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How does the start of our itinerary look?

Reno, Nevada
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How does the start of our itinerary look?

We will be in Slovenia beginning 25 Sept 2014 and would appreciate any feedback on our itinerary, no firm plans yet at any location::

- arrive Lublijana approx 14:00 pm on Thursday to Hotel Adora (2 nights)

- pick up car and drive to Kranj and Lake Bled that day, continuing on thru Soca Valley to Kobarid - hoping for a 17:00 arrival, with one dinner planned for Hisa Franko (2 nights in Kobarid)

- continue journey with stops at Skojan Caves andPredjama Castle that day, continuing to Piran that late afternoon - hoping for a 17:00 arrival (3 nights in Piran)

- Is attempting to visit Kranj and Lake Bled, then driving to Kobarid the same day too much?

- is 2 nights (1 full day) in Kobarid too long?

- is the driving we're proposing between destinations reasonable? Will we run in to any issues?

- are there any must see spots on our journey we need to know about?

As always, so appreciate your advice!

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1. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?


Yes, your first day is definitely way too optimistic since you won't arrive until 2pm. I would suggest just visiting Kranj and Bled on this day. The drive to Kobarid is a long one, involving going either over the Vrsic pass or the Predel pass - both winding roads and also it would be a shame to rush the journey so much as there is a lot to see enroute.

Are you really that pressed for time that you couldn't stay overnight in Bled, or somewhere nearby, and make the trip to Kobarid the next day?

The next day you could drive over the Vrsic pass, stopping to see the sights such as the Russian Chapel (see my blog from this week where I have coincidentally written about this - http://adeleinslovenia.wordpress.com/

You could stop for a short walk at the top of the Vrsic pass before continuing down to the Trenta Valley. The Botanic Gardens there are a nice place to stop, if time allows, then continue through the Soca Valley, where there are lots of places you will want to stop to photograph the beautiful Soca river, continue through the town of Bovec, known for its sheeps cheese and worth a brief stop, then on to Kobarid.

In Kobarid, if you like walking, you must do the historical walk which takes in all the main sights of interest and especially, if time is limited, make sure to see the Kozjak waterfall. There are lots of waterfalls in Slovenia but that one is one of my favourites!

I hope this helps with the start of your plans. I suggest perhaps reading through some of my other blog posts in the archives which might help you with some additional ideas as well.

Have fun planning!


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2. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?


like said before 1 day from Ljubljana to Kobarid is not good idea. I would taka 1 day for Bled area (Vintgar, castle, lake, island, adventure park, Kupljenik cave, Pokljuka region, Radovna valley,...) and another day for Bohinj area (Bohinj lake, Savica fall, Vogel, boat trip, ...). On 3. day Kranjska gora, Russian chapel , Vršič pass, source of Soča river, Bovec,...on the way to Kobarid.

I am sending you some links to touristic sights:

Tamar: http://www.kam.si/977_v-tamar-iz-planice.html

Planica: http://www.ratece-planica.si/

Belopeška jezera - Lago di Fusine: sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belope%C5%A1ki_jezeri

Kranjska gora: http://www.kranjska-gora.si/

Rusian chapel: kranjska-gora.si/Kulturne-znamenitosti/Ruska…

Vršič: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vr%C5%A1i%C4%8D

Trenta: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trenta

Soča river: slovenia-trips.com/eng/natural-sights/trip/1…

Martuljški slapovi: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Martuljek-waterfalls

Hiking Slemenova špica: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Slemenova-spica

Dolina Vrata: slovenia-trips.com/eng/natural-sights/trip/9…

Slap Peričnik: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peri%C4%8Dnik

Dolina Radovna: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radovna

Dolina Krma: mojstrana.com/naravne_znamenitosti/…

Vintgar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bled_Gorge

Triglavski narodni park: http://www.tnp.si/national_park/

Pokljuka: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokljuka

Pokljuška soteska: slovenia.info/en/…

Slap Savica: slovenia.info/en/…

Bohinjsko jezero: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Bohinj


Soriška planina: …wikipedia.org/wiki/…A1ka_Planina_Ski_Resort

Sava Bohinjka: www.ribiska-druzina-bled.si/index.php/en/

Vogel: http://www.vogel.si/summer

Blejsko jezero: http://www.slovenia.info/?jezero=190

Bled boat Pletna: http://www.pletna.si/

Bled cake: slovenia-slovenija.com/blejska-kremna-rezina/

Blejski otok: bled.si/en/…the-church-on-the-island

Blejski grad: http://www.blejski-grad.si/en/

Mountain Stol: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Stol

Mountain Triglav: slovenia-trips.com/eng/hiking-mountaineering…

Bodešče plezališče: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Bodesce

Jama Pod Babjim zobom: showcaves.com/english/…Babjim.html

Adventure park Bled: http://pustolovski-park-bled.si/en/

Straža ski: sloveniaholidays.com/eng/…

Rafting Bled: bled.si/en/what-to-do/summer-sports/rafting

Mestno jedro Radovljica: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=3850

Dovžanova soteska: www.slovenia.info/…

Kropa: www.slovenia.info/…

Železniki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%BDelezniki

Mestno jedro Kranj: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2585

Škofja Loka mesto in grad: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2748

Arboretum Volčji potok: http://www.arboretum-vp.si/lang/index.php/en

Kamniška bistrica valley: slovenia-trips.com/eng/natural-sights/trip/1…

Minimundus park: http://www.minimundus.at/en/

Ljubljana mesto: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2611

Ljubljanski grad: http://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/home/

Tromostovje: www.ijs.si/slo/ljubljana/three_bridges.html

Predjamski grad: http://www.slovenia.info/?grad=654

Postojnska jama: www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/?setLocale=en_US

Škocjanska jama: http://www.park-skocjanske-jame.si/eng/

Kobilarna Lipica: http://www.lipica.org/en/

Cerkniško lake: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Lake-cerknica

Prosciutto Lokev na Krasu: slovenia-trips.com/eng/cultural-sights/trip/…

Boka waterfall: slovenia-trips.com/eng/…Boka-waterfall

Kobarid trail: slovenia-trips.com/eng/cultural-sights/trip/…

Koper mesto: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2579

Piran mesto: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2651

Velika planina: http://www.velikaplanina.si/Home

Logarska dolina: www.logarska-dolina.si/index.php?jez=EN

Maribor mesto: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2625

Ptuj mesto: ptuj.info/index.php/en/history-of-ptuj.html

Celje mesto: http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=2894

Museum Slovenija: http://www2.arnes.si/~ljprirodm6/

Terme, spa: http://en.slovenia-terme.si/

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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3. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

Although it would mean having to change rooms more often, I recommend spending a night in Bled after the two nights in Ljubljana, this way you can take your time and see Bled and Bohinj in one day (I would skip Kranj TBH), a bit rushed but not too much of a problem, spend the night in Bled and then leave Bled for Kobarid the next day. It would mean more packing and unpacking, but it makes much more sense logistically and in terms of sightseeing. Cramming Kranj, Bled, Bohinj, Vrsic Pass and all the driving inbetween into one day is simply too much. Plus this way you can take your time crossing Vrsic Pass, see some sights in the Soca Valley along the way and you won't be too tired for that dinner at Hisa Franko.

The next day is doable, Predjama Castle won't take long although it is a bit of a detour, alternatively you could drive over the Karst plateau to the Skocjan Caves instead of going to Predjama. Predjama is on the way from Piran to Ljubljana, so you could do it then if you'll be returning to Ljubljana. Either way it's a perfectly doable day, if you drive over the Karst, stop for lunch at one of the plentiful tourist farms in the Goriska Brda hills, the Vipava Valley or on the Karst. Like Adele said, before leaving the Soca Valley I recommend visiting the Kozjak Waterfall, a breathtaking sight.

I think you have a good itinerary, if anything I'd add another day to spend in the Soca Valley or the area further down towards Piran, maybe even check out some things on the Italian side of the border, like Trieste or Miramare Castle.

Reno, Nevada
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4. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

Thank you all, this is exactly what I needed. Is it safe at that time of year to travel without a room reservation? That way we can stop when we're ready and not feel we have to press on to a reach a particular accomodation. rtt1921, packing and unpacking was why we were planning 2 nights in Kobarid, but since we will have 2 nights in Ljublijana and 3 Piran and given the excellent advice by you and Adele, I think it will be worth the slight inconvenience to repack rather than try to cram so much into one day. With that, I will re-think our route for the two days between Bled and Piran taking better advantage of what there is to see along the way.

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5. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

As you are coming at the end of September, i.e. the end of the tourist season, it should be ok to travel without reservations although personally I would always prefer to have them, especially for somewhere like Piran which is quite small and a popular destination. I'm glad my advice has helped your planning!

Reno, Nevada
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6. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

Thanks, Adele. I do have all my reservations other than the portion that I'd be breaking into one night each rather than two (in Kranjska Gora). So! After heeding this most excellent advice, here is our revised itinerary:

25 Sept, Thu - Ljubliana (sleep at Ljubliana)

26 Sept, Fri - Ljubliana (sleep at Ljubliana)

27 Sept, Sat - Vintgar/Lake Bled (sleep Kranjska Gora) Note: pick up car this morning at 9:00 in Ljubliana

28 Sept, Sun - Vrsic Pass/Bovec/Kobarid (sleep at Kobarid)

29 Sept, Mon - Kobarid/Skocjan Caves/Predjama Castle (sleep at Prian) Note: return car this evening in Piran

30 Sept, Tues - Piran (2 nights)

Depart from Trieste 2 October.

Side notes:

We live at 2133m in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, a spectacular alpine lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I'm certain Bohinj is equally as beautiful, but given our limited time in Slovenia, I don't feel the need to visit both Lake Bled and Bohinj; and

This is my husband's first trip to Europe, and although he is a little hesitant to make the journey, after 28 years of marriage I know him well enough to know that once he's there he's going to love it. That said, he only made 3 requests and I'm trying to honor them: 1) he wants to go to Germany and to Oktoberfest so that is the first 8 days of the trip and includes Bacharach on the Rhine, Rothenburg ob de Tauber, and Munich prior to Slovenia; 2) he doesn't want to move locations too frequently. I'm pushing that a little, but I know he'll be okay, and 3) he wants to kick back and relax, and thats why we're ending with 3 nights on the Adriatic in Piran.

That's it! If you think of anything else, please send it my way, and Adele, I'll definitely follow your blog. Thanks again!

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7. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

Wow - Lake Tahoe, I'm very envious! I used to travel to the states quite a bit when I was living in the UK as it was much easier/cheaper - nowadays I can't afford it and also it's more of a hassle from here. I love Boulder, Colorado and Estes Park for the hiking around there but I bet where you are must be great for that too :-)

Your itinerary sounds good now and seems to (almost) covers all your husbands requests!

I'm glad to hear you will be following my blog and do feel free to get in touch if you need any more advice - my contact details are on my blog.

It's snowing very heavily here today - half a metre in a day - for a non-snow lover like me it's not my finest day!



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8. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

We are coming from Phoenix, Arizona at the end of February and we are going to freeze! Looking forward to reading your blog and cannot wait to explore Slovenia!

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9. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

Hi Wittytraveller!

Ooh yes, I've been there too and yes it could be a bit of a shock compared with your winter temperatures. Although in actual fact it's not really that cold, relatively speaking.

I ran the Phoenix Rock'n'Roll Marathon some years back in January.

At the moment we really are in the midst of record breaking weather. One metre of snow fell in 24 hours, and frozen rain and ice is causing big problems in some parts of the country.

Do feel free to get in touch if you need any advice.



Ljubljana, Slovenia
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10. Re: How does the start of our itinerary look?

NEHudson, sounds like a great plan! Always happy to help :)

Adele, it's been quite an odd winter so far, hasn't it? First it was warm with very little snow, now a huge amount of snow in such a short time and freezing rain, floods in some areas because of all the water... Really incredible. That said I agree, the temperatures are not that low, it still looks set to be an above-average winter in terms of temperature, they are hovering around freezing point, not going much lower. I remember a few years ago there was a cold spell and the temperature plummetted down to -15 during the night.