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Scary experience

Nijmegen, The...
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Scary experience

Today we visited the town Greymouth (south island, west coast). It was for my girlfriend and I (from Holland) a scary experience! What happened: After shopping by the big supermarket we drove away from the parking and a car was reversing from a parking space. We were already passed him when he started reversing but he was very angry at us because we didn't stop. Hey was pursuing us trough Greymouth for 10 minutes and making aggressive gestures to us. We were scared from the guy and where fleeing.

We forgot the police number so we couldn't call. After 10 minutes he was gone and we went to a gas station to fill up the car and get away from Greymouth. Suddenly he was there. He started screaming and was very aggressive. We said we did nothing wrong and he got more aggressive. Hey started yelling: get the f*ck out of New Zealand, learn the f*cking language (we were in shock, so our english was somewhat messy), you cannot drive, if you would touched my car I would hit you, etc. After some time we saw the guy had his baby in the car!

Then he did something that shocked me more: He got in front of me and did the Heil Hitler salute. Called me a Nazi. I shouted that I'm from the Netherlands. My family and village suffered a lot from the occupying nazi forces in WWII. This was the first time in my life that I saw somebody doing this. Unbelievable!

There were a lot of people around the gas station. Nobody said something or helped us. They just gazed, smiled, are looked the other way. We felt very lonely at this busy gas station.

Ultimately the gas station called the police and they arrived quickly. When the police arrived he was suddenly very nice. Nothing happened, thus the police said we could leave after leaving our details and they talked to the guy. Before we drove away he give us a handshake and said it was a misunderstanding.

We left Greymouth and drove south and couldn't enjoy the landscape for that day.


the Netherlands

Te Anau
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1. Re: Scary experience

That is appalling Terry. I am so sorry this happened to you, as I am sure the rest of the TA community will be. Unfortunately we do have a few dick heads and half wits, and you were unfortunate enough to strike one. It's a pity there isn't a law against this sort thing.

I hope it hasn't spoiled your opinion of New Zealand, and that the rest of your trip is incident free.

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2. Re: Scary experience


Ik suggesties geven dat de man had't genomen is medicat en werd knowen aan de politie.

U kunt anwhere tegenkomen idioten ad gekken.

Ik hopethe rest van je vakantie is fantastisch

Ashhurst, New...
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3. Re: Scary experience

That is terrible! Unfortunately there never seem to be a shortage of ignorant people; if this guy thinks anyone with a European accent is German then he's probably not one of the smarter creatures on earth. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels.

Terrigal, Australia
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4. Re: Scary experience

what a shame you had this experience, as others have suggested there are idiots in every country - you were just unlucky to have come across one

we will be mindful of your experience when we pass through Greymouth in the next few months

have always been treated respectfully and encountered friendly people in our travels throughout the Netherlands

enjoy the rest of your trip !

Wellington, New...
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5. Re: Scary experience

I am so sorry that you had such a terrible experience in our country. As others have said, it can happen anywhere unfortunately and you were the victims of this guys behaviour. It will have left you very shaken but please try and enjoy the rest of your trip here and not dwell on this one incident.

New Zealand
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6. Re: Scary experience

Hello Terry and welcome to the fourm :)

What a scary encounter - I would have been upset too.

And I am sorry that no one stepped in to help you - I certainly would have intervened if I saw this happening.

to call the police 111

I hope you are able enjoy the rest of your travels :)

Nijmegen, The...
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7. Re: Scary experience

Thanks for your replies. We have a wonderful time here in New Zealand (we met so many nice kiwi's :-). Of course this was a incident. Wrong time, wrong place. Maybe we were so shocked because we didn't expect this in New Zealand. But every society have people who have problems.

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8. Re: Scary experience


I'm so sorry that you met one of the small percentage of NZ who . . ., well - are just idiots (as are the people who stood by and did nothing to assist you).

Enjoy the rest of your travels and take care.

Greymouth, New...
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for South Island
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9. Re: Scary experience

Your post is one of the most disturbing I have read on here in a long time. It upsets me too to know that this sort of behavior happens anywhere in NZ let alone my home town of Greymouth. I would be horrified to have tour expeience any where in the world let alone here in nz. the worst we have had was in Barcelona and were robed by a street scammer, needless to say it ruined the rest of our enjoyment of Barcellona

Bowie, Maryland
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10. Re: Scary experience

A good reminder that it is important for all of us to be respectful and watchful for others. We are sort of trained to "mind our own business" but if the world is to be a good place -- we must all help each other. I hope that someone does something extra special for you to balance out this bad thing.

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