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reasurance about visiting Crete

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reasurance about visiting Crete

We have just got back from our stay in Chania and I have to put this post on about our stay and to put peaples minds at rest as I think there is still a lot of peaple who are worried about the problems in Crete! we have been going to Chania for a lot of years npw and can honestly say that we have seen no change apart from it being a little bit more quiet,infact the shops seam to be lot cheaper than usual I done a lot more shoping than I would normally!! I think its the news papers and T.V. that make everything worse for everyone.So please do not worry about any of the things they have been saying there is nothing to worry about!and dont stop going to greece,we have just booked our flights for sept and have no worries about the currency or anything else!!

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1. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

Good to hear this

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2. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

We have also just got back from our visit to Crete and had a very relaxing holiday.The weather was very hot for June, but we were not complaining.We spent our 50 euro notes without any bother,went to our bank and withdrew money without any bother.It was slighty quieter this year but we usually go in July.The supermarkets were stocked as usual.Overall we found that some of the prices were the same as last year or sometimes slighty cheaper.We prefer to go away from the sea fronts and use tavernas in the back streets which are usually cheaper anyway.The only thing that was expensive was fuel at 1.75euro per litre.Take no notice of scare mongering about crete,go visit and enjoy.We have already booked to go back again and have booked our hire car with europeo cars.

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3. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

That's great to hear,

Would be a good idea if everyone that uses this forum would take the time to write a wee post regarding this subject on their return from Greece and the islands to put peoples minds at rest.

Fair play to you.

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4. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

At last some truth about what is happening! Here is the e-mail that we send from our hotel to all the worried travellers!:


I and many other hotel owners have received many questions regarding the crisis and the fears that if banks will go bankrupt, guests will be unable to withdraw money. This e-mail has the purpose to dissolve the myths regarding what will happen if Greece goes bankrupt. I studied modern history in England, and I have 2 Masters from England on politics and history. I can talk for hours about the crisis. But don't worry I won’t.

At the moment everything is normal. There is cash in the cash machines, all tourist offices/companies/hotels accept credit cards, Niriis also accepts Visa and Mastercard. I hope I put away the fear that the global media cultivate. Yes we are in a bad situation, Greeks don't have money, unemployment is high, but its not as bad as they show it. Media want to sell stories and support the interests of big companies, so they exaggerate a little bit.

Most hotel owners prefer to be paid by cash, but even credit card is accepted in most businesses. If you go to the bank, they will give you money (because they will charge you commission, so they will give you money). If Greece goes bankrupt, you will still be able to exchange money or get money directly from the bank. The banks will not be shut down. The same thing happened in Russia, Argentina, Iceland and many other bankrupt countries and economies. If we switch to Drachma, you will be rich if you have euro or any other currency.

Because of the crisis, some tourist operators try to exploit the need of Greek businesses and have withheld payments, which will be done after Greece is financially stable. In this way they keep the money and earn interest, and in case Greece switches to Drachma, they will pay less money to hotel owners.

The TV news you watch favor the banks and big financial institutions. If Greek economy is bad, banks make huge amount of money in 2 ways: 1) the loans are more expensive (the interest is higher). 2) the insurance costs for the loans increase and banks profit. The loans that are given to Greece are not all actual money. Greece pays an 'insurance' that if we go bankrupt, we will have to pay off all other banks. So we borrow money to insure the deposits of banks and private capital. The insurance costs increase (banks make money) when Greek economy is doing bad.

Plus Greece puts lower the value of Euro, so its cheaper for Germany and France to increase exports (it is cheaper to produce and sell). Non-EU countries want Greece out of Euro, so only the strong economies will be in euro (Germany and France) so euro will go up, and will be cheaper for Scadinavian countries, US and UK to export and produce things, thus better for their economy.

This is my opinion as I was interviewed by BBC: www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18153789

An interesting documentary is Catastroika (or how Greece's assets are already sold): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RORPpFL21dM

Big companies profit in Greece by the lack of control over monopolies, that’s why petrol prices in Greece are the second highest in Europe after Norway (1.85 euro per liter in Greece). Supermarkets (e.g. Lidl) and other companies have higher prices in Greece than central Europe. Yes, transport costs are higher, but for example you can buy tomatoes on Chania street market for 0.25 euro per kilo, when its 2 euro in the supermarket.

I can talk for hours about the crisis. Its our fault, but banks, IMF, World Bank and big businesses are taking advantage of Greeks and it makes me angry. Please spread this different view on the crisis.

In any case, have a great time in Chania and Greece!

Knowledge is power.

Have a great day!


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5. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

I was just investigating possibilities for a break to Crete later in the year when I came across this thread.

Just wanted to say the best thing we can all do this year is to go to Greece and spend our lovely money there ...you will be helping to keep people in jobs and stimulate the Greek economy ...and all whilst having a lovely time:-)

Manchester, England
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6. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

I have also just returned from Crete (Almyrida), and really you would not think that there is any crisis in Greece. We found food and drink very reasonable and the people very friendly as usual.

I do think the newspapers blow it all out of proportion. Do go to Greece its a wonderful country I am booking again for September.

Market Harborough...
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7. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Crete in May, the third year in a row we have been here. We had a great time, as usual, friendly locals, great food, drink and weather.The only difference was the number of visitors with tourists obviously being put off by stories in the media/press. If we believe everything we read (other than on TA) we wouldnt be going anywhere, except Germany maybe. If you were/are considering Crete just book it, you wont regret it.

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8. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

Hear, hear! I too have recently returned from 3 weeks in Greece, including 10 days in Crete. I'm sick of all the nonsense being perpetuated so very pleased to add my support via this Forum. The people of Greece are suffering, but they are not inflicting it on tourists; far from it, everywhere I went they were as warm and welcoming as ever. Ironically, as someone who hates being surrounded by other tourists, this is a good year to go to Greece. It was definitely quieter than on previous visits at the same time of year and I had no problems with cash, cards or anything else, with the possible exception of the odd raki-induced hangover, but that's an entirely different story!

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9. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

Excellent Post :-) I have visited Crete in May this year, will be returning in two weeks time, then to Parga in early September and finally back to Crete end of September early October...I will continue to visit Greece and in particular Crete and will soon be booking my flights for 2013 too :-)

10. Re: reasurance about visiting Crete

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