague.