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Live family of three trip report

Norwich, United...
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Live family of three trip report

Hello everyone I was going to wait until we got back home to write my trip report but as I am such a big kid I can't sleep and im desperately waiting to get Dd (5years) & Dw up ( but at 5 o'clock in the morning im not sure they would appreciate it lol).

My build up to our stay had been pretty smooth as i had visited this forum many times reading brilliant advice & trip reports & asking questions as I went so we were fairly well prepared as we had pre-booked our restaurants & Buffalo Bills show etc.Cant thank everyone enough for there advice.

It was all going brilliantly until Saturday morning when my Dd came down with a bug from school! Oh no major panic of sicky child before going on holiday, luckily she is a little trooper & managed to keep happy & bright & fingers crossed now seems ok if a little tired. SO on with my report.

Day One.

Started off very early at 5 in the morning i set my alarm with some lovely Hakuna Mata music (or so i thought my Dw is not a morning person & didn't really appreciate Pumbas tones that early in the morning lol). Our next mission was to wake Dw who still had no idea we were going!! We crept slowly into her room and gently woke her & presented her with a surprise letter from Mickey (one that we had made off of the computer), as soon as she saw the Disney logo she had the biggest smile her eyes nearly popped out of her head! With massive hugs it was time to get going.

We made it to our local train station with a good 20minutes to spare with thanks my mother in law. So we decided to grab a cup of coffee and wait for our 10 past six train to Kings Cross, one slight problem as at five past six my Dw wanted to go to the loo before we got on, which by accident meant we missed our train! Luckily there was a lovely conductor who saw our panic & re arranged our journey (also i had left over an hour & half to get checked in at the Eurostar just in case)and after a swap of trains & lots of micky taking between myself & Dw as i had managed to not pack my Dd her activity bag my Dw had lovingly made we were at Kings Cross.

For anyone travelling from Kings Cross & are a bit panicked by the mass of London commuters suddenly everywhere we found it easiest to head to the far right barriers/ticket turnstile as soon as you get off the train as that's where the conductors are, & double turnstiles too. Then keep right & first exit right to St Pancras international across the road just mind the mad taxi drivers!!

With plenty of time to spare we had an easy check in through customs found a nice seat & waited for our train to be called. I must say how easy St Pancras was to get through with plenty of staff if you need help. Ten oclock came and it was time to board with a increasingly excited Dd again nice and easy with staff pointing the way to our carriage. Bags stowed we sat at our table which was lovely to have as it gave plenty of room for us and would recommend anyone with children to get a table section if you can.

After an hour or so a very nice Disney CM came to find us to sort our hotel forms,park tickets & express pick up.This was a brilliant idea as last time we came everything was done at Disney Express counter which was a bit of a mad panic free for all, i believe we had this option as we booked straight Disney and its worth doing if your like me & my Dw rather over organised & like everything in place so we know what's happening. The trip went so fast and it seemed only minutes went by when the conductor announced "in just a few minutes the Disney magic will begin" again my Dd face lit up. The conductor announced " if you look to your right you can now see the castle" my dds face was glued to the window pointing! Very sweet,the conductor then announced " oh and there's the space ship thing, not really sure what is though!" was very funny.

A jump off the train straight up the stairs to the top floor for the express service where i bags were have to admit grabbed off us and semi thrown into the Sequoia lodge luggage rack but it was quick lol. Then back down the stairs to the village (we did notice the village sign is now down not sure if that is a new redesigned one going back or not). Anyway my dd was off like a shot skipping & dancing was lovely to see after a poorly weekend. Our main plan for the day was a relaxed wander around the main park see a few shops in main st & pop back to hotel for luggage pick up. We had a look around main Street & wandered to the castle my Dd skipping all the way where we saw Goofey signing autograph's outside the castle, we popped in a few shops grabbed a autograph book and started to wander back to the hotel where we saw Minnie in main street! We were very surprised that characters were out as last time we came there so few out & about.

Back at the Sequoia lodge hotel we had an easy check in & managed to grab the earliest breakfasts we could all around 7/7.30 as we knew how busy it could get. We had phoned the week before our trip to upgrade to Golden forest room but they were all sold out so would highly recommend doing that as early as possible. A quick nip to baggage pick up then concierge to confirm our restaurant bookings which took a few minutes as the lady who i booked with got my name horribly wrong but the brilliant Cm on the desk found them and printed receipt to hand to the restaurant staff very usefull indeed!

A quick pop to our room to freshen up and back to the park for our tea slot at Plaza Gardens which again was lovely due to the help full Cms, the food selection was great with plenty of variety for all including pastas, salads, cold meats etc shouldn't be a problem feeding anyone off the buffett there.

After tea our dd was starting to flag so we called an early night to get some sleep ready for day Two!!

Brechin, United...
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1. Re: Live family of three trip report

Great report

I dread to think what I would have been like if DW had been in toilet and we missed our train!!

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2. Re: Live family of three trip report

Yes but he forgot the bag so it's evens lol. Spoken like a true wife!

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3. Re: Live family of three trip report

:) lovely report, love your enthausiasm! Sadly I couldn't book DIsney Express but it looked very easy. I also had dinner at Plaza Gardens btw... and I loved the announcements :) I was out of the train very quikcly otherwise I mgiht have commented it was Space MOuntain...

HEctic moment re the toilet btw, glad that got sorted out! Don't UK trains have toilets in them? I saw some on the train to Watford I think

Enjoy your day(we also had the same breakfast time) I'm now off to the park

Edited: 25 March 2014, 07:28
Norwich, United...
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4. Re: Live family of three trip report

Love that you're awake at the crack of dawn.because you're so excited!

Sounds like you're off to a great start, looking forward to more :+)

Lisbon, Portugal
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5. Re: Live family of three trip report

Loving the live tr so far! I find it funny that you are the one who seem to have all the Disney genes! ;)

Can you tell me how it is regarding average temperatures? They are predicting same averages for our dates.. So just wondering how it feels! Tks and keep writing! ;)

Hopton on Sea...
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6. Re: Live family of three trip report

Brilliant start, and loving this so far! Hope your little one feels alot better now bless him. Enjoy the rest of your trip and looking forward to more.

London, United...
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7. Re: Live family of three trip report

Looking forward to the rest of the report. I think it's a lovely touch on the eurostar, kids faces must be a great picture moment.

West Sussex, United...
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8. Re: Live family of three trip report

This is such a good live tr! Going in 8 days on Eurostar- you're making me want to go noooow :) xxx

Manchester, United...
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9. Re: Live family of three trip report

Loving your excitement, you giddy kipper! Sounds like you are having a lovely time, can't wait to read more.


Norwich, United...
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10. Re: Live family of three trip report

Wow im getting earlier with my reports but as i fell asleep at nine last night ive had more then my usual sleep at home so decided to get up for a little while, & sleep is for wimps lol!!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments we are all having a fantastic time!

SViolets- I have been checking the predicted temperature myself last few days & yes its been pretty spot on ours was supposed to rainy & around 7/8 degrees & it did feel that maybe a tiny bit colder would suggest bringing a poncho to keep the rain off & a nice jumper for the cold.

On th English train problems as we were informed by the very nice conductor they did indeed have toilets on the train, which only added to me taking the mick lol!

Onto day two!

As you saw i was up very early I did let my Dw & Dd sleep in for a little bit but by half 6 I was over excited a tried to wake my Dw up in the most gentle way i could but instead scared the life out of her as she put it "i loomed over her" (she really is not a morning person lol). We had a booking for 7 o'clock breakfast so with everyone up & washed we was about to set off when my Dw remembered we had a little surprise for Dd, so i set off with Dd to breakfast while she got it ready (it was a Cinderella dress we had got without Dd knowing & Dw placed it on the bed for after breakfast).

Down at breakfast was lovely we were shown to our seats by a very nice Cm who drew a brilliant picture for Dd of Minnie, & being such ab early time there was no cue at all, its really worth trying if you can raise the family for that time.

Such a huge selection of meats, yogurt's & cereals my Dd was in her element as she's a little breakfast fiend. With breakfast done we headed back to our room for bags & surprise- soon as she looked at her bed the magic was there again and couldn't wait to get it on & be a princess. We then headed down to the hotels meet & greet point & it was Pluto with a very nice Cm who was great with our Dd & had a very impressive Donald impression. Had some great photos with Pluto & headed for the park to take advantage of some EMH.

Was a lovely walk in (if a bit drizzly rain) as we felt we had the entire village & park to ourselves with hardly anyone around.

Our plan for the day was to spend most of our time in fantasyland as this is the most perfect area for Dd of 5years with all the rides being perfect size & the best scenery & magical views you could ask for.

On our walk down main street we did spot something we was sure was not there the day before there was now 2 amazing flower displays of 3 puppies from 101 dalmatians & 2 kittens from The Aristocats!! Both on the roundabout before the castle ( are these for the new spring festival?) with photos taken we headed through the castle.

We were straight onto Lancelot Carousel with no waiting as we did with the Dumbo, Mad hatters tea cups & Its a Small world with every ride the Cms were brilliant with Dd with plenty of morning princess it really did make our day they really are a credit to the park. We then popped over to Discoveryland for Buzz lazer blast blast with Dd trouncing Dw with over 19,000 points while i swung the car (maybe a little bit in favour of Dd but don't tell Dw!!). We then decided to split up while Dw & Dd headed for Orbitron & i went to Space Mountain which if you love rollercoasters is a must! Though do mind your head it is incredibly bumpy!! I did get straight on a in my own car too! We all then met up & headed to Star tours & straight on again! Must say it was perhaps a tad to scary for a 5 year old but she did well & does depend on child really.

After Star Tours we checked the time & were amazed it was only quarter past ten!! Can not recommend EMH highly enough it was brilliant to get on so many rides so easily. As we had planned for Fantasy & Discoveryland to take all day we decided to slow down & take in some of the sites & wander when we bumped into Goofy outside the castle! With autograph book in hand we joined line/jumble & gace to say Goofy was great at keeping order! ( as we have found as im sure lots of others have that some parents can be rather pushy with children which is a shame). With a very happy Dd we wandered a bit more and saw the Princess Pavilion had a 90mins wait but as the rain was getting heavy decided it was a good time to be indoors. I must say the wait is a killer with so many children & adults cramped together so please be aware & be ready for it as our 90 mins turned into 2 hours. When we made it to the end of line all that waiting tension vanished though as very cheerful Cm chatted to Dd and led her in to meet Sleeping Beauty! Our Dd was star struck she really was, Aurora was great though and chatted away to her giving her hugs and curtsying with Dd was fantastic we got some great photos of us all, my Dw nearly cried when Dd gave Aurora a huge kiss on the cheek was worth every minute of the wait. I tried to be the stern dad after saying our pictures were good & we wont need any if there's...... Until i saw the kiss photo & completely gave in within seconds.

With photos bought we stopped under cover for snacks & plan our next move. We decided to go around the maze then onto the Storybook boat and Casey's train and around to the Snow white & Pinocchio ride all with very short wait most being ten minutes.

After these Dd was getting tired & as it was only around 3 we did a tour of the lands on the train where Dd fell asleep so after our tour we headed to hotel for quick freshen up & put Dd into some warmer clothes for the evening.

We got back into the park just in time to catch a corner in main street near the Station to see the parade (again sadly we found we had to screen Dd from pushy parents who tried shove themselves & children past her but she had a good view & was happy). The parade was excellent with plenty of waves from the characters & plenty of singing & giggles from Dw.The floats really are great and my favourite was the Lion King with the very large Simba.

Parade over we headed for our Buffalo Bill reservation where we watched the great pre show performance with the band & Goofy. We were seated in Green Montana front row. The show was better then i can say it really is amazing how well trained the performers are and horses too my Dd favourite part was the horses going to sleep! DD was enthralled by every thing & we all banged our plates waved our hats & sang along all night long.

With the show finished we were planning to go see Dreams but it was 8 o'clock by the time we left & we had done loads in one day so decided to head for the hotel & get some sleep for day 3.

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