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Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

Ridgewood, New...
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Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

He has a travel show on radio and podcast. Last week he was giving his opinions about TA hotel reviews. He claims they are all fabricated that people are paid to post good reviews.

Now I am not sure about other cities as I mostly stay in a hotel in Amsterdam only.

But I have found the reviews to be both positive and negative.

It is very difficult if you have budgetary considerations. Take for example I have just booked at the Kyook hotel. Now I understand as someone says it is not the Ritz. And there are negative posts there but my main concern is the cleanliness and there are only good things on that. the main negatives are the small shower and the only 1 bathroom per floor. Admittedly not a great thing. but I believe I will be ok. (haha no not outside haha )

THe problem is that I am looking at Jan 1. week and everything is locked up. I feel lucky to get this room at $40 per night with a breakfast. the nearest one would be $60 so why look for trouble. but my point is, why is frommer speading these lies about the reviews. I have seen the good and the bad. I understand what I am getting into. is it strictly a competitor web site? i would be surprised as he positions himself as a sort of patriarch of the industry.

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Haarlem, The...
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1. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

I agree that it's strange that they would say that. Of course there are some fake reviews on TA but most are real. As you say you have to read the reviews and judge them on the things you find important.

Some people give a hotel only 1 "point", but when you read the review you see that they are complaining about ridiculous things.

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2. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

It does seem a little strange for him to be claiming that all reviews are fake. I do believe that TA is aware there is a problem with fake reviews in the system but it is a massive problem and where do you start in resolving it?

Nashville, TN
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3. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

Darn I've never received any checks for the reviews I"ve posted. Probably lost in the mail.

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4. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

the guy is totally wack...its arrogance...in his mind "expert" reviews from the likes of himself, or rick steves are the only ones that count...reviews from the great unwashed masses, on a free forum no less, are to be ignored...and if people consult free tripadvisor for advice they will not be buying their guidebooks.

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Long Beach, NY
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5. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

There are currently 63 Amsterdam hotels reviewed on Frommer’s website. Has Arthur Frommer slept in all 63 hotels? (I doubt it.) Does he have assistants? Are they paid or volunteers?

How often are his hotel reviews updated? There’s no mention.

For Arthur Frommer to claim all of Tripadvisor’s hotel reviews are fabricated and TA members are paid to post good reviews indicates how desperate he must be for travelers to listen to him.

Ontario, Canada
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6. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

I never got paid for my review LOL

Kerikeri, New...
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7. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

Although i dont always agree with the actual ratings on TA in regards to number 1 etc, it does mostly give a good idea of what to expect ( if there are enough reviews) . Most hotels i have stayed in have pretty much been as the majority of reviews have stated on TA.

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8. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

At the end of the day, all TA reviews are subjective and should be used as a guide, rather than absolute fact, As sunmagic said, TA are aware of fake reviews being posted but they take as much care, as they can, to make sure all the reviews are genuine.

I'm off to Amsterdamon Thursday and have read many reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions but I use these to make my decisions about where to stay, or what to do and if I have any bad experiences then that is down to me and I would not blame any other person just because I did not agree with their review.

I reckon Mr Frommer is just annoyed that more people take notice of TA than of him.

Steamboat Springs...
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9. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

Arthur should have totally retired several years ago. Most of his personal writings are now wildly out of date, completely wrong or irrelevant or just ramblings.

I suspect the company put him out to pasture in blog land and away from the main part of the enterprise where he can do little harm to the company. In his day he was an excellent travel source but that time seems to have passed.

The company sites are still one of the places I regularly check.


Tilburg, The...
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10. Re: Arthur Frommer is really wacked about TA reviews.

An underlying issue is that TA reviewers do not use the linear approach of most travel guide writers.

To put it objectively: not all tourists are the same. On money basis alone, there are many different groups of people. Someone travelling on a € 400/night budget will have certain expectations about a € 400/night hotel and a misplaced pillow or too-much-of-an-accent conciérge might yield already a lower review score.

This person would never even look after a € 140/night hotel that doesn't have a concierge or business center or in-house spa/gym, but whose characteristics and quality might yield a 5/5 review from a couple whose travel budget is € 120-150/night.

Therefore, my bet is that hotels on TA (not only in Amsterdam) get higher reviews when they are honest and deliver on what they promise, and are patronized by the "right" crowd. Even hostels get nice reviews from travelers going on very-low budgets and not minding the bunk beds and common showers.

This is actually a good development. A trip based on € 500/night is out of my reach. I'd not go for shared bathrooms either. But within my price range, I got experienced to weed out, usually, the bad reviews of those who merely stayed in a place that was not meant for them (like complaining about "lack of assortment" on the fridge).