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is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

Austin, Texas
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is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

I am NOT a seasoned vacationeer. Last year, I worked up the courage to take my 4 kids on a cruise (after the unexpected passing of my husband)... we had a great time....

so. I want to plan another vacation...

I was intrigued by all the TV shows recently on Alaska... it looked fun.

Well, I mentioned to my kids (22, 18, 17, 13) that I was looking as Alaksa -- the oldest kids said, "Mom, that's only for OLD people... no teenagers go there." Then on TV, I saw a RCL TV show about a cruise to Alaska -- and, there weren't that many teenagers....

Tell me... is this a place for a family of older TEENS? THe only other options for fun look like DISNEYWORLD...

I'd appreciate any feedback. I'm SOOO out of my element here.

Anchorage, Alaska
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1. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

I believe AK is an unbelievable experience and no it's not just for old people. My 20 year old nephew visited AK with his mother and he loved AK. We had a 22 year old friend from Australia come and spend 2 weeks with us. She found it utterly amazing.

But realistically, I guess it depends on the "kids". If they like the outdoors (and outdoor activities - hiking, fishing, wildlife, glaciers, etc.), they'll love AK. If not, I couldn't predict.

I wouldn't let them wanting to go (or not to go) to AK influence if you go. You should go without them!

Good luck,


Fairbanks, Alaska
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2. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

Face it your kids don’t know anymore about Alaska then you do. Meaning they don’t know if it is for old people or not. My youngest son (14) still is awe of this state and he has lived here all his life. When we travel about the state he just loves doing and seeing things that he knows most kids his age in the lower 48 have never seen or done.

I think you should start by checking out what the state offers for attractions and tours and go from there.

Healy, Alaska
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3. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

I don't think I would cruise with kids, but a land tour would be amazing - they could go fishing, rafting, ATVing for starters. They could go on a boat tour of Kenai Fjords - see glaciers, sea otters, puffins, bald eagles - maybe whales! They could go to Denali Park - hike, ride the shuttle bus - see caribou, moose, bears, maybe wolves or lynx. You could keep them busy and have a very adventurous vacation packed with memories for your family. :)

Chugiak, Alaska
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4. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

'But realistically, I guess it depends on the "kids". If they like the outdoors (and outdoor activities - hiking, fishing, wildlife, glaciers, etc.), they'll love AK. If not, I couldn't predict.'

I agree with this to the extent of it'll depend on their mindset as well. If they are not big into the outdoors, but willing to give it a shot or experience something new, I think they could still have a great time of it- they just need to be prepared by being informed of what activities there are and what to expect. My then 11 year old niece came up and had a great time, ditto my 18 and 21 year old cousins. Both of their families did land tours and I'd suggest that over a cruise if they are worried about hanging out with 'the oldsters'. Plus, you might all have a great time renting an RV and camping along the way.

You can use these forums to see if it's for you and encourage your kids to check out what you've found to see if it appeals to them as well. Start by going to the upper right under Top Questions in the main Alaska forum and go down to 'Where are the Trip Reports for Summer 2010?'. Read through some of the people's activities and figure out which ones your family might enjoy. Then share them with the kids to see what they think. Also, many folks include pictures in their reports- that can give the more visual people an idea of what they might see.

I think they'd have a better time here than in Disney, but that's just me. :)

South Florida...
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5. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

Elise, as other posters have said this Alaskan trip depends on the mindset of your kids (and your budget). There are endless things for young adults to do and I have seen just as many late teen and early twenty children as I have old folks. There is unlimited outdoor activities to do from taking a float plane to see the bears to fishing to hiking a glacier, sea kayaking, and on and on. Now if your kiddos are not big on the outdoors and pure scenic beauty this may not be for them. A cruise would be at the bottom of my choices for young adults as you will see lots of older adults on these.

Being a Floridian I would not consider taking young adults to Disney....but only you know they likes and dislikes. If you would like to see some of the pictures I have taken in Alaska let me know.

I can say though that Alaska is somewhat expensive and with five of you accommodations may be a consideration...

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6. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

It's true that the majority of visitors to Alaska are older, but the number of families traveling the state is increasing each year and Disney Cruises coming in this summer means even more family friendly activities. Each port has numerous tours, attractions and sights that the entire family would enjoy. Alaska could do more for families....I, for one, would love to see play areas and/or children's museums in more communities, but I would think anyone coming to our state would have a blast. My Alaskan kids think riding the ferries and looking for wildlife is a high point of their year. Being on the open water, learning about the flora and fauna, hiking the trails, tasting the fresh fish...a lifetime of memories.

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7. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

Ha! Ha! I've never met a kid or young adult that didn't LOVE Alaska. However, I've met some "old" people that were like 'once is enough' based on the weather. I'd be more concerned about your older kids deciding they would stay forever. Just look at the number of people on this list that went up for just a vacation and now live there.

Columbia, Maryland
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8. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

Instead of a cruise, why not rent an RV and head out on your own with your kids? We did it with our teens and it still rates as one of their most favorite vacations ever. One comment we kept making swhen we werre there was that we were glad to visit Alaska while we were still young enough to enjoy it. The "old people" tended to stick to the main tour sites and hotels. We were able to hike and drive to places that were further off the beaten path. Go for it!

Merchantville, New...
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9. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

I agree with Scott on this issue.

If you are planning a cruise with the kids, the cruise line you pick will make a big difference.......we always sail NCL to Alaska but my husband and I are more laid back and don't need all glitz and glamour some of the other ships carry...

However, you do have kids that need to have their attention span fed.......Some of the larger ships (RCL) do have programs that are geared specifically for certain age groups that will appeal to each level.......some may even have the ability to take the kids as a group to see certain sights. Again, you need to check with the individual cruise lines.

Regardless, if you ever get the opportunity to cruise to Alaska or to go visit, take it, I promise you that you won't be disappointed......

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10. Re: is this a trip for "OLD PEOPLE"? single mom ?

My kids (one boy very outdoorsy, one girl not as much, ages 18 and 20 at the time) loved Alaska. Alaska is amazing and definitely not just for older people. However, I think that, as mentioned above, only you and your children can determine if it's a destination they would enjoy.

What would your children consider fun? I can suggest other "fun" locations for a vacation... Florida Keys (snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing); Salida, CO (excellent white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, ATV tours), etc. The point is that if those are not acitivites your family enjoys, they would not be fun for you.

Take a look through some of the Trip Reports under the "Top Questions" section and see what acitivities others have done. And/or get an Alaskan guide book from the library and check out some of the activities available. Then review the possibilities with your kids and see if they're interested.

Good luck planning!!