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When is mosquito season typically?

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When is mosquito season typically?

I plan to come to Florence in the autumn--Sept or Oct. When do the mosquitos thin out?

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1. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

I was in Florence this past September - early September - and I don't recall seeing any mosquitoes at all... I ate outside and walked around at sunset/twilight and after dark every night for 5 days and didn't get any bites or anything (and I am normally a pretty good mosquito magnet)..... maybe I just got lucky?

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2. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

Shouldn't be any mosquitoes in October. Clearly, weather should be more fickle as well.

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3. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

Depends on temperature and recent rain but even during the height of the mosquito season there are ways to minimise their nuisance level: www.bella-toscana.com/agriturismo.htm It would be unusual to be bothered by them during the daylight hours and any self-respecting accommodation will have the means in place to repel them at night.

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4. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

In my experience, mosquitoes ("zanzare") can be a problem in Florence spring, summer and autumn.

They are much more of a problem at night than during the day, and they are more of a problem near Florence's two rivers (Don't forget the Mugnone.) than elsewhere.

The local variety of mosquitoes is voracious, and they inflict welts on some people that are quite different from what Americans are used to from our more genteel varieties.

Window screens are still a great rarity in Europe, so there seem to be two ways of coping. One is with bug sprays in aerosol cans. The other is with little pellets that burn in electric gizmos that plug into electric sockets.

If your hotel, pensione, or rental apartment does not supply any of those, you should ask for them or should buy them for yourselves. Little shops selling cleaning products ("mesticherie") sell them, as do the big "supermerchati" and some of the little ones.

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5. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

You can usually keep them out of your room if you remember to shut the windows before you switch on the light... so you'll have to go into the room in the dark to shut the windows...don't be tempted to switch on the light first ! Air conditioning usually solves the problem because you don't open the windows... but who can resist opening the balcony at night to look out on the city and listen to its nightly hum ?

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6. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

Be warned.... if you switch on the light (window shut) they'll be sitting in a row outside waiting for you to switch it off again when you open the balcony or window to gaze out.... so allow a minute or two for them to give up waiting !

Bathrooms are the worst... once they're in, they hide behind the waste outlet whether the light is on or off ...then come out and bite you on the ....

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7. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

There is a new kind of mosquito spreading in Italy, called the tiger mosquito. It is much more aggressive than other mosquitoes and it feeds during the day. I don't get bothered much by mosquitoes, but this little pest is ruining a lot of outdoor gatherings where I live. It also seems to carry some tropical fevers, such as dengue and chikungunya, so around here, they've begun spraying for them.

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8. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

I see many replies saying mosquitos aren't a problem in October. I will be in the Florence/Siena area in mid to late May. Are mosquitos thick at that time? Our villa provides mosquito nets, but I was wondering about dining on the patio, etc.

Le Marche, Italy
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9. Re: When is mosquito season typically?

It's hard to say if there will be mosquitoes in May. This May, there were none, because it was unusually chilly. However, if it's warm, they will be out.

The tiger mosquitoes were worse than ever this year, although our town sprayed every month. I think spraying at night just killed the normal mosquitoes leaving a free field for the tiger mosquitoes.

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10. Re: When is mosquito season typically?


I was in Florence last summer and we never had a problem with mosquitos even if it was very hot while we were there.

I have a Florence trip report that I can share with you if you are interested. Send me an e-mail on gardkarlsen@hotmail.com and I'll send it to you (or anyone else interested :-)