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Swine Flu ??

Godalming, Surrey
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Swine Flu ??

Just had a quick peek at a couple of the other greek island forums and noticed a lot of posts about swine flu.

It seems they are using thermal scanners at Kos to check people as they arrive from blighty.

Anyone know if they are doing this in Rhodes or about to start ?? Or is it just panic ??

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11. Re: Swine Flu ??

No - but a flight attendant or member of air cabin staff might and that may be an area of concern.

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12. Re: Swine Flu ??

I went through the thermal scanners at Athens last month, I didn't notice them but my husband happened to see them, otherwise we wouldn't have known any different.

If you ever look at the Greece forum instead of just Lindos you would see discussions on all sorts of things like this, including this one where a mother was frantic because her daughter was picked out as having a high temperature at Kos airport early hours of Sunday. She got a lot of support & happily her daughter & friend left the hospital today.


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13. Re: Swine Flu ??


Thermal scanners are definitely in operation on arrival at Rhodes Diagoras Airport - as you pass through passport control into the baggage hall everyone has to go through it - no further queues or holdups caused though. Most people probably wouldn't even notice it.

Whilst they can't pick up specific illness I guess it just gives them an indication to look further if someone is seen to have an abnormally high temperature.



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14. Re: Swine Flu ??

I was sneezed on thoroughly by a pig ignorant man on a LHR - ATH flight recently, the droplets were passing on either side on my seat from behind. Along with two other passengers I complained and a stewardess moved us forward and reprimanded the culprit. On a flight to Ireland a young woman was wiping her dripping nose on her jeans with her hand. People without tissues in their possesion still exist unfortunately, despite the flu warnings. Just wait until it gets to winter in Ireland, the authorities there predict ONE THIRD of the population may contract the H1N1 virus

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15. Re: Swine Flu ??

If someone has it on your plane - your gonna get it end of story.The air is recirculated over and over and they do it even more now smoking was banned from flights. The amount of times ive seen folk ill on planes coming home from holidays and then my family had been ill within days of getting home one by one and then you contact friends you met on holiday who sat no where near you on the plane home and they have also been ill with the same, even if they didnt eat at the same places and stay at the same hotels?

Planes are more than likely the culprits.

Yorkshire Dales
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16. Re: Swine Flu ??

For those of you that didn't see the other thread here is what my GP told me regarding 'high temps' and the governments angle on this........

Right this is what my GP says................

He has never known personally or anecdotally of a case of a 'high temperature' with Hay Fever. It is always something else coinciding with the allergy.

So a certificate specifically or Hay Fever is not an option.

There is no such thing as routine testing for swine flu before the symptoms are present, and then (and only then) are anti-viral drugs given.

In short, he says that there is no way the traveler can get a 'health check' certificate to say that they are not a risk, as no-one can predict whether or not they will get 'Swine Flu' UNTIL they are actually showing symptoms!!

If symptoms are present and you are about to travel, then he suggests contacting your GP before you go.

I hope that clears that up! :O)

He also suggested we look at this link............


I'm off to Rhodes in 4 weeks so am keeping a close watch on my health!!!! ;O(

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17. Re: Swine Flu ??

Please read other posts on Kos forum.

From what I can gather thermal cameras are operating across Greek airports, and if you arrive with temperature and flu-like symptoms you WILL be stopped!!

This is actually happening and Greek authorities are taking containment of swine flu very seriously.

You have been warned!!

nic :-)

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18. Re: Swine Flu ??

The recent incident on Kos, with the "Manchester Two", was very traumatic for those involved, but fortunately had the best outcome. Practical help & verbal encouragement from unselfish & kind strangers ensured that Ginny & Sinead are now enjoying their holiday.

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19. Re: Swine Flu ??

this moment more than 300 swine flu incidents have been reported in greece! the vast majority of these are from people coming from abroad!! i know as a fact that 85/100 of these cases are in kos and rhodes airport where many charter flights arrive.. so please people!! if you feel unwell or you are already ill DONT travel!!! you WILL BE STOPPED and isolated in a hospital room!! greece has taken this matter very seriously and there is NO way to avoid the camera!! there is no point travelling and spending your vacations in an isolated rural hospital room!!

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20. Re: Swine Flu ??

No scanners ther 4 weeks ago. personally i can not see this appearing at diagoras airport.