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Madeira - what is it like?!!

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Madeira - what is it like?!!

Have been to Portugal several times now and love the more remote parts. For years we have kept looking at Madeira but for some reason I have this image that it has no "foreign" character and is just full of Brits on holiday. Any comments? I want to go somewhere where I feel I am in a foreign country rather than seeing loads of Brits eating full English breakfasts. could Madeira be the place for me or not??? Please help!! Many thanks,

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1. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Although It's true that Madeira is full of brits, it is because the island is absolutely beautiful. You should give Madeira a try.

But I think Azores are the perfect destination for you.

In 2009 (I think) National Geographic Traveler magazine rated the Azores the second-best islands in the world. The islands received 84 out of 100 points, being defined as a wonderful place, with buildings in good condition, unspoilt scenery and sophisticated people, most of whom have lived overseas. “The ecosystem—from the beautiful hydrangea-covered hills of Flores to the rock-bottomed bays of Terceira—is in great shape.”

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2. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

If you don't stay at Funchal but in a more remote place in Madeira, you'll find that there are only a few Brits.

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3. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Madeira has a very good mix of nationalities on holiday, not all Brits!! Certainly not ful of English breakfast, thank goodness. It is a beautiful Island with spectacular views, fabulous eating experiences and good walks and a variety of hotels to suit all pockets.

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4. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Yes there are some Brits on holiday in Madeira others as well but not the lager lout type and no British breakfasts. it is a great place to holiday as Flower City says beautiful scenery good hotels eating places etc but best of all its lovely people.If you like wild places there are plenty in maderia why not try it.

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5. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Hi there

Having just returned from my first ever trip to Madeira, I can quite honestly say that there was a mix of nationalities and not a full British Breakfast in sight (at least none that I saw)!! In fact, I would say that lots of the restaurants sell local dishes rather than international, although there were a few pizza places and Chinese. One local dish is black scabbard fish with banana which I thought would be awful, but I tried it and loved it!!

We also done two bus tours to cover highlights of both the west and the east of the island - it is truly a beautiful place. We also walked our socks off every day and only saw a fraction of the place - one week just wasn't long enough!! We loved it!! My advice would be to go and enjoy - I'm sure you'd love it too!!

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6. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Just a small point about the comments of "no British breakfasts". In most of the major hotels you will find serve yourself buffet-style breakfasts that cater for all tastes - from full English to Continental and everything in between.

Agreed, that you'll probably not find a full English in many of the local cafes/restaurants.

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7. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

You can get a full English in Egypt (with beef bacon). It is probably our best ever gift to world cuisine . Egypt is still Egyptian and so is Madeira very distinctive. I have to say I found it a very "easy" holiday and a great contast to our trips to North Africa. Many people speak very good English, changing money is so easy and shopping very familar. That doesn't make it characterless. Scenically it is incredibly beautiful and wild. Yes it is Portuguese but there is a flavour of something more tropical and exotic as well. It has an intense sense of the past that I couldn't feel in Tenerife (probably looking in the wrong places) Yes you can get a Makkie ( shame but there you go) or KFC and yes there is a Zara store but the food is fresh and interesting especially the fish and the enbroidery outlets and wine lodges are very much of Madeira.

You are obviously not the kind of person to stay put in an all inclusive hotel so you'd probably enjoy staying in a Qunita and exploring the interior. Madeira has a lot more varied experiences to offer than many potential visiters realise. It is not just about elderly Brits supping afternoon tea and seriously booted walkers. I enjoyed a neat and sophisticated and relaxing city and shopping from smart European to unique craft. Dining from the rather protentious to the wobbly chair in the local student cafe.

Much as I love exploring the alleyways of Marrakech and the mad streets of Cairo and Luxor, I am equally happy in the steep little streets of Funchal. And my husband says they can't make a decent cup of tea so what price too British?

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8. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

Madeira in November what would the weather be like? We do like walking so not after a beach holiday as such but do love to be by the sea.


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9. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!



Take a look at the above weather site. It gives you the 'history' of the weather in Funchal for November 2010. This should give you some idea of the 'average' to expect. (daily, weekly, monthly etc.,)

You say you love walking and the ocean, if you enjoy gardens and wonderful scenery - you will enjoy Madeira Island.

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10. Re: Madeira - what is it like?!!

thanks i had seen the link you forwarded. Was just wonting to know if anyone been in November what they thought of that time of year.


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