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We are in love with PM - long trip report

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We are in love with PM - long trip report

My family and I just returned from our 2 week vacation. We spent the first week in Puerto Morelos and the 2nd week on Isla Mujeres.

We are so in love with Puerto Morelos I am already looking into going back as soon as we can afford it. Wish we could stay there 6 months out of the year! My kids (8 and 5) cried when we left for Isla, but they ended up liking it there as well, it was just very different than PM.

We stayed at Casita Blanca. The complex was lovely. The condo was perfect for us. The only thing I can say is that I wish it were a bit closer to town. We had a rental car so it was no problem getting around, but I'd prefer to be able to walk and it was just a little too far for that with the kids.

We had coffee, juice and bagels in the town square every morning. We went fishing with Diving Dogs. The captain and mate were great. The only bad thing about the fishing trip was I caught a sailfish and he was hooked in the eye, so after trying to release him for quite a while it was obvious that wasn't going to happen. Not much anyone could do about that. :( I caught the sailfish and my husband and kids caught a few bonito. We were only out 3.5 hours because my daughter was pretty sea sick.

We took a day trip to Chichen Itza one day. It was great, but a very long day. We came back on the non-toll road. It was long, but we loved driving through all the little neighborhoods.

We drove down to Playa Del Carmen one afternoon. The beach was nice, but it was so busy there. The shops, the people, etc. I couldn't wait to get back to PM!

I did the cooking class at the Little Mexican Cooking School. I am very glad I spent the money to do that. I learned alot and enjoyed it so much.

We took the walking tour of the Colonia with Ana. We loved it. Ana is great and taught us so much about the town and the people. We went to the fruit markets, saw the school, the library etc. We had some yummy cochinita for breakfast and went back to the Colonia the next day for more! I wish we had more time there so we could have spent more time on that side of town. Next time.

The last day we went snorkeling in the morning. We went out with the guides that were right at the dock. It was fabulous. The guys were great and we were out there for a long time 2+ hours.

We loved the small restaurants and coffee shops. Unfortunately they were rebuilidng the playground so the kids couldn't play on it while we were there but it was amazing to watch how hard those guys work!

The food was great, with the exception of El Faro. Awful doesn't even describe it. The food was the worst I've had anywhere. I got the carne asada. It had no flavor at all and was so chewy I couldn't eat one bite. The tortilla chips were stale, my husbands enchiladas were tasteless. I am actually happy that I didn't eat anything there because when I went to the bathroom there was no running water! Couldn't flush and couldn't wash my hands. Not sure how the staff was washing theirs. YUCK. I will post a review on the restaurant as well.

We ate at tacos.com, Al chimichurri, I wanna pizza, Cantina Habanero...all great.

The highlight of our trip was the night we went to Cheers Sportsbar/Restaurant. We are huge Bruins fans (especially my 5 year old daughter) and we did not want to miss game 7 of the playoffs. Cantina Habanero said they might have the game on they weren't sure but to check back. Someone at the coffee shop had told us to try the new sports bar/restaurant Cheers. We got there around 6pm and the man sweeping the sidewalk in front greeted us and told us the restaurant was only open Thrus-Sun in slow season but we could go to the bar. We explained that we didn't drink alcohol and really wanted to eat dinner and watch the game with the kids. He said no problem, come in have some coke or sprite whatever you drink. Asked us if we liked pizza and offered to get us pizza from the place down the street. We graciously accepted his offer. They put the game on both tvs at the bar, supplied us with bug spray (the mosquitoes were awful), made little beds out of the chairs for my kids to lay down in when they got tired. The owner, Arlene was the sweetest woman. She went to the store, came back with bags and disappeared into the back. She cooked some kind of pasta alfredo dish and served us dinner. We ended up staying there until the game went into overtime. My husband tipped the waiter/host Ramiro for being such a wonderful host and going out of his way. Ramiro said "I dont' think you know how much money this is". My husband said, "I know exactly how much money that is. Thank you for making our night." He gave my husband a huge bear hug and thanked us. We saw him the next morning in the Colonia with his family. He pulled over and introduced us. My daughter and I went to say goodbye to them before we left and he was telling me how much we made his night. That they never get to eat out but with some of the money he brought dinner home for his family and that was such a treat for him. It is people like that that make me smile every time I think about our trips to Mexico.

Sorry for the long report. I think I covered more than enough but if anyone has any questions I'd be glad to answer.

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1. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

Loved your review and am glad that you and your family had such a good stay.

It's great that your children are learning to be flexible and go with the flow--life (and being in Mexico) is so much more rewarding that way.

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2. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

I too love Puerto Morelos! This trip sounds amazing and I'm glad you discovered how wonderful the small towns and local people can be. I agree that Isla is just not the same. It has its devotees and that is fine with me. Leaves PM less crowded! :) I am hoping that I can spend a full week in Puerto Morelos at some point in the future. I'll at least get a full day there on the next trip.

Thank you for posting!

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3. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

Great review, we did Casita with our three girls 8/10/12 last year and loved it so much we are going back this year. This time to Casita/PM but also going to explore Cozumel for four days before.... where did you stay on Isla? we'll have to find cheers as well...

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4. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

Really enjoyed reading your report Andrea!! Many thanks for taking the time to write so much good stuff!

We will be staying at casa margarita at the end of July. I believe it is just north of casita blanca?

Anyway I'm a bit concerned about your references to Mosquitos in and around the restaurants. Was it only in the evening or during the daytime too?

I know July is likely to be worse for mossies due to the generally wetter weather at that time of year.

Do the restaurants provide the under table burners to help keep the mossies at bay?

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5. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report


I was wondering myself if maybe the mosquitoes are better at certain times of the year? Or maybe they just like my family more than others? We got eaten alive. Honestly, I still have marks on my legs and arms from the bites - mostly my legs. The mosquitoes were horrific. It didn't rain one drop during the 2 weeks we were in Mexico. Actually, it rained for 10 minutes one night but I can't remember if that was when we were on Isla or in PM.

The restaurants we went to they had bug spray (we also had our own which seemed to do no good) and some of the burner things for under the table, again really didn't help.

The mosquitoes weren't there during the day, but right around dusk they started. It still wouldn't keep me from going back!! I am trying to plan our next trip now ;) I'll just have to do some research on avoiding the bites if that's possible. That or avoid going out between 7 and 9pm.

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6. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

Loved your report. Glad you enjoyed your day at The Little Mexican Cooking School.

Had a ball at cheers the other night dancing to an awesome reggae band.

I cry when i have to leave town too....



Casa caribe bed and breakfast

Puerto Morelos
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7. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

Hola Andrea and family,

thank you for the great review. It was my pleasure to show you our non-touristic side..... and thank you for wanting to know more of Mexico.

about the mosquitoes, well they have their lunch time too.... which is at sunset... and they love fresh new blood!!!

there is a cream made from plants, all natural that is sold at the Jungle Spa which can be used to prevent or to heal the bites.

at the restaurant La Choza del Chaman, they also have a mosquito repellent that is made of various oils and plants.... it works most of the time.. but it seems that some people, no matter what they put... they still get bitten, it must be the sweetness in them.

Once again, I am glad you enjoyed your visit with us and hope to have the pleasure to meet you again.

hasta luego


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8. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report


You will definitely see us again! I am hoping we will be back next April. I will touch base with you early in our trip and maybe we can do the walking tour chapter 2. :)

I am going to have to get some of that cream for the bites though. I was wondering if the locals were eaten alive as well or if they just get used to it. The little pesty mosquitoes got plenty of fresh new blood from my kids and me, but they didn't seem to bother my husband!! I told him he wasn't sweet enough ;)

ps...Calleigh took a beautiful picture of you with her camera, I just have to find it on the computer now so I can send it to you.

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9. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

We spend a lot of time in Puerto Morelos and the mosquitoes love me. They don't seem to bother me much during the day but I always use repellent when we go out at dusk. If/when I get bit, I find a Benadryl tablet at bedtime really reduces the itching and inflammation. I also apply 2.5% cortisone cream. It's available in the Mexican pharmacies without a prescription.

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10. Re: We are in love with PM - long trip report

I loved your review! We have been to PM twice but have never stayed there. It's on my list! I wanted to visit tacos.com in April but they were closed so we went to Cantina Habanero. We had been there before when Ed was around but we still love the place! We also went fishing with Diving Dogs. Plan to do it again! The Mexican Cooking School is on my list...I have done the cooking school in Cozumel and LOVED that one too. I am glad you mentioned the tour with Ana, I wasn't aware of that one.