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Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

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Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Hi I just wanted to warn everyone about my terrible, near-death experience at the Rote Teufel - www.rote-teufel.at Ski School in Kitzbuhel.

I was taken to a dangerous slope, completely unsuited to beginners, and with a steep drop on each side. Also the bend after a red run finished, so completely unsafe as fast skiers flying around all the time! Nearly taken out twice and nearly put my off skiing for life.

When I complained I was told that Kitzbuhel is not a place for beginners, unless it's your very first day when you can use the baby slope. Be warned though-baby slope is full of small children and no place to practice for longer than an hour at a time.

Do NOT use this ski school. Were it not for another excellent school in Switzerland persuading me to try again, I think it would have put me off for life.

m j
Vienna, Austria
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1. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

well you are writing this a few days ago - so not sure how you got time to go to switzerland in 3 days. I have been ski-ing with the red devils many times and they are great. May I ask - 1) how do YOU know what is suited to beginners? 2) if it was that bad - why the hell did you try again? 3) do you have any concept of ski-ing instruction: you do not want to go onto a nursery slop, but you want to look "cool" up a mountain, and bug the instructoir to take you up, and then you whinge when they do .... please. #$$#. And what is the name of the instructor that said it was totally incorrect oif the other... lets know his / her name as I feel that is pretty unprofessional.

Kitzbuhel, Austria
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2. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

I totally agree with MJ Vienna, I have been using the ski school for the past 6 years, from a very frightend beginner and found they have been nothing but professional, I have never had any problems with any of the ski instructors. I am also curious as to the name of the ski instructor you had.

New York City, New...
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3. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

1 post, 1 post, 1 post.

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4. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Hi MJ Vienna,

I wrote my post on the 14th March at the end of the season. I was in fact in Kitzbuhel prior to this, so not quite sure where you get your silly idea that I couldn't have made it to Switzerland in 3 days! Is there some rule that you must review immediately! It VERY much sounds to me like you work for the ski school!

The fact is that they were dreadful. I was NOT a complete beginner, I was skiing for three days prior to this and was quite able to ski and turn in a basic way so the nursery slope was not appropriate for me. And no, I am not about trying to look cool! In fact I couldn't care less how I look as long as I am SAFE. Which I was NOT.

I am still reeling from the incident, and I am very lucky that I did not go over the edge of the slope and down the side. My parter who is an excellent skier and his friends (all pros) were pretty baffled by why the instructor had taken me where he did.

Maybe I got a bad instructor but he was only half the problem. When we complained, we got told basically that we were just trying to get our money back and that there had been no problem! Which is hilarious given that my partner and I have very good jobs and are hardly fazed by money for ski instruction.

For us it was principle, and not wanting othere to be put in danger.

They are a terrible ski school, with no focus on customer service.

Perhaps (as you probably work there) you can try and improve things, and get me my refund for the second day (which I never took the full day) and still haven't seen my refund.

Munich, Germany
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5. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

If someone indeed from the actual Skischool said Kitzbühel isn't for beginners then why is the skischool running beginners courses ;-)

It is contradictory in terms.

Just avoid Kitzbühel (I know I do as do many others). It plays very much on its reputation

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6. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Just met two girls this weekend who worked at the school 2 years ago! Turns out it is EVEN worse than I thought. They both left because of health and safety fears and how dredfully they were treated as employees.

They said the owners are truly dreadful people, and the famous skier who used to own it sold it to these new people and they are just dreadful.

They also regularly laugh about how they are ripping customers off, and try and get customers to feel worse skiers than they are so they will take more private lessons!!!!!

No surprises to me to hear this.

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7. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Hello sorry to hear about your experience with the red devils ski school .

I am heading back to kitzbuhel again this year. my experience with the red devils ski school was one of fun learning and drinking, however the drinking was without the instructor .

I was a beginner when i arrived i think the red devils have certain beginner instructors who teach beginners they have been teaching at this level for years, appartenally they are excellent thats why i went there .

My instructor was karmen she was brillant and has a great sence of humour .

maybe you could try again and start in beginners i was skiing red runs at the end of the week with comfort hope you havent been put off

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8. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Thanks for your feedback Terry. I think its absolutely true that you can get the one bad instructor, and of course that doesnt mean that all instructors are bad, but to put a student in a dangerous situation, and to overcharge and then forget to refund and to tell someone to basically go away when they complain about levels of tuition, these are the things that I think are worst of all.

Happy that you had a good experience though, and I will try again this year. Just not with these guys :)

Southampton, United...
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9. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

Hi Susie

I was sorry to hear about your experience with the red devils. However I have worked as an instructor with them for the last two years and I think I should clear a few things up.

For starters the school only changed owners last winter. While true the original owner was a famous skier the current owner was a partner in the original business and brought out his share. He is also a bit of an local legend as his father and grandfather both won the hahnenkamm race and he is a well known skier in his own right. He is a very good boss and his management team are also very friendly and as an instructor I have never had a problem with the upper management or been asked to do anything dangerous. As clichéd as it sounds the MAIN focus is safety and you can get into serious trouble if the ski school catch you taking clients off-piste or down slopes they are not ready to handle. Also the school insist on more instructor training and development than most other ski schools.

Secondly the ski industry is very competitive and frankly the attitude the girls described them as having is simply not true as no ski school can afford to have such a crap customer attitude. We are actually encouraged to go the extra mile for clients and that includes free tours of town or helping them pick up their kids and getting them back to their hotel. As for encouraging extra lessons for beginner clients yes that does happen but its just economic sense and its actually safer for everyone else if they are with a instructor and not on steep slopes with inadequate skill. As to deliberately holding people back as a ski instructor this is pretty insulting as one of the few perks of a very low paid job is improving a clients skiing.

While the vast majority of the full time ski instructors at the school are very good people the ski school is one of the biggest in Austria and employs over 300 instructors so yeah there are one or two bad apples (but this is the same for any ski school) and while I'm sorry for your bad experience I don't think its fair to judge an entire ski school on one instructor especially as it is very easy to request a different one.

Please don't take this reply as criticism but being an instructor isn't as glamorous as it seems with long hours and very low pay in one of the most expensive resorts in Austria the only thing you do have left is pride in your work. I would be interested to know some more details about your lesson though such as were you skiing with a group or private? Was it only one lesson or several? Did you go up the mountain or stay relatively low down in the valley? What level did you tell your instructor you were at before the lesson began? and do you remember the instructors name?

Milton Keynes...
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10. Re: Rote-Teufel Review - DREADFUL Ski School

I just want to warn everyone a ski instructor in any ski school would not put pupils in danger. kitzbuhel ski school (the Red Devils ) are one of the best in the

world. I have traveled the world skiing but have spent 40+ years skiing the kitzbuhel mountains.Beginners often tell their ski instructors they are are better

than they are,it takes seconds for an instructor to realize that the pupil needs to be in a different class. ie biginners

I like to know what slope you were on either by name or number or did your badger the instructor to take you down the Strief ( The race track ) that is the only dangerous slope in Kitz. how long have you actually skied for and where

has your experience come from to declare a slope is dangerous.

May I suggest that you take many more lessons before you come off the nursery slope. Know the area you are skiing know the weather forcast

always carry a map.One day you may get stranded on the mountain when

a sudden storm comes in and all lifts have been closed down you may have to sit it out in a cosy resturant or ski down the mountain alone or with others

We have all had accidents we all have stories to tell, It is a sport to be

enjoyed and for the fearless try paragliding off the top of the Strief wonderful.

so don't winge.