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road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

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road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

My husband and I have recently bought a caravan heading west first plan to do "the loop" (around Aust Adel>Adel) We have a year to complete this trip. - we will be leaving Adelaide in May head across the Nullabor, via kalgoorlie & onto Perth. We intend on staying in Perth & surrounding areas for about a week & have some ideas as to what we would like to see & do whilst in Perth. From Perth we head North >Pinnacles> Kalbarri>Monkey Mia>coral Bay>Exmouth>Pt Headland >Broome>Derby>Fitzroy crossing>Hall creek>Kununurra then on to N.T. if anyone has done this road trip & can offer any advice,do's and don'ts, "must see's" along the way we would certainly be grateful we have never been to the West (or caravaned before) would like to know which places along the way are 1 night / 1 week "stay worthy"& whether advance bookings are required (we have heard Broome is very busy at this time -May/june) so all advice will be taken on board. thankyou all Susan

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11. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

I forgot to mention the website, maybe you could e-mail them and ask to buy a copy.

www.aatourism.com.au Fax: 03 8601 2222 Tel: 03 8601 2200

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12. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

Well Perthite Ive read some pretty stupid comments on here and some of them written by West Australians- like "don’t waste your time going to the pinnacles its boring". "Careful you don’t get lost going up the main highway from Perth to Broome", "theres nothing at Karratha". I could go on and on.

And unfortunately lots of people do rely I think too heavily on TA for planning advice. I just suggest that people double check what they read here that’s all.

I am very sorry to hear about the bushfire in the Prongorups. We spent a couple of days bushwalking around there a few years ago and it was very special. But I guess it will regenerate in time.

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13. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

Nozzie I wasn't having a go at you. It's just sometimes email can make some comments appear quite harsh. I agree that if you rely solely on TAs you would miss a lot of things but it is definitely a great place to start, I am sure you would agree. As to the Porongurups, yes they will regenerate but there is a possibility that a whole species of bird may have been wiped out. Very sad but somehow it is easier to bear when you know it was started by lightning and not arsonists. Look forward to reading more of your helpful advice on other matters soon :-)



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14. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

Thankyou so much everyone for your replys. I'm a firm believer that the best advice is "first hand advice/experience". We are now considering by passing Kalgoorlie in favour of the coast route to Perth, we think we'd miss some beautiful places if we "cut that corner out".

I have been buying various books, atlas's, maps & checking out regional tourist associations & web sites aswell as chewing the ears off anyone who has done this trip! we had a great day today, visited the Adelaide caravan & camping show, I lost myself in the WA, NT & Qld stalls & came away with an abundance of brochures, visitor guides & more new web sites I even came away with a new fishing rod?? never fished before either (more advice required please - tee hee).

I do intend on practicing towing / parking up van prior to leaving -I understand the importance of not relying solely on the one person to do all the driving - though I think husband might prefer I dont do any driving!!

Thankyou all again-off now to re-read all your replys

kind regards Susan.

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15. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

Hi Susan,

our family of five did this trip a few years ago and had the best time away.

I agree, the bottom part of WA is brilliant and should definitely not be missed.

I thought Monkey Mia was overrated - there were plenty of spots along the WA coastline where the dolphins were swimming quite close to shore.

One of our most favorite spots in WA is Coral Bay - you can just snorkel right off the beach and the fishing is good too (we caught heaps of squid). Also, just north of CB is Cape Range National Park where you can bush camp (toilet facilities) and the snorkelling is marvellous, although be careful with the strong current. We stayed two weeks in the area (CB and CRNP).

Another favorite is Karajini NP - magnificent gorges. I think we were there three or four nights

We had a ball in Broome but I agree it does get very busy. We stayed there two weeks as well.

If you are able Cape Leveque is a beautiful spot, but you would need a four wheel drive and off road van for that trip (very corrugated).

The bungles are a must do as well I reckon.

Kununurra is a gorgeous oasis after all the dry and the melons and other fruit and vegetables are yum. You can just eat the corn fresh without cooking first.

From Kununurra, take a day drive to Emma gorge and Wyndham and enjoy barramundi and chips at the lookout at sunset where the five rivers all meet up.

Then on the way to Darwin stop off at Douglas Daly - lovely swimming holes and a great caravan park.

Anyway, I could keep going but you've probably read enough so I'll stop.

Have a fabulous trip away,


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16. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

Hi Susan

We drove from Darwin to Broome to Perth last year and before we visited the SW corner of WA. Never made a tripreport so maybe here some advices on a reversed route. Perth-Broome-Kununurra.

We took more than a month for this trip.

We did it by car and hotels but we saw countless campings on our trip and many of them had great locatons.

1. Perth-Cervantes. We drove from Perth to Lancelin more or less along the coast and visited Yanchep NP. OK but nothing special, then to Brand HW and after a windmill park to the left to Cervantes.

A nice quiet town and the getaway to the PInnacles in Nambung NP. Best visit to this magnificent place is early in the morning.

2. From Cervates there is new road all along the coast to Jurien and along Lesueur NP (which we did not visit). It's a beatiful drive and have an espresso near the coast. Jurien also is a good place to stock up. The coastal drive is beautiful and you can make short stops. Sometimes you almost can touch the ocean. Before Dongara Pt. Denison you'll reach the Brand Hw again. We did not visit here.

On your way to Geraldton you'll pass Greenough with the Greenough Hamlet, a settlement from the old days. You also see many trees misformed by the strong winds and pointing to the east. Remarkable.

3. Geraldton. Endless beaches and an ugly factory but someone has to earn the money. We visited the amazing Western Australia Museum. Great. Don't forget the Shipwreck section.

From Geraldton to Northhampton. We did not drive the highway but took the inland route via Nabawa. It's all sealed and it's a beautiful drive and deserted.

4. From Northhampton to Kalbarri. We visited Hutt River but it's not on sealed roads. Nevertheless no problems driving it with a caravan. It's a good road. Read about Hutt River Province Principality and say hello to Leonard. After Hutt river to the coast and to Kalbarri. Kalbarri NP is not to be missed but leave the caravan at the camping. You can take a tour or drive yourselves. The NP also stretches along the coast with amazing views. We also visited Rainbow Jungle (if you like parrots highly recommended) and had dinner at Finlay's BBQ. A not to be missed place. You'll see.

Kalbarri's location is breathtaking.

5.To Shark Bay. You have to drive the inland road from Kalbari to the NM Coastal Hw first and then to the Overlander Roadhouse for the turn off the Shark Bay. This area also is not to be missed. Hamelin Pools and Shell beach are little gems. Wander around and enjoy. Denhem is a lovely little town at a beach (we had great seafood here) and you can visit Monkey Mia and see the dolphins. Also Peron NP should be nice but it's 4wd. Take your time in this area.

6. From Shark Bay to Carnarvon along NWCoastal Hw. Carnarvon often is overlooked. We stayed 2 days here and visited the deserted beaches. Unfortunately Carnarvon is a bit ran down. There is a fantastic promenade and it's a great location but there's a lack on shops, restaurants, bars. To silent for us. You can take the little train to the jetty. North of the jetty is a beautiful stretch of sands.

From Carnarvon also is the turn off to Kennedy Range NP and local people told us it's very worth a visit, but you'll need a 4wd so this will be for next time (and we will be back!!!).

7. To Coral Bay. Just north of Carnarvon there's the turn off to the Blowholes which should NOT be missed. One of the most amazing places we encountered. Wear good shoes here. From the parkinglot there's a dirt road north to one of the best surfing places in the world Red Bluff, but it's on a bad dirt road and not recommendable without a 4wd. Pity...

At the Minilya Roadhouse is the road to Coral Bay. Absolute highlight on our trip and worth to stay longer time. The camping is right at the beach. Let Corla Bay surprise you.

8.Coral Bay to Exmouth. The drive is excellent. Ospreys, Emu's Termite Mounds in this out of this world outback landscape. In Exmouth you can stock up again and then drive to Cape Range NP, also amazing and a perfect location to camp. Wished we had a camper when we visited.

9. Exmouth to Port Hedland. It's also a nice outback drive on excellent and deserted roads. Karratha is the largest town here and if you need anything you can buy it here. It's much of a working town with all the amenities and a visit to Dampier is just a short drive. We stayed two nights in Point Sampson right at the beach and there's a camping also right at the beach! We also stayed in Port Hedland and visited the harbour and the huge ships. Keep in mind those ship sail all over the world and they are HUGE. Worth a short visit.

10.To Broome. A long drive but we were not bored because the outback stretch has many views and if you have an eye for it, landscape changes constantly. For Broome. Others already have mentioned this town. Never miss it and enjoy. Best beaches, warmest water and great sunsets with a drink in hand and a chat with the others.

11. To Kununarra. We visited Derby and the Boab Prison Tree.Impressive but there are more boabtrees along this road together with millions of termite mounds. Nothing wrong with the drive and beautiful nature again. We stayed for the night in Fitzroy Crossing and travelled to Kununarra then. Because of rain we did not visit Geikie Gorge NP or Tunnel Creek NP. Both were highly recommended to us so if you can, try to visit them.

Halls Creek has the China Wall. It's not signposted but we visited. Nothing special and only 10 kms from Halls Creek. Not advicable to do this with a caravan and you won't miss much.

North of Halls Creek is the turn off to Purnulula NP and the Bungle Bungle. Fantastic but you'll need a 4wd again on rough road. We visited this area taking a scenic flight from Kununurra and you should not miss this. Bungle Bungle truly is amazing. The flight also goes to Lake Argyle and Lake Argyle Diamond Mine, a huge mine in the middle of the desert.. We stayed a couple of days in Kununurra and also visited Lake Argyle by car. The intown Mirima NP is nice.

Ok just want to add that the drive from Kununurra to Katherine (NT) is one of the best sealed outbackdrives in Northern Australia and I recommend to take 2 days for it and stay at the beautiful Gregory NP.

Well, I must have forgotten a lot of things, but maybe this is a little help to your fantastic voyage. Can I come???


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17. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

susan you really will get a lot of good info here...your choice as to what you choose. Now, re both of you being able to drive pulling the van...an absolute must. It may not happen, but should your husband take ill it is paramount that you can drive... and not have to learn in an emergency... I worked for a few years at the hospital in Carnarvon and the number of times the woman could not drive if the man was unable was unbelievable.( some circumstances meant a relative had to fly to C'von, sometimes from as far as Qld, in order to assist.)

Re parking and backing in the caravan parks... if there is a tow ball on the front of the vehicle it is really easy to disconnect the van from the back...turn the vehicle around and put the c'van on the front tow ball and drive forward..so easy... Another thing, and you may know this already ,is to put the vehicle into low range 4 wheel drive before backing the van into the bay. Just get lots of info and then follow your nose.

If you have time ( you'll need 3 days, one to get there, one to explore and one to return to C'von ) think about a visit to Mt Augustus..also known as Burringurrah...it is about 450 kms from Carnarvon..a little north of east (check about towing the van )and is the largest monocline in the world. ( Ayer's Rock, Uluru,is a monolith, a different geological structure, so not comparable, tho Mt A is bigger.) I digress. It is the most spectacular place, google it, and is relatively easy to climb. You should set off from the base at daybreak as it is a 6 hour round trip at least.If you do go there make sure you each have a stout stick / pole ( we used a broom and mop handle ) to help the climb.I could go on for ever so you had best look it up for yourself. BUT check out the aboriginal story of Burringurrah.

18. Re: road trip around australia 1st state Western Aust.

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