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(very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

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(very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Apologies for the really late trip report. We got back home and real life took over again and I just haven't quite found a good time to start.

Apologies also if I go on a bit. I do have a tendency to waffle.

Our trip was me 35, DH 35, DD 4 (but turned five on out trip) and DS 3. Flying to CDG and staying at Cheyenne.

This was our second DLP trip. We were there when DD was three and DS had just turned two and also stayed at Cheyenne, but this time I was so much better prepared because of this forum. Last time was very much a turn up and wing it and this time we got so much more from our trip.

Day 1

After a late night of packing and double checking everything, we were all up bright and early full of excitement. Our car wasn't booked into the car park til two so it really was a case of just trying to pass time. My little guy had his football in the morning with DH, and me and DD sat and watched you tube clips of parades etc. getting ourselves excited. When they got back we had something to eat and finally it was time to go.

Everything went smoothly checking the car in and getting the shuttle to the airport. We only had hand luggage and our double buggy so once we were through security we had a bit of a wander around and grabbed a sandwich as I knew we may not get something else until quite late that night.

It was all going smoothly until it was time for our gate to show on the board and instead we got the dreaded Delayed sign. So another wander to try and kill time making sure the kids had been to the loo etc and wandered up towards the gates. The time for our gate to be displayed came and went without any further info, so we just tried to keep the kids occupied and be patient.

When our gate was eventually announced an absolutely huge queue immediately formed even though it wasn't anywhere near open for boarding yet, which started to worry me as there is supposed to be priority boarding for families with children under five and I could see no way through the crowds for us with our side by side double buggy. We took the decision to join the queue and see what was going to happen when they started boarding.

Then there was an announcement to say that they were looking for volunteers to come off the flight, which of course there wasn't. They then started offering 100 euros and a seat on the next available flight which quickly went up to 250 euros and a seat on the next flight. They also said that if there were no volunteers, the last 20 passengers who had checked in online would be taken off and put on the "next flight available". At this point I stopped worrying so much, as I had been so excited about our trip that I'd been waiting patiently for the day I could check in online, so I was pretty confident it wouldn't be us.

I decided to go round the queue to the desk and see how the priority boarding was going to work with all these disgruntled people crowded around the entrance to the gate.

As I was waiting to ask I could hear them starting to shout the names of people who were unlucky enough to be being kicked off of the flight. Overheard a few choice words and when one person questioned the "next available flight" that they were offering, he was told that the next easyjet flight leaving Glasgow was Tuesday (this was Sunday) and that it was already full so there may not actually be seats on it. By next available flight they mean the next one with empty seats. I'm still wondering when and how those poor people actually got to Paris.

As soon as I started to say I had 2 kids under five in the queue, the girl on the desk said to me that they never take families with young children off of flights in these circumstances, which although it wasn't what I was going to ask, is good to know. I was eventually told to come round the side of the queue with the pram and after another good half hour or so of waiting they eventually started to board the plane, families with young kids first Phew!

As the plane was boarding I could hear families around us starting to make calls and soon realised they had been booked onto the vea bus which they had no chance of catching now.

I was so relieved that this time we had booked ezyshuttle and knew they checked the arrivals for delays etc. so hoped they knew about our flight problems.

Flight boarded, ready to go.....or not. The captain came over the tannoy to announce that the walkway to the plane wouldn't retract and they were awaiting engineers to sort it. He also said that the plane we were originally supposed to be on had technical issues and the one that had been sent in its place was smaller, which was the reason for some people not getting on the flight.We eventually took off about 8.20pm. I had originally estimated that we'd be arriving at the hotel around nine and after checking in might have managed a quick look at the disney village before bed. Completely out the window now.

After landing we were only waiting on our double buggy as it was hand luggage we had. The cases came and went and a lot of people seemed to be waiting like us. Eventually about 15 long mins later, trolleys started to come up with buggies on them at the oversized luggage desk. Ours of course came up on the third and final one when almost everyone had taken theirs and left with their tired children. When we eventually got our pram it had clearly been treated quite roughly as the clip that keeps it closed has been snapped clear off and the extra luggage strap we'd had round it to make it that bit more secure was nowhere to be seen. Not overly impressed with our first easyjet experience I must say!

In the meantime I had turned on my phone to try and get a hold of our driver and a txt came through straight away asking if our flight had been cancelled as all of our arrival details had disappeared from the info board. Of course this txt had come through while we had been flying and my phone was off so I hadn't been able to reply. A few minutes later another txt came through from John saying that our flight details had reappeared and that he'd tell the driver to turn and come back for us. All this had happened while we had been in the air and never was I more relieved when we walked out to see our driver standing there with our name on his sign. I apologised to our poor driver (I can't remember his name after all this time but he was very nice) for his wait. He told me he'd waited for two hours for us before they'd come to the conclusion that our flight must have been cancelled and he left. Only to get a phone call from John telling him the flight details had come back up and to come back for us. They must have had about as much info about our flight on their side as we'd had on ours (not a lot). I cannot recommend ezyshuttle enough. I suspect that other companies would have perhaps given up on us.

Such a relief to get to the car although I felt bad when a saw it as I didn't realise how big it was and we could have easily taken a couple of the stranded people with us who'd missed their vea bus and I would have offered, had I known we had the space. I think though, with the mix up with the flight and transfers there were a few extra drivers being sent to pick people up from what I could make out. Immediately the kids both fell asleep before we'd driven out of the airport and I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the excitement of pulling up and the hotel. Almost exactly at midnight we arrived and having read on here that ezyshuttle won't accept any tips, I sneakily folded an extra twenty euros into the money I handed over because in my opinion he deserved a tip and more. I could have kissed him when we finally arrived.

We walked into reception, closely followed by a poor mum on her own with a wee one in a pram and another young child, who I recognised from waiting to board our flight all those hours ago, who had just got out of a taxi. I felt really really bad that we'd had the space had I known.

Quick check in as no-one else was there (got 7am breakfast slot yay) and to our room which to my delight was really close to reception and on ground level. Poured my poor little dude out of the pram and onto the bed. He was so zonked that he didn't have a clue we'd arrived. Even changing him into his jammies and putting him in bed he never stirred at all. DD on the other hand found a new lease of life as soon as she saw the cowboy bedroom and I had to bribe her into her jammies and bed. I had emailed a few days before we left as it was dd birthday while there and I wanted to chance my arm for fairy dust (and to request a kettle). We had a kettle in our room on arrival and also a lovely welcome note, a couple of bottles of water with mickey cups and some chocolate coins :o)

DH collapsed onto the bed and was soon fast asleep but I really wanted to get unpacked and organised to save us time the next day. I packed our bag ready for the park in the morning and eventually got into bed somewhere after one. So happy we were there.

A very long and eventful day but with a lot of wasted time and waiting about. This has def made me think about the option of arriving a day earlier to make the most of the first days tickets, and perhaps staying offsite next time. I feel like i'ts all been a moan so far but it gets better, I promise.

Well i've not got time to write any more as I'm about to go to work and I feel like i've written a book already and we've not even hit the parks yet :o/ I did warn that I waffle!

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1. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Wow, that's one of the most stressful arrivals I've read in a TR.

I'm so glad to hear that ezyshuttle waited for you, they sound excellent.

Those poor people who couldn't get on the flight!

Hope the rest of your trip was amazing x

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2. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

What a stressful flight. I have to say i do love it when someone starts a trip saying the tend to waffle. I love waffle and details as i am sure lots of others on here do 😊

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3. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Don't apologize for the late report, I was there from the 24th-27th so look forward to reading about those days again.

But what a journey you had! I hope those poor people still got to Parism, and whilst I'm glad you arrived its not very nice that it was so late. Hurrah for ezyshuttle btw!

(btw ai love to waffle as well, and those are my favourite reports to read)

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4. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Oh my gosh, how gutted would u be getting forced to go on another flight! Relieved you got there thow!

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5. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Loving the detail Carly! I too realised that it's best to arrive the day before, noted for next time. I'd like to go next March as DS (who starts school in September, boooo!) has an inset day so your trip report has come at the right time for me :)

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6. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Oh my word, the stress! Thank goodness you all arrived eventually and hooray for Ezyshuttle!

Really looking forward to more!

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7. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

It certainly was quite a stressful day but the knowledge that you are on the way to disneyland really helps haha.

Ezyshuttle really saved the day. I won't be transferring any other way in the future. It's certainly the best option for us. I highly recommend them.

CCA_UK My dd starts school in August so that's us now stuck with busier school holiday times as well. Looking at maybe October 2015.

Glad the waffling isn't putting anyone off.

Day 2

Bit of a restless night after the long days travel. DS was awake a few times through the night crying, I think just from being overtired. I'd set my alarm for six am (with a bit of an "are you mad" thought going through my head) and when it went off I was the only one who even stirred. With our bag packed for the day and the kids clothes already laid out I decided to let them have an extra wee ten mins in bed while I jumped in the shower. I have a feeling that I might have been the first person awake in the hotel that morning because the water took ages to heat up and I had the horrible thought that I was going to have to have a freezing shower. Hot water came through eventually and when I came out DH was awake.

Just loved the look on DS face when he woke up and realised where he was. He'd been so tired the night before that we couldn't even wake him to tell him we'd arrived. I have a photo of him lying on the bed when we first walked into the room all wrapped up with his jacket, hat, scarf and gloves and sound asleep. He was so excited to wake up and see the cowboy room. Although we'd stayed there before, he'd only turned two a month before and didn't remember it all.

It was the day before DD birthday and I'd brought a wee present for her to open this morning because I had cafe mickey booked for lunch. A wee minnie dress up set I picked up from asda. Really cute little spotty skirt with matching ears and minnie gloves. (The gloves were way too big and fitted me so we left those in the room). I forgot to mention that before we'd left home, as dh was getting the kids and bags in the car, I ran back in and but banners etc up in the living room and laid out her birthday presents for her to see when we got back. I couldn't take much for her present-wise on our trip as we travelled with only hand luggage and one of the things she'd asked for was a tv for her room haha. She wanted to dress up straight away and we headed for breakfast for about five past seven.

I was so glad we had the early breakfast slot because very soon after we got there is started to get really busy. I don't remember it being as busy as this on our first visit which had been mid september. I think we must have been really lucky the first time as the weather was great and we ended up with a quiet week, as I thought the queue's for things this time, although still very reasonable, were bigger in general. I thought before we went, that March would have been quieter than September for some reason.

I filled up mine and dh travel cup with hot chocolate. Another tip from here and really helped to have it on those cold mornings.

On the way out of breakfast I decided to double check my ADR's just incase. I'm glad I did. She had a bit of trouble finding us. Turns out that although i'd spelled out my name on the phone when i'd booked, they'd picked up the a's in my name as e's. We'd booked cafe mickey for 12 and Auberge for 1pm the next day with a birthday cake. She had DD down as being a boy named Eden (her name is Erin), so was very glad I'd double checked. Would recommend doing so just in case. Popped into the cheyenne shop for autograph books next. DD chose a princess one (of course) and DS chose toy story.

We were finally on our way to the park. We are walkers and didn't end up getting the shuttle at all this trip. It really is a lovely walk and shorter that I remembered from our first trip. What a great feeling heading toward the entrance and seeing the big pink hotel. It looks so grand. One day maybe.... (well I can dream)

Got our first glimpse of the castle and seeing the kids wee faces is just priceless. They were so excited and were enjoying the freedom of running about in the open space so much that by the time we stopped at the bandstand to take pictures at the top on main street they'd fallen down five times between them already.

We headed down and through the castle taking everything in on the way. Before our trip, the kids had decided that the first thing they wanted to do when we arrived was go on buzz, as it had been the favourite on our last trip. They'd been talking about it forever. So we headed there only to find it closed. The best laid plans and all that. Haha Chained the pram to the railings opposite buzz anyway and had a wander. We decided to go on orbitron instead, which we all enjoyed. Came back to see if buzz was open yet and it was still closed so we decided to head to fantasyland. Just as we were approaching the pram to unlock it, from seemingly nowhere sprinklers appeared and started watering the grass and our buggy. What a laugh trying to get it unlocked and away without getting soaked ourselves. So maybe something to think about for anyone leaving their pram there. lol. I think the sprinklers must actually come up out of the grass because they were nowhere to be seen later when we looked.

We went on snow white which somehow we completely missed on our first trip, the teacups and IASW. Must admit I felt quite pleased with myself when we took the right hand lane in IASW and completely bypassed the queue that was there and walked straight on. All my forum reading/picking up tips was paying off already. Although I felt as though I was doing something wrong by walking straight past the people who were standing there already queueing.

Stopped for a quick loo break and a look in some shops. Interestingly, while I had the kids in the loo, a CM stopped to talk to DH. He was doing a survey about wifi in the parks, so it might be something they are considering for the future.

We walked back to see if we could get on buzz yet. It was finally open and the queue time said 20 mins but to me it looked a lot more and I didn't want to risk it as we were getting closer to our lunch booking at cafe mickey. Decided on naultilus, which is something else that I didn't even know existed from our first trip, until I started reading trip reports. Not sure how we managed to miss so much our first time. I thought naultilus was ok but loads i'd rather do before I did it again.

Leasurely walk over to cafe mickey for our 12 o'clock booking. It was great! We didn't do any character meals on our first trip but I had walked past cafe mickey a few times looking longingly in the window. DD is usually quite timid with any life sized characters, and is only just starting to come round to the idea without clinging to me. The main reason I booked cafe mickey for lunch on our first day was to try and get her excited about the meet and greets so she wasn't missing out the rest of the holiday by being too shy. In at the deep end really! (Cruel mummy) I also had auberge booked for her birthday and knew if she didn't come round to the idea it would be a big waste of money. I was so proud of her this holiday as she seems to have lost her fear. Sometimes a little star struck but definitely not scared like she was before.

We did it the cheap way lol, by ordering a garlic pizza bread and two pizza's between the four of us. It was plenty of food for us all and we didn't finish it. I had planned on getting a dessert for the kids if they wanted one but a little girl at the next table had a birthday cake and kindly offered them a slice. I loved the way they do birthdays in there. There were a few while we were in and the cake was always accompanied by at least two characters, sometimes more. The cm's were very lively and got the whole cafe clapping along.

The first to come out was goofy. Ds (usually very bold) went shy and I have a lovely picture where he was refusing to look at goofy and was sat with his elbows on the table and his chin rested on his hands and goofy sat beside him in the same pose. Makes for a sweet picture, even if he's not smiling. We all got pictures and after that the kids were slightly less starstuck and were getting excited about who would appear next. We saw gepetto and then daisy duck. DD was delighted about daisy. Next was mickey and I almost cried at the sight of ds giving him a huge hug. DD was over the moon when mickey pointed out her minnie outfit and even more so when he wrote "to minnie" in her autograph book. She hasn't stopped going on about how mickey thought she was the real minnie. Next we had chip and dale who really are cheeky chipmunks. DS thought it was hilarious that they were trying to steal his pizza. It's the little moments like that, that really make the memories for them. It's one of the things that DS tells everyone who asks about his disney trip. After that goofy and gepetto came back around before we left. Cafe mickey was def somewhere i'll be visiting again. For us it was one of the highlights of our trip and I was impressed with the birthday celebrations in there too. I suppose it will depend on the cm's on duty but ours were fun.

By this time I could see the kids were shattered so we decided to put them in the buggy with a blanket and just have a walk around to see if we could get them to nap. We visited the lego store and had a wander in the village. DD fell asleep but not a chance with DS. We walked back into the park and dh and ds went on star tours while i sat with dd asleep in the pram and enjoyed a bit of winter sunshine and tried to note down everything we'd packed in already. Just after ds and dh had walked away I looked up to see darth vadar walking past. He was very tall. He must have been doing a meet and greet somewhere near star tours. A bit gutted for the boys that they'd missed seeing him by minutes. I tried to get a picture for them but by the time I was organised with my camera, all you can see is the top of his helmet in the distance in a crowd of people. haha.

I did see a few random meet and greets and characters around on our trip although we didn't stop for them all. For this day in my notes i've written that we saw Goofy, Minnie and a chipmunk together, Pooh (I think this might have been at his meet area though), and pluto and a chipmunk together. Just in the right place at the right time to spot them I think.

DH and DS came off star tours and DD was still asleep so we had a look in some of the main street shops and peeked at some tiara's in harringtons. Was thinking of getting her one of these for her birthday. She woke up and we tried some on. Very lovely and reasonably priced too.

We decided since they were both awake again we'd finally try and get on buzz. Headed over. Parked up the pram. Looked at DS.....sound asleep!!! :o/

DD decided she wanted to go on the carousel with her daddy so we headed that way and saw goofy doing another meet and greet by the castle. After that DS was still asleep and we decided to head up to IASW again, but when we got there it had broken down :O(. I noticed at this point that it was about 40 mins until the parade started and we decided to get a spot just opposite the gates at the very start of the parade down by the side of IASW. Gave DD a little snack from the bag which must have set off some sort of alarm for DS coz he woke up for a snack too. The boy loves his grub.

What a great spot to watch the parade. We got some amazing photo's. The floats are going nice and slowly as they are just starting and you see them face on as they come toward you and then the side as they turn. I wanted to have at least one time on our trip where we waited for a really good parade spot. Although I knew we'd see it again, I didn't want to have the kids waiting too long in the cold every time. Glad we'd got such an amazing view and could tick it off the must do list.

As we'd caught the parade right at the start, we spent the next while doing rides while it was less busy. Starting with IASW as we were right next to it and it was up and running again, right hand lane again of course ;o) thank you forum posters. The carousel, this time with all of us as DS missed it before, tea cups and pinnochio. We hadn't done this on our first trip as I didn't realise it was a ride. I thought it was a meet and greet and DD would have freaked out on our first trip. Somewhere in the day I know we also went to see the dragon under the castle which the kids had loved last time but for some reason were a bit wary this trip and both asked to leave. They never wanted to do this again on the trip. We also went upstairs to see the sleeping beauty story in the castle for the first time which my little princess mad dd loved.

It started to get really cold and with plenty of days left to catch it, we decided to skip dreams that night.

We ate at macdonalds in the village and looked in world of disney store. Got DD a wee minnie toy set and some chocolate coins to open next morning. Somewhere along the village DS chucked his hat and gloves out the pram, so we had to backtrack to try and find them. They'd been cuddling lots of soft toys and we'd been in and out lots of shops so it was a bit of a struggling checking everywhere. We eventually got his hat and one glove. The other was lost forever. Luckily i'd taken spares but they'd been the coziest ones.

Back to the room and got kids washed and into bed. I sorted bags for the next day and put up balloons and birthday banners that i'd brought from home ready for dd's birthday in the morning. Wrapped up her little minnie set and got to bed absolutely knackered.

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8. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

So glad you had such a lovely first day Carly, especially after the stressful journey. Looking forward to hearing about your DD's birthday!

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9. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

I'm gonna try and keep it a bit shorter because I think my trip report is in the running for the "most waffling in one place" award haha.


DD's fifth birthday. Alarm set for six again as I really wanted us to get the most from our trip and didn't want to miss EMH if possible. Really hard to wake the kids up this morning though. Shouting their names and even tickling their feet and they didn't even stir. Eventually they woke and dd opened her little gift we'd sneakily bought her the night before and opened her cards from family that we'd brought from home. Got them dressed and to breakfast which again was very busy.

After breakfast I took them back to the room to dress up in their costumes for the day while dh went to the garage near santa fey to get bottle's of water for us all. The birthday girl chose her snow white dress which is her all time favourite (she has three different snow white dresses the little diva). Every night after we put her to bed at home, she sneaks out and puts one on. We have to go in later when she's asleep and take it off her. DS who only dresses up when he's in the mood, decided that he'd like to be spiderman today.

Weather a bit miserable with some rain, being from Scotland we're quite used to it and it doesn't really bother us, although glad this was the day I knew we'd be spending a few hours inside auberge.

DD put on her big "I AM 5" badge we'd brought from home and Pink "birthday girl" one and off we went. We walked to the park and got in about eight thirty.

First stop was city hall for her birthday call, which i'd have known nothing about if I hand't read it on here, so thank you again forum posters :o)

We met an amazing cm who I could tell really loves his job. He gave DD her birthday sticker and handed her the phone for a call from mickey. Her wee face was a picture but she refused to tell me what mickey had said to her. After her call he asked us to hold on a minute as he'd like to give her and extra little gift. When he came back he took us to a little room just by the side and chatted away to DD about her age and where she was from, asking her if she knew Merida from brave, etc. He said he'd like to give her a little gift for her birthday and would she like an autograph book, a balloon or a pin. I said to her "well you already have an autograph book, so would you prefer a balloon or a pin" to which the CM said "or what about both".

Well of course DD chose the third option haha. As he was writing out the little slips for her, DS who'd been waiting outside with hubby, popped his head around the door and the CM told him to come in and get a slip for a balloon too. After pointing us in the best direction to swap our slips for gift's we headed into the park sprinkled with some much appreciated fairy dust for the birthday girl.

First thing we noticed was a couple of the swing into spring topiary decorations had appeared in the grassy areas at the bottom of main street. Glad we got to see the beginnings of what looked like a great season appearing. After talking about it for months and planning it as our first must do ride, we finally got on buzz haha. Well worth the wait and def a favourite for us as a family. We did teacups and IASW with a lot of "happy birthday princess" from cm's along the way, which dd loved. We then headed along to adventureland to see the pirate ship. The rain got a good bit heavier and I felt that the surfaces here were a bit dangerous. DH and I both could feel our feet sliding and so we put the kids in the buggy to avoid any slips. They are a clumsy pair at the best of times. As we entered the caves a family walked in and the mum completely lost her footing and went down on the floor hard, landing flat on her back. She got up fairly quickly with her husbands help but seemed as though she'd hurt herself as she had to stand for a minute to gather herself and when she walked away she did so slowly with a bit of a grimace. These areas could do with a change of surface I think. I decided that I'd rather head away while it was so wet, at least from inside the caves where it seemed to be the worst. We headed over the tree house next and to frontierland. DS wanted to go into haunted mansion. I did double check with him as he's only three but he's pretty fearless. DD on the other hand not so much. She's a daredevil in some ways but not with spooky things. The queue was small so we decided just to stay there and wait on them. As we were standing waiting we saw big thunder mountain breaking down. The ride had stopped at the top on the track just before the drop. They had to evacuate the ride and we saw the people being led down and across the tracks by cm's. We had a browse in some shops when the boys came back and then on to auberge.

We were seated in a great place. Right opposite the fireplace, where the princesses and their princes come to dance and by the window looking out into cinderella's carriage. I had the fig salad which I enjoyed and then the braised beef which was fine but nothing special really. DH had the soup and the veal which he said was just ok. Kids wouldn't touch the starter at all which I expected from reading reviews and then had the chicken with the sauce separately, and pasta. They didn't eat a great deal at all but it wasn't really that appetising looking to be fair. I just decided to let them be.

The first princess we saw was cinderella who chatted to dd about their dresses, telling her that her fairy godmother made hers for her and of course wishing her a happy birthday. They are so in character and was lovely to see dd talking to her. DS is a bit of a boy when it comes to princesses but seemed happy to pose for pictures and get his autograph book signed. Next suzy mouse came over. (the mice are lovely), followed by snow white. She talked to DD about them having the same dress and told her about living with the dwarfs. DD told her that she had lots of princess dresses and when snow white asked her if she had a favourite princess, she told her aurora!!! Had to laugh, as snow white has always been her all time favourite! She chatted to DS about being spiderman and I do feel that they pay as much attention to little boys as they do to little girls, despite it being princess themed.

The kids both decided they needed the loo and when we got back dh said Perla had been over but indicated she'd come back again, which she did. I had bought the kids chunky disney pens from ebay with changable colours before our trip and Perla mouse insisted on signing the kids books in purple to go with her dress. She kept giving DD loads of kisses and signed her book "happy birthday my sweet Erin, Perla xxx". She was so lovely. We finished eating and Ariel and prince Eric came over. They were great with the kids too. Prince Eric in particular made a fuss of DS perhaps because there aren't as many boys visiting there. They had a race to see who could sign the autograph books the quickest which ariel won even though as she pointed out to eric she has loads of bubbles to sign on her name and everything. I was impressed with the two of them and they seemed to make a good team. I could see the cm's in the restaurant pointing over and talking and guessed they were going to bring out dd's cake so I quickly told dh to have the video camera ready. (We also saw ariel and eric dancing three times during our visit there so managed to catch it on the video too as we had a great spot for it.) They brought the cake over while ariel and Eric were at our table and then when snow white heard us singing happy birthday she came over to let dd get photo's with her and her cake too. The kids polished off a huge chunk of birthday cake and their desserts and we headed out. We really enjoyed the character interaction in here but I think they could improve on the food. A lot of unfinished plates going back to the kitchen. I'm glad we chose here for dd birthday dinner but i'd probably struggle to be able to persuade dh it was worth a return visit. Maybe if dd had her heart set on it again, just one of us would take her to save money as I don't think ds would be that fussed anyway.

More rides next. Teacups and up to casey junior (which we somehow missed the first time even though we'd done the fairytale boats and they're right next to each other). Quite a big queue for this. Onto the fairytale boats and then a wander around. Got the kids a giant candy floss which was about the same size as them haha. Complete sugar overload after having cake AND dessert in auberge. I realised that with all the rain, the bottom of dd's dress was really wet from walking around so we decided to head back to the hotel for a rest and to heat up a bit.

The kids of course didn't want to rest so they played while dh had a quick nap and I had a hot chocolate. We headed back to the park and the kids got their balloons that we'd forgotten to get earlier. The weather had dried up a good bit so we had a wander around and got a spot right at the front for dreams. I wanted at least one really good view of this on our trip so was willing to wait for it although it wasn't too long before the start (maybe 35 mins) and there was plenty of space. Got some lovely pictures of the castle lit up behind us as it was starting to get dark. Dreams absolutely amazing of course. First time i'd seen i that close but I don't think you miss out at all by being a bit further back.

After dreams we headed for world of disney and dd chose her birthday pin. She chose merida which surprised me actually as I thought she'd go for one of the traditional princesses. Next earl of sandwich and the kids fell asleep in the pram. Too tired to eat much of their sandwich when they got back so dh polished them all off haha.

Bit of a restless sleep for dd, probably due to the birthday excitement or all the days sugar) and she somehow ended up in our bed through the night :o/

Another great day and a lot of happy birthday's for dd. DS got some attention dressed as spiderman too as I don't think they see a lot of kids dressed in marvel...YET!

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10. Re: (very late) Trip report 23rd March - 28th March 2014

Sounds like the perfect birthday, always nice to have some pixie dust spribkled on your little ones!

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