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7 nights in Adelaide in July

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7 nights in Adelaide in July


We'll be visiting Adelaide in July for 7 nights (flying from Brisbane), we're 2 adults in late 30s.

It is our first trip to Adelaide.

So far, we're considering places like central market, north terrace/art gallery, maybe the zoo to see pandas, KI is still deciding, Adelaide Hills, Barossa, possibly Murray River and/or Flinders Ranges.

We may try to go to the AFL game in Sat night (which would be our 4th day) at Adelaide Oval.

We are still getting some understanding and ideas of the areas, and if we could get some advice on these things below, that'd be wonderful.


- stay in CBD for 7 nights or divide into 4 nights/3 nights in CBD and surroundings?

- if staying the same place for 7 nights, would CBD be better(more convenient) base than Adelaide Hills?

- if to stay at winery region for a few nights, would you recommend Barossa or Clare Valley?

*kangaroo island in winter*

- if we only have 7 nights in total and given it'll be winter, should we skip KI this time and save it for next time we can visit in summer? or should we still go even if only for a day or two and won't be able to enjoy the beaches?

*trams/buses/bicycle in CBD*

- would July be too cold to hire bikes? would it be a good idea for sightseeing?

- is many CBD places within walking distance from each other? or should we be getting like a day pass?

*winery regions*

- is Adelaide Hills more suitable for a day trip given its pretty close from CBD or is it more of a place where you should we stay a couple of nights to see all the area?

- if doing Barossa and Adelaide Hills, should Clare Valley still be in the list to visit?

* Murray river and/or Flinders Ranges*

- is it too much/too far to visit these places on this visit? Are these places durable as a day trip?

- if we can only do one of these, which one would you recommend and why?

We're not interested in shopping too much, and prefer spending time outside other than visiting the gallery. We don't mind walking/biking, hopefully in fine weather.

We do have a birthday to celebrate in latter half of our stay, so we are thinking of visiting winery region possibly then, whether as a day trip or over a couple of nights.

Any/all advice and ideas would be much appreciated :-)

Many thanks in advance!

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1. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Welcome to Adelaide :)

Here's some observations and ideas:

1. Accommodation- a 4/3 day split would be quite suitable; if you stay 7 days in Adelaide, CBD or near CBD would be better than Adelaide Hills. You could easily stay in the Adelaide Hills for 3 days exploring that region

2. Staying in a wine region: Barossa or Adelaide Hills rather than Clare. I suspect Clare is a separate visit- it is further away from Adelaide

3. Save KI for another trip

4. Bicycle riding is popular, and the City Council offers free bicycles- the weather should be cool but not so much so to deter you! The CBD attractions are within walking distance and/or accessible by free tram or bus transport. There are good bicycle tracks, and the River Torrens Linear Park allows you to cycle alongside the River

5. I suspect you could easily spend 2-3 days exploring the Adelaide Hills and its attractions, including wineries- you could include a visit to McLaren Vale in that part of your tour

6. Murray River or Flinders Ranges are separate trips I suspect - you could do a day trip somewhere like Mannum, but the River areas are more attractive in warmer weather. Old Tailem Town is another interesting day trip from Adelaide

7. Visit www.southaustralia.com for more ideas!

Bon voyage!

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2. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

You do have a few options -

5 night in the CBD & 2 nights in the Barossa Valley.

3 nights CBD / 2 nights McLaren Vale / 2 night Barossa.

Are u hiring a car ??

Leave KI & Flinders for another time as you won't have time to do all of them.

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3. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Thank you for your advice!

Yes, we are hiring a car for a few days at least. But as our suggested, we are definitely leaning towards saving KI for another time!

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4. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Thank you adelaidiantraveller for your detailed advice and suggestions!

We're definitely keen to do some cycling! Apart from enjoying cycling along the river, given that most of the CBD attractions are within walking distance, are there particular places we should visit that may be too far on foot but accessible by bike?

We're now looking at staying in CBD for 4 nights (as we may go to AFL on the 4th night) and maybe Adelaide Hills for the rest. Will most likely leave KI for another time as advised.

But we're still wondering (rather hoping) whether we can put the trip to Flinders Range... We've looked at this page on southaustralia.com which introduces the 3 days trip to FR with your own car (hired car)


But not sure if we can squeeze that in...

How many days is sufficient to do things in CBD?

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5. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Hi. If you live in brisbane you will find adelaide very cold at this time of year. July and August are our coldest months, so yes even though I encourage people to go to KI as its wonderful, it could be bad weather and limit the activities you could do there. KI has fierce winds and strong currents so the ferry trip is a bit rouh also.

Another factor to consider is school holidays...I think these are first 2 weeks of july, but as you are out and about it wont be too crowded. Winter mornings are usually the best to do outdoorsy pursuits as its usually sunny, then it turns cool early in the afternoon. The hills are much cooler, so beanies and warm jacket are a must, and the barossa is usually 2 degrees lower than adelaide.

if you want to see the river murray you can get to one part quite quickly by going up the freeway - to the hills and continue on to murray bridge. There is a huge old bridge there crossing the river...if you find the woolies and go the street left towards ...go past the hospital, the river there are the river flats with picnic area. As adelaidian traveller suggests you could stop in to see old tailem town, a little further on the freeway. Ask a local for the nearest exit. This is a reconstructed village of the olden days....which would fill up an afternoon. Its about 2 kms before tailem bend, and if you go into town where the servos ...the liberty has good views, and you can drive down to the water near here. Tailem Bend is 100kms from adelaide and you can whizz home as its a freeway. Staying near the hills will be a good base for a day or 2 to see these. Also Strathalbyn is a lovely old town with many antiques shops, more likely to be open later in week. Adelaide hills has its own tourism site.

there is lots to see in the barossa. Angaston has a great lookout over the valley and tanunda is a good stroll. The main tourism centre will give yoi winery visits ideas but just driving around yoi will see them all over. Nearby in greenock there is an airplane museum, and kapunda has the best folk museum in australia. Its open every day from 1pm. Kapunda was the first mining town in australia and has fine old buildings and an old mine to walk around. If interested in that sort of thing Burra further north has a type of museum thats mostly outdoors, you buy a passport and get a key to go to many areas and inside old buildings like the old goal and brewery. Its almost a day outing though as lots to see. You could stay in barossa or kapunda and drive up the back way through marrabel to gey there quicker....so there is my lot...rug up, make sure your car heater works well and enjoy SA ♡

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6. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Another alternative would be to spend 3 days in the Flinders Ranges, if you particularly want to go there, then spend 4 days in the CBD, taking day trips each day

Each of Adelaide Hills (possibly including McLaren Vale or Strathalbyn), Barossa Valley and Murray Bridge / Tailem Bend would be a full day trip, leaving you with a day to tour the CBD- possibly cycling along the River Torrens, or even going to Glenelg on the tram

I hope these suggestions are helpful!

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7. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

July the Southern Right Wales will be here, they travel from the Antarctic to breed off the coast at Victor Harbour.

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8. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Thank you everyone for suggestions and advice!

We are going around and around with ideas.... so difficult!

The 2 ideas we are considering now are;


Hire a car from the airport on arrival (we arrive at 8:40am), drive up to Flinders Range, assuming arriving around 3 or 4pm? Go to Arkaroo Rock, do the 3km loop through the foothills of Wilpena Pound to see ancient aboriginal rock carvings, visit to Station Hill lookout for a sunset, stay the night.

Have the full day next day doing things like the 2 hour return walk to Wangara Lookout etc.

Leave via Clare back to Adelaide on Day 3.

Have Friday night, full Saturday (AFL game at night) and Sunday morning.

Sunday lunch onwards at Adelaide Hills or Barossa for 3 nights.

Fly out on Wed mid morning.


Stay at CBD for 4 nights, 3 nights in Adelaide Hills or Barossa.

If plan A is too unrealistic, we'd stick to plan B and go from there.

We realise you need several days at least to really explore FR. So we are wondering if it's worth the trip if we can only spend 1 full day.

We do appreciate and enjoy outback, but we have lived in quite a remote town for 4 years (where there was only a school, post office and a pub in town and lots and lots of kangaroos and emus and endless dirt roads!),

so we would be happy if we could see the Wilpena Pound and visit some aboriginal art sites, maybe do one big walk, rather than driving open road to have the "outback experience".

The other concern is that we are only planning to hire a regular car not a 4WD, and whether that would mean we won't be able to access most of the places?

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9. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Oh Nurioopta, whale watching is attractive too....

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10. Re: 7 nights in Adelaide in July

Thanks again everyone for all your suggestions so far.

Although the idea is not definite nor concrete yet, after contacting some of the tourist information centres in Adelaide and FR and discussing further, we are actually leaning towards saving FR for another visit, as we feel time may be too limited.

Having lived in the remote town of SW QLD for a few years, we are used to doing a long drive like 7 hours, but 5+hours driving right after the flight from Brisbane on the first day and doing that again the day after may be too much given this is our holiday, and also we feel spending that much time on the road for this length of trip may not be ideal.

We'd love to visit FR but we may have to wait for the next opportunity when we can go for much longer.

So we're now looking at other options of places to go Wed-Sat if we were to base ourselves in CBD. Quite keen to visit Victor Harbor for Whale Watching. And we're looking into visiting Old Tailem Town as suggested.

To do these destinations, we are assuming that we would need a car?

We were going to just hire a car for the latter half (if we weren't doing the FR) and not have a car while we're based in CBD, but do we need to have a car maybe for a whole week?

Any ideas and suggestions for attractions and places would be great!