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mosquitoes and air con

Telford, United...
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mosquitoes and air con

does having air con reduce the little gits ,if not any tips without using anything on the skin.

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1. Re: mosquitoes and air con

How do Flash... try Plug in's, vitamin B1 tablets are supposed to work as are garlic capsules. Citronella candles can also help as does eating Marmite on toast every morning inc. the two weeks before your travel. I'm sure there was something else, but I cant for the life of me remember what it was at the minute!

Yorkshire Dales
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2. Re: mosquitoes and air con

Hi. If I can butt in here.

I found that using fans helped enormously when we went to Crete mid summer and there was a plague of them.

We had 2x 6inch fans clipped to chairs on either side of the bed. The little b+++ers found it impossible to land in the turbulence and we were unscathed.. (Morrisons about £7 quid each and lightweight)

Was defo better than AC ! :O) :O).

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3. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I found I got bitten walking round the resort at night rather than in the room! Wore citronella repellant but still got bitten to death and ended up at medical centre being prescribed antibiotics for the infection. Hopefully you'll be ok tho :-)

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4. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I lost count after 100 bites that I can see, my wife as a few less.....we take all precautions ....the sprays, the plug-ins....the apartment is fitted with mozzie nets and air con......mozzies are attracted to moisture...and I can see them in the bathroom......2 tips that seem to be working now......make sure the bathroom door is closed at all times especially at night....and secondly wrap yourself up in the sheet.

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5. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I buy a huge tin of fly spray and give apartment a good spray before we go out and again at bedtime. Used boots soltan aftersun with repellant in and that seemed to do the trick. Also had one of those liquid plug ins, bought airside in Boots. Came home with only 2 bites after 12 nights so seemed to work.

Taunton, United...
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6. Re: mosquitoes and air con

Depends on location/accommodation......we have taken all the above precautions on every holiday, sometimes we have no issue with mozzie, last September in Naxos town we didn't get bitten atall.....we are now in Naxos in a more rural area......basically it's luck.

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7. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I'm a diabetic and the mozzies love me (sweet blood) However I do the following:- Take vitamin B tablets and garlic tablets 2 weeks before I travel and while I'm on holiday. Take anti-histamine tablets daily while I'm on holiday and use 'Autan' repellant lotion spray (no Deet) and use a plug in' the room. Autan was recommended to me years ago by a Greek bar owner in Corfu and I've found it the most effective. All the 'jungle' products do nothing for me - Autan all the way!!! I think I have been biten twice in that last 10 years since I started to use Autan (and that was at the airport as soon as I landed)......Happy Holidays!!

Bury, United Kingdom
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8. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I have glucose intolerance, never linked that could be reason they feast on me.

Word of warning re plug ins. They don't work when air con on. It's on the on line instructions of the boots one. But air con works as they don't like the cold and dry

Also, the wrist and ankle bands work for me. As does Avon skin so soft (original)

Couldn't use deet while pregnant, just used Avon SSS and no perfume and was ok-for once.

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9. Re: mosquitoes and air con


Is it true that mozzies do not like the hotter months ie Aug and the mozzie problem in Ixia is less in Aug ?

Also how bad is the problem in ixia in august

Many thanx steve

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10. Re: mosquitoes and air con

I have always found that the hotter it gets the more mozzies there are.

Went to south of Crete a few years ago during a very hot spell in August and they were in abundance. Got bit a few times ourselves but not as much as many people who were covered in bites that looked infected and were covered in dressings.

The apartment we were in did not have air con so we bought a fan. A lady we met recommended using johnsons off which we could buy in a local store in Makrialos and this seemed to help. We always use plug ins, spray the room before going out at night and never open the balcony door at night until we turn lights off in room.

I now use Avon SSS original dry oil spray which I have found very good. I also use lemon shower gel and lemon shampoo I don't know if this helps or not but if the little devils don't like citronella maybe they won't like lemon scents.

But first thing we do on arrival is go to local supermarket and buy a good anti bug room spray.

Lets hope my theory works because all these remedies take up most of my luggage allowance.

20 days and counting :-)

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