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Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts

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Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts

Hey All,

Lifelong dream of visiting Oz about to become a reality in June. I have read many a book and spent quite a few hours looking at maps of your great country. I tell every aussie that I meet that I can name every one of your state and territories capitals. When I get them all correct they seem to be quite impressed that a Yank would know so much about their country. I've never been there yet I can honestly say that I love Australia. I bet I could even move there. Anyhoo, forgive me for babbling. My wife and I will be spending maybe 3 or 4 days in Sydney (if that's too much or not enough lemme know) and then either take a train or rent a car and spend 1 whole day and night in Katoomba in the Blue Mts. Is this the best place to stay or is another town better? Also what should we do? How about budget motels, are they good? Thank you in advance. After that we're headed to Port Douglas, btw.

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1. Re: Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts

Sydney is beautiful! Stroll through botanical gardens, take a commuter ferry anywhere around the harbour, consider the river cat journey to Parramatta for a different taste of Sydney (a great way to get a feel for the city's size), visit Newtown for its bohemian vibe, eat at FishFace Restaurant in Darlinghurst for the best fish, a great inner city vibe and a great price. Balmain is also well worth a visit for a drink at the London pub and a walk around it Saturday Markets in the church grounds.

Katooma is the 'locals' town in the Blue Mountains - lots of alternative types. Plenty of interesting cafes and great pastries,meat pies and bread at Hominy Bakery.

Leura is the more tourist town, very pretty.

Strawberry Patch or Lemon Tree Cottage are fantastic accomodation choices in the mountains.www.strawberrypatch.com.au The owner Berris has a wealth of information on the Mountains.

Things to do - bush walk in the seriously stunning mountains - but don't just do the standard 3 sisters walk but go to Wentworth Falls - Valley of the Waters walk for a walk of a lifetime or any of the govetts leap walks but be prepared to walk up some serious hills (well worth it).

also lots of nice art galleries and antique shops.

Must do - EAT AT VULCANS IN BLACKHEATH AND SOLITARY IN KATOOMBA- Both world class dining experiences and both completely different and very Australian.

The Clarendon is good quality,querky,clean budget accomodation that also has excellent caberet shows etc.

There is plenty of backpacker accomodation in the mountains.

Try www.bluemountainsonline.com.au and www.BlueMountainsAustralia,com.au

Hope this helps


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2. Re: Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts


im really glad that you love our country.

it makes me feel happy to know that peopel respect our island as much as we do. we are not noticed enough although we do so well in everything and im glad that people are finally noticing that england and america arent the only places in the world.

i dont think that 3 days would be enough to spend in sydney. its the biggest place ever and i dont think that you would be able to do much. things you can do: maybe go to a play at the opera house, climb the bridge, swim at bondi, catch the manly ferri, eat at all the heaps good restraunts or just watch the harbour bridge. i spend hours staring at it every day im jsut so transfixed. there are many things to do at darling harbour too like the aquarium. ANYWAY i think im babbling a bit about what you aren't doing. the blue mountains is great and oncea gain i think that one night is not enough. probarbly two nights or 3 would be sufficient. i go to the blue mountains on average, once a year and from sydney its only an hour and a half drive. they are truly beautiful and i think that the fairmont hotel, katoomba is tops if you have kids and are a family. for luxury and a romantic stay, i suggest lilien fells and im not sure about the budget motels because i've never stayed in one before. my family and i are well of financially, having doctors all around but if you are travelling just for the experience or on a budget, maybe do some research on these hotels. i dont expect them to be that good though because many people backpack and hitchike around the blue mountains and not everyone has a fortune and might just be travelling around australia and want basic basic basic hotels. if you are one of these people then a budget motel would be fine for a night or two but if u want to fork out and thoroughly enjoy your stay then a higher status hotel isn't a bad idea. visit the three sisters and go on the glass skyflyer thing that goes over the valley. its beautiful beautiful beautiful! but scary. its very funny. definitley stay at katoomba. my dad ses it means big fart because its like kaTOOOOMba but it actually means waterfall:) the zig zag railways a waste of time but (i forgot its name) the steap train thats right next to the glass thing that flys over the valley is there and its a lovely train thats very thrlling because its the steepest train in the world. i swear that thing is about 89 degrees!!!!! its fun and takes you down to a lovely bushwalking place which is about a 2km to 5km track depending on the path u take and there are little signs and things like that with information everywhere and at the end is cool air thing that takes u back up. its those glass things on string and im having a mental blank so i do not remember wat its called. but, btw, its really good and i want u to do it hehe if u wanna have fun u should.

god ive talked forever...umm wen i was 10 i went to port douglas and only being 13 i remember how amazing it was so have fun!!!

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3. Re: Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts

Hi there,

Well, I live in Blackheath (10km west of Katoomba), so I am a bit biased :) The basic hotels are for the most part fine. You get what you pay for, but I have never had any problems. I think you will see for yourself when you come. If you come to the mountains on a week day you will find plenty of rooms without booking. On a Fri or Sat night it might be a good idea to book. There are some nice places (The Carrington Hotel in Katoomba is a lovely restored old honeymone hotel of 120 years ago and it is right in the middle of Katoomba. It will cost more than the motels that you will find up the highway and aroun Echo Point (the main tourist area of Katoomba including the 3 Sisters rock outcrop)

If you are looking for equal views without the crowd then Blackheath is a great alternative. There is a good national park centre at Govetts Leap (about 2 km from the village) and the views there are fantastic. If you like you can take a walk along the clif-top to the east past the top of Bridal Veil Falls.

There is so much to see. As, by the sounds of things you would know, Australia is about as big as the USA so you can imagine you need to target your time to what you want to see, but don't try to "see" too much and miss out on the feel of the place.

If you want more info feel free to email me at dplink@bigpond.net.au


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4. Re: Overnight trip to Katoomba/Blue Mts

Glad you're so well informed and have a high opinion of us. With such high expectations I only hope you're not disappointed with us when you get here LOL

Sydney is like most places, however long you stay, you'll find something to do. You'll easily fill 3 or 4 days, and won't miss must do stuff.

An overnight in the Blue Mountains is a very good plan. I'd say hire a car for the freedom it gives you, though others sometimes recommend train at least to the foot of the mountains to avoid sydney traffic. It'll depend to some extent on where you decide to stay. The views from the train are good as you head up the mountains.

Katoomba or Leura would both be OK to stay in. Depends on how close you want to be to Echo Point and the three sisters. Some of the properties around there that were established early on when people could take their pick of positions have wonderful views.

If you want to stay at an icon, and your budget can stretch to it, you could consider the Hydro Majestic, which is a bit further up the mountains from Katoomba, but not too far. Magnificent views.


As for must do's in the Blue Mountains it's bushwalking. Plenty of walks to choose from, varying lengths.



The steep railway mentioned by previous post is the scenic railway. If you want to go on that, a walk that we like to do is down the giant staircase at the 3 sisters, then walk across the valley floor and come up the scenic railway. You can then walk back to Echo Point if your car is parked over there. You'll easily fill a day or however long you end up staying. There's heaps to do in the area.

For sydney highlights search for the post by All About Eve, with AlanJ's list in it.