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Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

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Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

I didn't get the september time for my vacation, but tour operators I've contacted said the weather is great. We would be in Greece from Oct 4-16. If anyone has visited during this time your opinion would be welcome. We would like to do the beach in Myconos and Santorini, but if it's too cold or rainy we will postpone the trip for this year and look at warmer options (any suggestions)?

Thanks for any input.

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1. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

We have been in Crete in October & the weather was fabulous!

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2. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

Welcome Durwoody:-) October can be one of the best months in Greece..no one can predict but generally, it falls into their 'Indian Summer' and yes, there can be some cloudy/rainy days..I'd also suggest to head to Crete for your 'beach' vacation and definetely Santorini..it's beaches are not of the 'idyllic white sand' type since this IS a volcanic isle but the waters, nonetheless, are fabulous..As well, this isle, IMO, is a must-see-in-a-lifetime destination:-) You may consider connecting directly to..Chania in Crete for example..upon arrival in Athens..no wasted time since you're at the airport anyway and the flights are no more than 1 hour:-) Check www.aegeanairlines.gr/ www.olympicairlines.com/ You'd be off to a great start and wonderful place to 'de-lag'..You can then ferry over to Santorini and either fly or ferry back to Athens for your finale giving it at least a couple of nights here depending upon your interests..loads to see and do here.. It's always a good idea not to 'break up' the Athens stay and plan it consecutively..saves precious time and assures your return flight back to the States scheduling it at the end:-) Have fun planning and let us know how it goes..Enjoy!

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3. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

I was in the islands in October a couple years ago, weather was GORGEOUS, it rained one half day and that was it. Crowds were mostly gone. Only downside was some shops were closed, but the ones that were open had some great bargains! You should be fine.

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4. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

Thank you everyone for your responses. What a relief. Now I can start seriously planning. Any suggestions of hotels in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and possibly Crete?

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5. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

We were in Rhodes a few years ago for the first two weeks in October and the weather was lovely. There were one or two windy days but otherwise the sun shone brightly all the time. Day time temperatures were in the high 20s celsius (80s fahrenheit) and at night it was warm enough for outdoor, rooftop dining (we stayed in Lindos, which is renowned for this). The sea was also deliciously warm and we returned home with glowing, tanned skin. It was also pleasantly quieter than high season, although some things started to close up during our second week. We also enjoyed the relatively balmy climate at that time of year, neither of us being particularly good at withstanding the burning heat of high summer in Greece.

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6. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

We will also be in Mykonos in October,for 04 nights, and 4 nights cruising on Greeks islands and Turkey and one night in Athen.(From oct 01 to 11) We will be a groupe of 16 people(friends)from N.B. Canada

I hope the weather is good !! I am sooooo glade that Mykonos has great night life! Cause we like to partyyyy. It will be our first time there so that should be interesting !!

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7. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

My advise is head to the South part of the country. No one really can predict the weather in October. In general, weather last 4 - 5 years was lovely, except of a limited 10 - 12 days time, around 2 yrs ago, if i recall correctly, when it was very rainy and windy. nevertheless this was quite an exception.

I 'd say heading to the South will give you better weather for sure. Mykonos is somewhere in the middle of the country and it will be chilly during the night. Santorini is a bit to the South but always a must imho.

Rhodes and even better Crete are the best choices for the season, enjoying 8 - 12 more 'F degrees than the Northernmost areas of the country.

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8. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

Years ago we went the latter half of October: went to Crete because it's so far south. We had one week of on/off rain and one week of absolutely glorious weather; you're probably safe going the first half of October.

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9. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

Greece in October?? Major tourist islands shut down during the month of October. Based on your dates, you should just make it in time, but expect whatever hotel you are in especially in Mykonos to be in shut down mode and your probably won't get the attention you'll be expecting. Grin and bear it I guess??

For the one poster mentioning a cruise in October, bring some dramamine!! The waters in the Aegean are horrific that time of year.

Don't mean to come off negative, but there are certain times to go to Greece for a fun filled vacation. Price wise, you'll do great though.

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10. Re: Greece in October - Would you Recommend or Not

Hi There !

Been to Mykonos in October for the last 10 years or so and we think its one of the best times to go !!! We usually leave the island around the12/ 15 th October and the weather has been great every time bar the odd bit of cloud now and again . They are on close down mode but there are plenty of places to go to eat and drink ! We have always found the sea great for swimming and little or no difference from July. It is nothing like as busy as July is and the party sene is not so good but overall I would not hesitate to go and I highly recommend it !!