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Why all the hate for Marco Polos?

I've got to ask.......why all the hate for Marcos?

I've eaten there for ages, and no several people who have and the only problem we've ever had was a side order of chips was delayed.

One guy on here complained about the pizzas being thin: it's a traditional Italian restaurant, not a 3am Turkish keebab shop pizza.

There's loads about the staff, who have only ever been courtiuos, to me or anyone else I've seen in there.

There's complaints about the portions. How fat can people be? Everyone I know who's ever eaten their has been properly stuffed afterwards.

Some have complained about the prices, well, we regularly have a meal for four, including drinks, for under £80, which is a meal for two in most other places!

So come on, what's the problem? Or am I just to accepting of places or something?

I'm really interested to find out what's going on!