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Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

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Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

(FYI - I also posted on the Budapest board). My husband and I are planning to travel to Europe in March 2007. We’re interested in going to either Prague or Budapest. We will have six days once we leave Munich, but I’m thinking that traveling to both cities won’t leave us enough time (unless there is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to get to Budapest from Prague or vice-versa), and we’re really torn on where to go.

So my questions are -

1) In your opinion, which city is better to visit – we’re mostly interested in seeing historic sights, castles, churches, etc., going to the pub and maybe catching a performance or two. (And which is the best to visit in the winter.)

2) I know that hotels in Prague are more expensive than in Budapest, but how does food, entertainment, transportation compare?

3) We don’t want to spend six days in one place, so are there any recommendations between Munich and Prague or Budapest that are must-visits? We were looking at Karvoly Vary if we went to the Czech Republic, but weren’t sure how expensive things are there.

Thank you for your input!

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1. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

prague wins over budapest a thousand times. If you are coming by car, stop off at Cesky krumlov in the south of the czech republic. If coming by train, stop off at nurnburg

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2. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

My two cents, Prague wins hands down. One option would be to spend 3 days in prague then use a day for a train ride to Budapest, and spend two days in Budapest.

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3. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??


Prague is at least a million times better to visit than Budapest, but if you go to them both then go to Budapest first. If you make Prague your first port of call then going to Budapest will be the biggest let down ever.

I have been to both


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4. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

We visited Budapest in 2001 and visited Prague this past summer. I would choose Prague over Budapest. The castle complex alone would win me over. If I recall correctly the castle in Budapest has been converted into an art museum. I also found the architecture in

Prague and the Old Town area to be more interesting. The trams in both cities are quite reasonable if you buy a pass. I would also second the motion for a visit to Cesky Krumlov where you could tour another castle. It is a beautiful quaint medieval town about 3 hours bus ride from Prague.

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5. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

I would prefer Prague. The Old Town with the lot of restaurated buildings, the Vltava River with its bridges (first of all the Karluv Most), the Castle Complex over the City, lots of wonderful (and not too expensive) restaurants and pubs ... Go to Prague! I wish you a nice time there.

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6. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

My wife and I have not visited Budapest,however after visiting Prague in Sept of 2005 for 10 days it would be hard to believe that another Eastern European city could be more beautiful. We stayed at the Red Lion on Nerudova Street ($159.80 American) just below the Prague Castle and 4 blocks walking distance to the Charles Bridge and Old Town. Our room was terrific and the price included breakfast. We paid for a 7 hour private tour (Ivana Tatkova) of the city on the first day of our visit and were glad we did. Her knowledge of Prague was unbelieveable. Cost was $285.00 per couple which included the admission to all the sites . It sure helped us get our bearings of the city for the remainder of our visit.

Great food and restaurants very inexpensive. We also drove to Cesky Krumlov,and stopped off at some villages along the way. What a remarkable little village. I think you,ll need all 6 days in Prague especially if you vist Cesky Krumlov. Ivana Tatkova can help you get there. There are small concerts all over the city,we bought tickets for a concert in the side altar of a local church. A husband and wife playing dual guitars. It was one of the highlights of our trip they were terrific. You,ll love spending all day walking on the Charles Bridge with the vendors and people watching and drinking coffee in the Old Town square.

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7. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

I stayed in Prague last Dec. for a week and returned from Budapest yesterday. Go to Prague first - it's smaller, and is more 'touristy'. Budapest is a huge city with tons to see, but both have excellent trams/metro/buses/ etc. After 6 days in Budapest there were still places I wanted to visit. One tip.......I stayed at the Domina Inn Fiesta - it's near everything and I wholly recommend it.

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8. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

I agree with many of your replies that Prague would be the choice. Railroad connection when I was there (April 2006) was a bit dicey - hope it's improved. As to what to do for the remaining time, I'd advise staging out of Ceske Budejovice and going to Ceske Krumlov as an absolute minimum. Lots of South Bohemia is accessible from Budejovice, and you can go back to Munich (assuming you're going roundtrip) via Linz and Salzburg.


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9. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

Prague is outstandingly beautiful --try to stay up near the Castle ( if you don't mind the climb up and down

Castle Steps) We stayed at The Golden Tree, a small inexpensive B&B on Novy Svet, a little cobbled street . The atmosphere up there is much less touristy than down in the centre of town. I advise against staying on Wenceslas Square --- full of cheap and tacky tourist shops. But most of the architecture of the city is stunning -- every style --gothic, baroque, art nouveau --they've got it all. If art nouveau is your thing, don't miss The Municipal House ( Obecni Dum ) it's a good place to have lunch too.

The Castle complex and cathedral are wonderful and the view from the top of the bell tower is worth the climb!

I haven't been to Karlovy Vary but I've heard it's well worth a visit.

If you go to Budapest go to the Gellert Baths -- amazing, spectacular and very relaxing.

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10. Re: Very Undecided - Prague or Budapest??

I h ave been to both places....loved them both! Transportation, sightseeing, churches, historicals sights, and food are great in both. I prefer Budapest. If you decide to visit Budapest, you must visit the Terror Museum. Also there is an incline that takes you up to the Castle in Budapest . At night it is just beautiful. I have never been to any theatrical performances in either Prague or Budapest. The spas in Budapest are great also the tour of the Parliament is nice. Both cities are impressive. I would suggest a sightseeing tour in either city just to familiarize yourself. Budapest is cheaper. Pack light if you are using public transportation from airport in either city. If you want airport pickup in Budapest, I can give you the telephone number of a very reliable driver. Have used him many times. There are low cost airlines in Europe. Not sure any fly from Munich. They change their routes usually in April. Here are a few: Sky Europe, Wizz, EasyJet, Ryan Air. Have flown them all. I lived in Milan Italy for over 3 years and used these airlines to fly around Eastern and Western Europe.

I am returning to Budapest in January from USA. Can't wait!!