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we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

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we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Hi we are a family with 2 young teens travelling to europe for 3 weeks and heard that Lithuania is a best value destination? We are looking for quaint, hiking exploring, not touristy and to not stay in a hotel but find somewhere where is a good location to do some exploring from, we know nothing about this area, can someone help us decide if this is a good holiday choice, we are either looking at doing this trip in January or March???? Help

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1. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Dear Tambradley:

Lithuania may inedeed be a good value destination, but not for hiking in January or March. Whenever I fly to/from Lithuania in those months, I always overfly Northeastern Canada, and what I see just south of Hudson bay matches winter Lithuania landscape tid-tad (except for the presence of civilization.)

I've taken my younger friends to explore Vilnius in January, yet they stayed at a hotel, and spent their time in pubs, bars and similar spots.

Sure, climate isn't that of Greenland, official January average is 7 below zero Celsius. Daylight is short, some 7 hours in winter.

March greets people with waist-deep puddles of thawing snow, nicer and longer sunshine.

I've heard that Portugal is not-so-bad value for money, yet has more appropriate climate for hiking in winter months.

Also, the loonie can buy more nowadays when exploring California in winter. That's the place I go to.

Have a good trip!


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2. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania


my wife is from Lithuania.

do not advise a trip in January or February, as it can be extremely cold. sometimes minus 30 !

late March would be better !

but the summer months are a dream.

it is a land which is fairly flat, and it is covered in forests. (full of wild mushrooms ! but be careful what you eat)

there are many fairytale castles to see, the best of which is Trokai !

food is fantastic !

people are friendly !

value for money ? YES !

you will spend very little !

many places to stay overnight can be found wherever you end the day.

hotels are normally very clean and do not cost the earth !

roads are NOT very good.

but they are improving them slowly.

you must see : -

Vilnius,(the capital) Kaunas, Trokai, Kanave, "The Hill of Crosses" @ Siaulai, Klaipeda & Palanga.

it is a truly beautiful country and well worth a visit.

if you need any more info, just ask.


good hiking.

ps, if you are doing Europe, a return flight from London (Stanstead) to Kaunas takes 2 hours and can cost as little as £200 including TAX.

check out "Ryanair" for costs & times etc,.

there is a high speed rail link from central London to Stanstead. takes about 35/40 minutes.

whatever you choose to do i hope that you have a great time.

Lithuania deserves to be seen and explored.

you will not regret it !

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3. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Hi there,

Having been to Lithuania I can endorse the report that it is a best value destination - but I heartily agree with your other advisors that it is NOT a destination for hiking, camping in January OR March...

At that time of the year I would be looking at other 'best value' destinations much further south...

Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary all come to mind as great alternatives - all offer opportunities to get away from the main tourist haunts and explore the local countryside, either camping or staying in self-catering accommodation.

In terms of the best time to travel - I'd be looking at March (later the better) rather than January.

Hope this helps, EnEx

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4. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Longlostpoet, where are you getting the 200GBP figure from? I just looked on Ryanair and if you book in advance, it's only 70GBP return!

The minus 20 and minus 30 temperatures are very unusual now with minus 5 to minus 10 being the worst. December-February are the coldest months.

DeKalb, Illinois
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5. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Dear CFValencia:

Your observations about milder winters hovering around five degrees below zero may relate to Riga that lies on Riga gulf and enjoys maritime climate.

Vilnius, alike Daugavpils and all eastern parts of both countries endure continental climate. Last days of February 2007 had indeed chilled Vilnius down to minus 30 at night.

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6. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Minus 30 is quite a rare, cold night in Vilnius. Especially considering the average is minus 9 for this time of year.

Cold snaps do occur, though.

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7. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Come to the southern part of Lithania. It's only 100-130 km fom Vilnius. Here you find Dzukija national park - the park of forests, small rivers and ancient villages. Druskininkai SPA town - the most beautifull small town with numerous hi-class spa facilities, surrounded by forests and lakes.

If you wish to spend majority of your time in fresh air - not earlier than April.

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8. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Hello ....

Reading the thoughts on Lithuania .... What about July, is it just tooo crowded or pleasant ??? What about the Baltic in summer, is it beach weather or cold UK type ??? I am torn between Lithuania and Croatia, plan to drive from Czech Republic, being my first summer as an American living in Central Europe, a road trip seems appropriate.

Cheers !!!


New London CT
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9. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

If you want spent time on Baltic sea I would reccoment Nida or Neringa. Palanga is very beutiful, but to busy.

Another nice destination is Druskininkai - it's resort city in south of Lithuania - a lot of SPA centers, big Watterpark; foreing tourists and price friendly.

And finaly - the coutry tourism is very popular at these days in Lithuania too. just google for information!

In winter time is nothing wrong to go there too (espacialy if you from Canada and not afraid of snow :) SPAs, museums, restaurants and hotels are open whole year. You even can go ski in Birstonas!

Akin, S.C. USA
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10. Re: we are curious about knowing about Lithuania

Noticed that the language is not english, do they have english as a second language? If not how hard is it to translate, I understand that is most likely a trick question, but how do we comunicate?

Thanks for any replies, my Co. is doing a job there and is asking for volunteers.