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Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

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Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!


me and my husband are considering moving to Australia. He has already attended a seminer from the Australian embassy here in Athens, and has all the necessary details for visa etc

The thing is, we have never had the chance to visit Melbourne-the city in which we intent to move.

Could you help us???

Do you happen to know whether:

-It is a safe place for a family? Recently, someone told us criminality rates are high-is that true?

- housing is new or old? Can you easily find a house for rent in the suburbs?

-It is easy to find a day-care for a 3 year-old?


-People who have been to Melbourne keep scaring us telling us about snakes, huge spiders etc even in the city centre....pls tell me they are making fun of us....

I hope my questions are not very difficult....

thank you!!!!

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1. Re: Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

Vicky, I'm sorry to say that this post will be closed as questions on relocating are not permitted on TA's site.

I dare say that criminality rates are lower than Athens and rioting is much less frequent here than in Greece. You will, however be expected to pay taxes ;-} Housing is in most parts newer than Athens (especially the acropolis) and since Australians also have children we have childcare facilities.

Who are these people that are scaring you with there stories. I believe Melbourne has one of the worlds largest Greek communities outside of Athens so it couldn't be that scary.

Hopefully this site will help



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2. Re: Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

Thank you for your info though judging from your tone I can assume there are things I did not make clear in my message...

-When I say "criminality" I mean that there are so many incidents in a n area, that people are forced to own guns, something that is very common in the US, in Brazil, but NOT in Greece. I mean is it safe for a 9 year old child to return home from school alone? I know that in some parts of the US, this is definately not safe. (note: I did not mention riots-riots anyway are not a permanent situation and they happen for a few hours in certain places of the city centre, not everywhere...maybe someone has scared you about Athens...)So. Greeks who live in Australia have told me that it is not safe in the sense you cannot expect not to hear a gunshot once in a while- I have NEVER heard a gunshot and I could never adapt in a place like that...so is this true??

- People today do not live in Acropolis....Greeks are interested mainly for new appartments and most of the people with families live in the suburbs that were created in less than 10 years ago. The reason for making this question is because I had this problem here in Europe, when I was looking for an appartment-most europeans prefer old houses that are renovated. So is that the case? Or there are new appartments?

-The people who told me stories about giant spiders in their living room, were Greeks from a forum in Australia-so is that true or false?

-Thank you about the info about day-care, in some areas of the US I know it is difficult to find one, my best friend from school moved to the US when she got married and she had to quit her job...

I am sorry if my questions are strange....I have heard many lovely things about Australia, but I guess I do not have to ask anything about them...I do not mean to bug anyone, I just want to know what to expect...

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3. Re: Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

Vicky.....Let me assure you that Melbourne is a VERY safe city, it was recently named the Number 1 most liveable city in the world, it wouldn't have achieved that title if it was not safe.

My children have always walked to and from school with no problems.

Australia does NOT have a gun culture, only 5% of the population owns a gun (for hunting or target shooting).Guns are very strictly regulated in Austrlia and actually I have never met anyone who owns a gun.

I can also assure you I have NEVER heard a gunshot in Australia and I have lived in Sydney, Melbourne and in Queensland.

There are many forms of housing in Melbourne from old historic home to brand new modern apartments so you won't have a problem finding somewhere to rent.

Of course like most large cities the closer you are to the city centre the more expensive the housing becomes but there are many beautiful leafy affordable suburbs in Melbourne particularly in the North East and Eastern suburbs.

As for giant spiders and snakes....I think the people telling you there are giant spiders and snakes in their homes are just joking or making fun. I am 45yrs old and have never seen a snake in or near my home and I may get one "huntsman" spider a year in my home and they are totally harmless.

Good Luck Vicky

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4. Re: Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

Australia is a great place to live and Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world.

Yes there are poisonous spiders and snakes in Australia but you needn't worry about it in Melbourne. It's sometimes fun to talk about all of Australia's dangerous creatures (ask someone about "drop bears"), but in reality people are very rarely harmed by them - especially in the cities. Maybe you'll see a scary looking spider some day but I've never lived anywhere where I didn't come across some kind of terrifying creature at some point.

By some recent measures Australia is considered to be the best country in the world to live, and Melbourne the best city (as above poster noted). I have lived there (Australia, not Melbourne), have been back 6 times since, and can't wait until the next time I get back.

If you have the opportunity, take it.

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5. Re: Immigrating to Australia-Questions!!!

I have lived in Melbourne for 40 years and I have NEVER heard a gun shot. As for snakes and giant spiders in Melbourne - if they were here, then I would of moved years ago!! The only place you will see them is in the zoo. Sure there are spiders in just about every house, but they are generally just harmless every day spiders.

For your information, there were 4 Australian cities named in the top 10 "most livable cities in the world". Here is the list: