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Goldcar Hire

Dublin, Ireland
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Goldcar Hire

Can anyone advise where in Faro Airport the desk is for Goldcar. I have booked a car through CarHire 3000 a UK Company and see it is going to be supplied by Goldcar - have I done the right thing?

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1. Re: Goldcar Hire

I originally booked with Goldcars for a trip in September, however after reading not so favourable reviews on this forum I have cancelled and rebooked with Luz Cars

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2. Re: Goldcar Hire

Desk is in the car park just outside the terminal. Hired a care at Faro airport VW Polo 1.2 Bluemotion). Charged 92 euros for fuel (ie 50% surcharge on local rates and fuel station visible from rental office). With the car excedding 60 mpg impossible to use a full tank of fuel in short visit so double rip off. Hired through Travel jigsaw and policy not clear until voucher is received once full payment made so not at all transparent. In future will pay more for car and ensure full/full policy available. Recommend avoid. See other adverse comments on Minorca forum.

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3. Re: Goldcar Hire

MUST READ. GOLDCAR HIRE BOLOGNA AIRPORT. I rented a car from auto-europe, (who are car hire agents) I have dealt with them for years with no problem, until now. I hired the car from auto-europe at a cost of £100.83 less discount £74.74 which included everything, however when I went to pick up the car form GOLDCAR you have to pay for the fuel and bring the car back empty (I was only staying for 5 days) you have to pay 58 OR 78 euros,(not sure) no problem, then the girl on reception ask would I like extra insurance at a cost of 20euros, which I declined, she said in that case I will have to pay 1000euros deposit, yes folks one thousand euros, so I had no option but to pay the extra 20euros. WHEN I GOT BACK TO ENGLAND MY CARD HAD BEEN DEBITED 221EUROS FOR FUEL AND EXTRA INSURANCE. Looks like it was 20 euros a day!!! so the car cost for the 5 days 312 euros. We drove to Venice for the day which is 200miles there and back and then drove to Pisa for another day, 230+ miles and still I had a quarter of a tank when I took it back !!!!!. GOLDCAR made the Sunday papers in England last week, “The Sunday Mail” one week after I got back home, regarding there sharp practice. Avoid this mob, cheap is not always cheap. Will never use GOLDCAR.

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4. Re: Goldcar Hire

GOLDCAR - Faro Airport


I booked my holiday through TravelRepublic and paid £90 for a weeks rental. I read the small print and was aware that i would have to pay some insurance when i got there (thinking it would be around 200 euros).

On arrival we had to cue for over an hour (behind what seemed to be other very annoyed customers) we were served with no apology for waiting. I was then told that it was going to be 900 euros for my insurance, which didnt cover everything. Or, i could pay a non-refundable 100 euro premium to waver all the insurance costs. We chose this option as the list was endless as to what is and isnt accountable within the original 900 euro insurance quote!

Following this we then had to pay another 90 euros for a tank of fuel. Other companies that i've used tell you to bring back the car with a full tank. NOT Goldcar, nooo, they make you pay a very expensive full tank and tell you to bring it back as empty as possible. We ended up only using half a tank!! Another rip off.

The lady then looked at me and said "as you are 24 years old you have to pay a young persons fee". I replied with "im 25 years old so i dont need to pay this". Her response "oh, did i say 24, i meant 25!".

At this point i lost my rag and asked to speak to the manager who was convieniently 'unavailable'. I then showed the lady all my paperwork that confirmed it was between the age of 21-24, she then went away into a back room for 5 minutes, came back and said "you paperwork is incorrect, however we will let you off this one time!"


I've never used such a shocking and unprofessional company as this. They scam you for as much as they can and the customer service is appalling.

I posted my review on another website, where theres been nearly 50 reviews from people having awful problems with Goldcar.

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Sheffield, United...
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5. Re: Goldcar Hire

Never never never book with these people

We booked a hire car through them but have always used Auto Jardim for past 16 years

We arrived at Faro Airport with a pre paid voucher on 12 July with all insurances paid for

After queing for 1.5 hours we arrived at the desk to be be told that i had a choice of paying an additional €100 for damage insurance or they would take €1000 as a security on my credit card, also tank was empty and only had enough to get to petrol station in Airport. They do not take cash either so begrugingly i paid €100 on my credit card

The staff are incredibly rude, unhelpful, hatefull and detestable ihave no idea which school of customer service they came from but certainly not planet earth

Auto Jardim if you read these im terridbly sorry for not booking with you and can be assured i will pay the extra to go with you next time

Gold Car sort yourselves out you are a disgrace and you should be extremely embarrassed

Reading, United...
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6. Re: Goldcar Hire

Never book with Goldcar. I really wish I had read these reviews before booking to get a car from Faro.

We also got caught out with the insurance scam and had to pay an extra E100 + the fuel + E50 euros for kids' booster seats that we had already booked (and were told were paid in full). I could have bought 2 booster seats for less than £20. The staff were incredibilby rude and when we questioned the extra charges suggested that we were being rude and we could go somewhere else for a car. This was at 9pm with small children in tow - queuing somewhere else wasn't an option.

Anyone booking for Faro should try Luz Cars , a small independent company that we have used several times before - unfortunately they were booked up this time.

Gold Cars gave us a really terrible start to our holiday. Horrible staff and a total rip off.

Rainham, United...
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7. Re: Goldcar Hire

Please use someone else.

They are a total waste of time.

Birmingham, United...
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8. Re: Goldcar Hire

Please avoid Goldcar, I have just returned from Faro and wasubjected to their scams on insurance, fuel and toll fees

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9. Re: Goldcar Hire

Gold car hire  :-((


I booked through a company I have used for years ( I will not mention them at this time) but needless to say I was not as astute with the terms and conditions as I should have been because of this relationship.......what a GROSS mistake.

I turned up in Portugal (faro airport) at 23:00hrs and went straight to Goldencar hire to pick up my vehicle.  I was told that I had to pay 96 euros (£79.33) for a tank of petrol for a Seat Ibiza which had been allocated to me, I was then told that I would get no money back if I brought the car back with any petrol in it (so much for a Green policy)  and there would be a £14.00 fill up charge, i only normally use half a tank as it is the convenience I pay for not the petrol so I was not happy.

To add insult to injury I was then told that I needed to pay 900 euros (£743.00) as an excess for any damage, the sales rep really laid it on about window damage, tyre damage, a man opening their door onto your hire car and denting it etc and you would lose your money, I told him that I had personal collision damage/excess  waiver and he said yes but ours protects you.

Whilst arguing the points with Goldcar  hire the man next to me told me he had just had to put £1,500.00 down as an excess....that's £1,500.00 he would not have access to whilst on holiday from his credit card.  Another man told me he had just been asked to put a similar amount down and was also disgusted with Goldcar hire's attitude to ripping off  "foreign tourists".

I refused to be treated in this manner, thinking that because they have you over a barrel because you have paid up front and are on their doorstep then you will pay up and shut up.....I did not, although it cost me more to hire another car and I have probably lost the £80.00 I initially paid through my agent, their competition did not try to screw me for every penny...sorry cent they could.

I cannot reiterate strongly enough DO NOT go with Goldcar hire, if you choose to because they are cheap like I did and you have problems, then don't say you haven't been warned. 


Edited: 16 September 2012, 23:18
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10. Re: Goldcar Hire

Used Gold Car to transfer from Alicante Airport to Benidorm.

Although convenient for us, this was still a complete rip off, the bill had no breakdown of what fuel had been put into the car, the assistant advised us they had managed to squeeze 58 litres of diesel into a 40 litre engine fiesta! The fuel + VAT cost aboout £85 in total.

we refused to provide a credit car and paid 30 E for 6 days insurane waiver which to be honest I felt was acceptable.

We returned the car with more than 3/4 tank of fuel. Someone should set up a business just outside the airpot syphoning off the fuel and selling it to return these cars empty. They will be charging the next person to have that car for a full tank yet again naughty!!

The car made some strange noises and was probably not in the best of health but it got us to Beniform and back.

If you are aware of the charges you can manage it, had I not researched it I would

have been VERY shocked!