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Traffic ticket scam in Florence

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Traffic ticket scam in Florence

Can anyone say what will happen if a limited zone traffic it is not


Will they require Hertz to pay?

Will they send the Mafiaoso?

Will it ruin my credit?

Do they have a way of "strong arming an American"?

Give me the bottom line if anyone knows..

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21. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

They have ZERO jurisdiction here. None! And as I said elsewhere, the car rental company liability extends ONLY to parking tickets as THEY own the car. They cannot be responsible for YOUR driving.. and since you cannot have a fair hearing 4 thousand miles away, there can be no trial, no conviction and no fine.

I am not flouting the law, simply explaining it.

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22. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

My Lord!!! I did not say *I* broke the rules there... I simply advised legally what one should and should not expect. Indeed I complained that THEY drive like nuts... and they do... I do NOT drive like a nut. I have been driving for 43 years... I have not had a moving violation since I was in my 20s. You folks are like sheep.

If they say you sped you just pay? You do not question if the radar is calibrated? If they actually have a picture of who was behind the wheel? My heavens these cameras are REVENUE GENERATION plain and simple. I am not condoning breaking the law BUT do you feel that because it is a foreign country you give up your rights?

I spent 15 delightful days in Italy. I never once had a moment of unpleasantness. Until now.. And here. Your bias because someone is a New Yorker is sickening. Grow up! I am not an ugly American and I too eschew those people. BUT I am not above questioning authority before opening my wallet. Uh, that is what AMERICA is all about. Remember?

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23. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

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24. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

Trying to introduce facts and logic into any discussion with Facetime is obviously a waste of time.

For others who might be unduly impressed by his misguided statements and suggestions, here are three simple points:

1) Cameras are simply not "there for revenue generation". They are there because cities like Florence, Rome, London, etc., have decided to restrict the privilege of driving within their city limits. Cameras are an efficient way to enforce the rules, and they free the police so they can do other things. Cameras are also useful to stop people from running red lights, speeding, etc., and are in ever-increasing use in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere. They are a good thing. They save lives, and they allow the police to work on more important things.

2) The owner or renter of a car is responsible for paying the fine for any violation - whether still or moving. My understanding is that penalties such as points on your driver's license are not imposed for moving violations caught on camera, because the identity of the driver must be established for that. But fines are the responsibility of the owner or renter, regardless of who is driving at the time of the violation.

3) Being a scofflaw is risky. Violating a traffic law is one offense. Not paying a fine is a separate offense, which is often treated much more severely than the traffic violation itself. Obviously if you never, ever go back to Europe (and you have to consider all of the 27 Member States of the EU as if they were one country) there isn't much chance that you will dragged up before the bar of justice for not paying a parking ticket. But it is conceivable that a warrant could be issued for the arrest of somebody who has failed to pay any fine - whatever the underlying offense. It is simply idiotic to run such risks by avoiding payment of a 100 euro fine - or two or three of them.

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25. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

<<(none of them however is Florence as we know how to keep out of trouble there)>>

I was not actually IN Florence. I know better to drive in the city but I was visiting the Medici Villas that day in the area.

I have no reason to doubt that I was the one driving when the photo was taken. The time and date corresponds to when I was in the area and matches my photos taken that day. So I will pay the fine and not consider myself a sheep or giving up any rights which I may or may not have in a country which is not my own.

<<Uh, that is what AMERICA is all about. Remember?>>

My American rights have nothing to do with Italy.


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26. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

>>My American rights have nothing to do with Italy.<<

Tell that to the State Department. They'd be quite surprised.

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27. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

Can anyone provide a link to a good printable map of the zlt zones in Florence?

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28. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

It's not really printable, but this is the only official one that I know of: https://ztl.comune.fi.it/tzi/index.jsp

Note that you do not have to logon to see the ZTL maps: just click on an area of the small map to see a larger version.

Even if you have a map, my strong advice is that you should not attempt to drive into central Florence at all. The one-way systems are confusing and it is easy to drive into a prohibited area by accident. Also, even outside the ZTL areas, there are bus lanes which also are policed by cameras.

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29. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

Dutchfemale -

Take Nicks advice. the thing is that the signs are not always "in your face" and easily missed especially when confused/lost/under pressure in unfamiliar surroundings. The signs are various variations of the picture of TABARRET above. Sometimes it is only the white circle with red border "lollipop" (which is the original type of sign and used all over Europe - got one round the corner from my house) which can be old and often on obscure side streets. I''ve seen them battered (as if been hit by delivery lorries) and I have even seen them obscured by overgrown trees in the summer or even local delivery lorries. Also seen them high up on building sides on wide roads - as Nick pointed out easy to miss. You also have the more modern ones which are still the lollipop but additionally have large warning signs underneath with more ZTL info and an electronic controlled info board..

The oneway system is also an issue. Many of the cities old centres have oneway systems and once you are stuck on them you are stuck heading for the dreaded camera.

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30. Re: Traffic ticket scam in Florence

hi everyone

in regards to the charge by the rental company that they put on your credit card for providing your information to the police. you can fight this, just call your credit card company and explain politely, if that does not work, be more forceful. we got the fee for all 3 tickets refunded. i am still not sure what was our traffic violation for 2 of the tickets, they did not explain this on the tickets. for the other driving in a non driving zone, i am not sure what the sign looks like advising not to drive in certain areas. we will do more research next time.