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Trip Report Links - Post Here

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Trip Report Links - Post Here

This forum receives many fine trip reports. To provide a convenient way to access them, please post links to your trip reports and relevant pictures on this thread. It would be helpful to readers to indicate the places and dates covered in the TR. If the length of the link is too long for TA to accept, use http://tinyurl.com or a similar service to reduce the length. Happy reading!

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201. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Hope I'm doing this right! trip report for Sedona-GC-Page-MV from June 8-14 2014 ... tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g31352-i168-k76103…

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203. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Here is our Road Trip Review

We took our adventure from Phoenix to Sedona, Monument Valley, Page, Grand Canyon and Vegas. We had some great advice from some of the experts and residents. Thank you all for providing terrific information.

We landed in Phoenix to a cozy 112 degrees. We opted out of an airport car rental, which would have been almost four times as much as an offsite. It was a quick ten minutes by taxi to the offsite rental. We rented from HERTZ, which worked out well. Both the pickup in Phoenix and drop off in Vegas went off without a hitch. We stayed at the PHOENIX AIRPORT NORTH. It was spectacular. The room was a huge split suite with beautiful garden views and free breakfast. The lobby offered snacks, cold drinks, coffee and water. The rate was a whopping $73.00. We were central to all things. We only stayed one night, but had a nice ride through the area. We shopped at the local stores for cases of bottled water, snacks and our ever so faithful cooler, which took us all the way to Vegas, filled with cold ones, water and perishable items. We saved a ton of money on buying our own 24 pk water cases and six packs at each stop we made. We didn’t want to drain each hotel's ice machine, so we filled the cooler half way and followed it up by a bag of purchased ice for the other half.

In Phoenix, we took some pictures of Camelback Mountains and drove through the residents up there. Very nice houses built into the mountains. We were starved for a good meal and ended up at “Donovan’s Steak House”. WOW! Very pricey. We were not permitted to sit in the "formal dining room" because our apparel was less than adequate (shorts and tees.... yeah it was 112 folks) so we were escorted to the bar area (one of my favorite places). Most folks would be put off, but we had a blast and decided to "liven up the place". They served us ice cold beer and complimentary steak sandwiches. They were delish and so was the rest of the meal. Good food, but not worth the prices. But, what to do, you only live once, right?

The following morning, we headed to Sedona. Nothing can prepare you for the drive into Sedona. To date, it's one of my most favorite places. There is a feeling that comes upon you as the Red Rocks, mountains and landscape come into view that is so overwhelming, it’s indescribable. Go there! Just go there!! No picture can do it justice. We were only there (only) four 4 days. Next time it will definitely be longer. We stayed at The Orchards Inn. We had a top floor corner room that was awesome. It had a balcony with a view of both front and side AND while in the bathroom, I lifted the blinds and there was another view. Wow! … is all I can say. Views while paying my dues!! Some will tell you that room and hotel choice doesn't matter because you don't spend much time there, but I disagree. It just makes the experience that much better. It’s not necessary, because you will see it all, but nice just the same. Although, I will tell you that this hotel is really just a Motel that sits on a nice spot. The room we had was refurbished. The free Breakfast was no big deal, but good for fresh fruit, a yogurt and a bagel or pastry for later. The place to eat a great breakfast is the Coffee Pot. They don't open till 6:00am, so we had to skip a few times to be out on our hikes before the brutal sun reared its ugly head. We hiked Devils Bridge, Fay & Boynton Canyon. We were sad to not get to hike West Fork but I know one day we will. We toured Chapel of The Holy Cross & Red Rock Scenic Byway (on the way in). Just a quick downer, Chapel of the Holy Cross is a beautiful place and deserves some respect while inside. When you enter there is a sign that clearly reads Sssshhh (quiet).... People get a sense of calmness and spirituality and sitting quietly, lighting a candle or just admiring the beauty is wonderful. It’s disheartening when children are allowed to run wild all over the alter and loud conversations and hooting and howling occur. It can truly take a moment away. We did take the Pink Jeep tour and I've got to tell you, it was not all that it is built up to be. Perhaps if you take it first before hiking and touring, it could serve as an introduction to Sedona, but we were just not feeling it like we had hoped. There were some great stops for picture taking and the guide had ice cold water refills. It was just OK for us.

We also drove down to Prescott National Forest in Camp Verde and rode some ATV’s. It was fun and the switchbacks are spectacular (but scary to ride) and we got to see wildlife and some super cool huge live honey bee hives. BTW, just a quick bit of advice. Drink, drink, and drink TONS of water. You will not have a good trip if you don't. Down them as often as you can. You don't even realize that you need it. If you are hiking or backpack at a minimum a gallon of water per person. More if you can fit it and some salty sweet snacks too. I like the Nature Valley or KIND bars. They definitely change your energy source and act as a vital replenisher. We drove endlessly around Sedona and each and every corner and turn you take brings another round of beauty. I can go on about that but as I said, just go.

We ate Pizza and the Cowboy Club where they make a delish chicken pot pie. Didn't care for the Rattlesnake bites thou and missed out on Dahl & DiLuca because we didn't feel like dressing up. And then there is Elote …..... which we ate at twice and if I had known about it sooner, there would have been a third time. I didn't know beforehand that Elote is not only #1 in Sedona, but # 2 in the USA. Unique, fresh, fabulous and delish (did I use enough verbs). The margaritas will kick your you know what, the food will surprise and delight you and the history of the owner/chef making will intrigue you. I will caution you, they start serving at 5:00. If you are not there on line by 4:15, you will wait for a while to be seated. But it will still be worth it. Of course, have the guacamole and the signature house appetizer, Elote. Pace yourself because desserts can’t be missed either. Ok, well sadly, I must leave Sedona now and go on to our next stop... Monument Valley.

We took our time up the beautiful 89A and stopped at Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki. As we traveled, the land lit up with what's called "The Painted Desert". It was just beautiful. We took over 3500 pictures on this entire 16 day journey, but I would encourage you to just look. Look, ponder, relax, dream and enjoy. There is no picture that can do that for you. So take some time and let it all soak in. We watched tourists rush through for the perfect picture everywhere we went and never stop to really take it all in.

In Monument Valley, we stayed at The View, which needs no explanation. You are plunked right down in the Valley and the view is great. Sunrise and Sunset are fantastic. See the sunset on the other side of the hotel. They have some nice observation decks. We even caught a fantastic lightening storm in the distance. Sunrise from your balcony is great. Again, I think moments like this can be damped by the loud chatter and yelling back and forth. Go out, sit with your morning beverage and contemplate. Sunrise is a process, rather than a one moment event. The stars at night were also beautiful. We did not get the whole sky because of clouds but what we did get was sufficient and lovely. The rooms at the view are spotlessly clean, comfortable and cozy. We had a second floor room, which was nice. In my opinion, you do not need a top floor and the star view is a waste because you can see the stars completely from any room.

The back road tour of MV was awesome. It’s a must do. If you want to try and do it yourself, not only will you miss the back roads (which you can’t take your vehicle on), but you will put your vehicle through hell. The roads are not good and why you would want to destroy your vehicle is beyond comprehension. Even the Jeeps and SUV's were struggling, especially getting back up. They say many a vehicle is pulled out from over the side of a cliff. It takes hours for road side assistance to get there to get you out and it cost a ton of money. I know some have done it successfully, but the road changes daily based on the weather the night before. Just sit back and let the local take you through. Don't do it!! Besides, you will miss the best parts because you can’t get there on your own. Snake pits, Indian songs and beautiful horses riding by, just to name a few. You only need one night there in Monument Valley. After our morning tour, we ate lunch and moved on to our travel to Page

We arrived in Page in enough time for the last Lower Antelope Canyon Tour (4:00pm) I planned it that way (after reading reviews) and in retrospect, it worked out great!! We ended up touring the Upper and Secret Canyon too and neither can compare to the Lower. First, scratch Hummer Secret Canyon off your list. It’s a 30 minute ride over humps and bumps where the driver attempts to do some wheelies or whatever one does in a Hummer and then you arrive to a second class canyon (compared to the other two). It’s not worth the money or time. Tour the Upper or Lower for 1/3 of the price of Secret Canyon. The upper was super crowded and that took from the actual beauty. Again, it was overrun with tourists snapping pictures and yelling and kids screaming. Sad, but true. The lower was less “kid friendly” probably because of the ladders you have to climb in and out of. I think this is important info for those traveling with children. No offense, but Lower is not the place for you. The ladders are somewhat steep and your babies could get hurt. However, it was the place for us. Stunningly beautiful, with tangerine & purple colors late in the afternoon. There were 8 of us on the tour and we were in heaven snapping pics and enjoying the quiet beauty. Rare, I understand, but we lucked out. Go late, push the limit. Show up right on the 4:00 mark. They will take you and you will be happy you did.

We also took the Colorado River Tour the next morning and it was spectacular. The cold breeze off the water on a hot July morning was refreshing and lovely. We had a great ride through the Dark Damn Tunnel on the bus to get there and a super sweet river guide, who educated us nonstop, refreshed us with cold bandanas dipped in the river and sang beautiful songs for us. As I previously wrote, our tour was combined with the afternoon Hummer Slot Tour and it was extremely disappointing. This would probably be the one tour I would discourage. In Page, too you can pull over/off on scenic routes and get some great pics. We went to the Wahweap Marina for sunset and Glen Canyon Damn for great pics. On our last day we rose super early (while the sun was still making its way up) and took on Horseshoe Bend. The distance was not bad at all. It was just difficult to climb back up in what I refer to as “quick sand”. If you do it early before the orange blaze shows up, it’s good. I did not lie down and get the “good picture”. I was too scared. But we got good pics, none the less. We arrived well after sunrise and it was beautiful. We stayed at the Days Inn which was fine for us. It was a nice place, decent breakfast (hot & cold) and close to everything. One note, there are no balconies unless you get a suite. Instead, there is a railing across the door when you open it. To the mothers, think about that.

On to the Grand Canyon, where we arrive early enough to tour Desert View and then a quick no nonsense check in to Thunderbird, where we found that our lovely Canyon view room had windows that opened with screens for fresh air. Not only was the view fantastic, but we were so looking forward to the night breeze when the temp dropped to 55 and it was fabulous. El Tovar had a good breakfast, decent dinner, but somewhat overpriced. We preferred The Arizona Room. Just a quick note that there are no water bottles sold at GC, so bring your own. There are fill up stations around for refill, but don't rely on them to be everywhere. Again, we arrived with our own cooler, packed with cases of water (Necessary and cheaper).

The bus lines that take you to each point (especially the Red) were very crowded and the lines were long to get on. We had a short experience at the end of the day of our arrival, in the late afternoon. Storms got the best of things and area closed. So we went for dinner and while dining at El Tovar we met two lovely seniors that were "Grand Canyon Regulars". We chatted up about the storm and the crowded buses and before you know it, they were inviting us to join them on their own private tour of all the points. We learned that they had handicap access to where only the busses can go and no traffic is permitted. So they invited us bright and early the following day. It was truly a blessing to be able to tour the Grand Canyon without the tourist bus madness and even more so, with the kind and wonderful wisdom of our new found friends. It was spectacular and a good source for those that wouldn’t otherwise get to tour the points. I'm so very grateful we were able to experience the Grand Canyon this way. I also feel that we made their day too! My favorite place …. YAVAPAI !!!!! , sunset could not have been more magnificent!

On to Vegas .... We included Rt 66 on our itinerary just for the fun of it. Our first stop, Seligman, was cute and fun and we got to sign the Hippy Van. We had decided to drive Rt 66 to Kingman, rather than return to the highway, which was a bit boring with exception to the “fun” little signs warning you about speeding. We didn’t get to stop in Hackenberry, primarily because we never saw the General Store. Must have blown right past it. I’m sorry I missed that, because as I understand it, there is a gentleman there full of fun and wisdom. We did however stop for lunch at Mr. D's, another just OK place. It was nice to experience Rt 66, but I wouldn’t make a big deal about it.

We arrived into the madness of Vegas with its crowded streets and flashing lights. We had been to Vegas many years prior and could swear that it had tripled in size. We checked into the historical (what’s left of it) Flamingo and had a very nice room with a killer view. The only problem was that it was three long hallways away from the elevator. I think when they built hundreds of more rooms on to the existing casino they didn’t plan well for elevator service. Well, what do you want for $44.00 a night? We had a great room that was clean, cool (Vegas was in the 109 temp zone) and comfy. The strip was loaded with people drinking and screaming, loud blaring music coming from the casinos and private BOOM BOXES and people showing off their "wares". A haven for party people, but more than wild with unnecessary behavior. I think Bugsy is turning over in his grave. What once was a "classy" place to go and dress up, fine dine and see a show has turned into mayhem. Still, after three days, two nice size jackpots and some decent food, we were ok with the whole deal.

We felt blessed to be able to experience all that we did and loved our journey! Already planning the next one!

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204. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Trip Report-10 days in Arizona with kids-Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Sedona.


205. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

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206. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Here's the link to my trip report for five days in Sedona from Sept. 20-25, 2014. Thanks to the local experts who helped make our trip so wonderful.


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207. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Spring Break in the Southwest – Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix - with 3 kids

For Spring Break 2013, we headed out West. This was the first “road trip” like this we attempted with the kids. All in all we covered 1200 miles in 10 days, not counting the miles we flew from Washington, DC to Las Vegas and then back home from Phoenix. Probably a little too much time in the car, but the kids were great.

Days 1-3 - Las Vegas

We flew from DC to Las Vegas on a 9:00 am flight, and my in-laws, who joined us on the trip, flew from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. Our flights arrived about an hour apart, so we gathered at the airport before heading out to pick up our mini-van rental for the week.

Because there were 7 of us, I booked a two-bedroom suite with a large living room and 2 bathrooms at Mandalay Bay for 3 nights. The suite was great, and the hotel’s pool (the main reason for my selection), did not disappoint. Well, it didn’t have any water slides, which did disappoint my kids a bit, but it had a giant wave pool on a sandy beach and a lazy river. Mandalay Bay is the last hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It is an enormous hotel, with many restaurants and shops. Valet parking is free, thankfully, because the self-park lot is quite a distance away. We ate one night at The Buffet, which my kids loved. We also ate breakfast and dinner one night at Central. Food in the hotel was not cheap, but I wasn’t expecting it to be.

Would we stay here again? Maybe. I had also considered the Flamingo, based on its pool. The Flamingo is much more centrally located, which is the only reason I might select it if I had to do it over again. While we had no complaints about Mandalay Bay itself, we ended up having to drive more than we wanted to because it was too far to walk.

What We Did in Las Vegas

Circus Circus Adventuredome – My kids LOVE theme parks, so this was a must-do on our list. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the kids loved it. For about $15 each, my kids got wrist bands that allowed them to ride everything as many times as they wanted, and even my 8 year old at 49 inches was tall enough for everything. We got there close to opening at 10:00 am and stayed about 2 ½ hours.

Cirque du Soleil “O” – We all loved this performance at the Bellagio. I booked tickets a few weeks in advance, but only balcony seating was left. Turns out this was perhaps the best place to see the show! At $180 per ticket, this was quite a splurge, but it really was great. We did this on our first night, and jet lag had my 9 year old asleep in his seat just as the show started. We most definitely did not get our money’s worth out of his ticket.

New York New York Manhattan Express Rollercoaster – Did I mention my kids are theme-park junkies? This was not on our to-do list because I knew my youngest son was not tall enough to ride and it was pretty pricey for a single ride (same with rides atop the Stratosphere). However, every time we passed by (it is visible from the street) my other two kids reminded me it was torturing them. So on our last night, my husband and I split up and he took the older two to ride. I planned to take my youngest to Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, but dinner took longer than expected and he was too tired to care. The ride on the coaster was not meant to be, however, because they made my middle son take his shoes off to measure him, and he was a hair too short! It never occurred to me that the measurement would be without shoes, since you ride with shoes on. This caused some disappointed drama, of course, but he bounced back fairly quickly.

Hoover Dam – Apparently, every Spring Breaking family in North America chose to go to the Hoover Dam on the same day we did. It was crowded beyond my wildest imagination. We had tickets for the Power Plant tour, but mostly it just felt like we spent the day waiting in line in our car for a parking space, and then in line for the tour. I can’t say that the kids enjoyed this. I’m sure they would have on a less-crowded day. A big disappointment. My husband and I had been here many years before and really enjoyed it.

Pawn Stars Pawn Shop – My oldest son loves this show, as does my father-in-law, so we thought we would check it out on our way out of town to our next destination. Again, this was obviously a huge spring break destination. We arrived at 10:00 in the morning to find a crazy line snaking around the building. We snapped a picture and kept driving!

Thoughts on Vegas with Kids – The kids enjoyed seeing the sights here. Not a place we will likely revisit with them, but fun for a few days. We had hoped to see the volcano at the Mirage, the pirate battle at Treasure Island, and go see the lights on Freemont Street, but with the sheer size of the city and location of our hotel, we never made it. My husband and I did absolutely no gambling on this trip, which was just fine with us!

Day 4 – Zion National Park

This day was to be our longest drive to our next destination, Page, Arizona. After considering different routes, we decided to go via Zion National Park to break up the 4 ½ hour drive. I’m so glad we did! Southern Utah has amazing scenery. Although the kids didn’t look up from their electronic devices until we actually got inside the park, they really enjoyed getting out and climbing the rocks at various points. Once through the park, we stopped to eat at a ranch that had buffalo and ponies right outside the windows!

Day 5 – Page, Arizona and our float trip down the Colorado River

After leaving Zion, we checked into 2 rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott in Page, Arizona. The hotel was pleasant and nice, and included free breakfast, always a huge plus!

Our float trip left from the base of the Glen Canyon dam, a smaller but no-less-impressive version of the Hoover Dam – with no crowds! The trip was about 3 ½ hours, and the weather was perfect. We stopped for lunch along the way, and the kids were able to get out and play in the water and look at some Native American Petroglyphs. We all enjoyed this trip, but I think the kids were hoping it would have been a little more of a “white water rapids” type of trip. It was definitely not.

After the float trip, we headed to our next destination, the Grand Canyon. Because of a recent landslide and road closure, we had to take a one-hour detour. Never pleasant to make a long drive longer. We stopped for dinner shortly before arriving, and entered the gates to the Grand Canyon after dark, which means we didn’t see a thing. We checked into our next hotel, Kachina Lodge. This hotel is literally on the rim of the Grand Canyon. The view from inside our room was nothing short of amazing, but we wouldn’t know this until the next morning since it was dark when we arrived.

Day 6 – Grand Canyon National Park

Because of the location of the hotel, the rooms book up fast. The Park Service recommends booking a full year in advance. I booked the rooms six months in advance, and was not able to get our first choice, the El Tovar hotel immediately next door. After seeing both properties, however, either would have been equally fine. We did eat in the El Tovar dining room for dinner, and it was probably the best meal of the trip! You can book reservations 60 days in advance. I called on day 59 and was only able to get 5:00 pm, so don’t delay if you want to eat here.

What We Did at the Grand Canyon

We walked around and drive around to some of the different vantage points, which we all enjoyed. Our family – minus my inlaws – did hike down about a mile or so on the Bright Angel Trail, which we all enjoyed.

I highly recommend the free movie in the Visitor Center. It was very well done and explained how the Canyon came to be.

We also traveled just outside the gates to watch the Grand Canyon Imax Movie. This was a huge disappointment. It was not nearly as good as the free movie from the park service, and cost about $10 per person. Worse yet, there was a line of cars to get back into the park when we finished. More time sitting in the car, yuck!

Day 7 – Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona, and Slide Rock State Park in Sedona

Our next stop was to be Sedona, Arizona. I noticed online reference to a little side trip to the best preserved Meteor Crater that would take us about an hour total out of our way. I agonized a little about whether to go, but we decided our kids would like it. It was easy to get to, and the visitor center was nice. We opted not to go on the hour walking tour around the crater (it was pretty hot and the kids were tired), but the movie was interesting. While certainly not a “must do,” if your kids are into science and space, this is a worthwhile side trip.

We finally got into Sedona on Friday night, just as the rest of the Spring Break crowd also apparently arrived. The traffic through town was bumper-to-bumper awful. We decided to stop off at Slide Rock State Park to let the kids run around. This fun park consisting of natural rock “water slides” is only $10 per car. The water was freezing, but the kids had fun at this unique park.

Day 8 – Sedona and Pink Jeep Tour

For our two nights in Sedona, we stayed at Sedona Summit. This is actually a time-share resort, but they rent individual units and we had an amazing two-bedroom/two bathroom unit with a full kitchen. The complex had several pools, a playground, and lots of organized activities, of which we took advantage of exactly none! We checked out on Easter Sunday, but had we stayed the day they had all kinds of kids activities planned. I would absolutely stay here again, although I might also check out Hyatt’s Pinion Point only because it was located right in the center of downtown and wouldn’t have required us to drive everywhere.

We started our full day in Sedona with a Pink Jeep tour. We took the 2-hour Broken Arrow tour, and had a jeep and guide for the 7 of us all to ourselves. We really got lucky here. Our guide, Rob, was amazing. He was funny, engaging, and great with the kids. The kids absolutely loved this 4 wheeling adventure!

After lunch, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is really spectacular, and then headed to Bell Rock Mountain for some hiking. Again, the kids loved climbing the rocks here.

For our two dinners in Sedona, we ate at the Barking Frog (excellent) and Picazzos (not bad).

Day 9 – Phoenix and Wet ‘N Wild

I really hadn’t had anything planned for the last full day. I figured we would leisurely leave Sedona and drive to Phoenix. But even though the kids had been so good with all of the time in the car, I knew it was wearing on them, and I wanted to end the trip on a high note. Some quick online research and I discovered we would be going right by a Wet ‘N Wild water park. So as we departed Sedona, we informed the kids of the day’s plans. Woo hoo! Only an hour and a half later, we were at Wet ‘N Wild. My in laws are not exactly the water-park type, and truthfully neither is my husband, so he dropped us off and headed to our next hotel in Scottsdale with them. Apparently they spent the afternoon in Old Town Scottsdale sipping margaritas! The kids and I had a great time at Wet ‘N Wild. Despite it being spring break, it was not crowded, and the weather was perfect. Maybe because it was Easter Sunday and locals likely would have had better things to do.

We spent the evening at a fun restaurant in Old Towne Scottsdale called the Chop House. We sat outside, and for dessert the kids got ‘smores kits they were able to roast on the outdoor fire pit.

We spent our final night in 2 rooms at the Comfort Suites in Scottsdale. The hotel was perfectly nice, included free breakfast, and was convenient to the airport for our 10:00 am flight.

Day 10 – Homeward Bound

The hotel was just a short drive to Sky Harbor airport. All in all, I would rate this trip very highly. I always poll the kids about our various vacation activities, and they all rated the Pink Jeep Tour and Wet N Wild as the best things we did.

What Would We Do Differently?

I would probably just go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon via the southern route, then Sedona, then depart from Phoenix without going to Page. There is a similar float trip near Lake Mead we could have done, which would have eliminated about 6 hours in the car. This would have removed Zion National Park, which I really enjoyed, but I do think we spent a little too much time in the car. I would definitely stay at Mandalay Bay again and the suite was perfect for us, but I might consider staying somewhere more central so we didn’t have to take the car out as much as we did. We loved our time in Sedona and our hotel choice there was also excellent. If we had stayed right in town it might have eliminated some driving, but not that much.

We invited my in-laws along on this trip because they had never seen the West, and I thought it would be fun for the kids. I’m so glad they came! They were the best kind of guests. They were up for anything, complained about nothing, and we all enjoyed our time together. Since we don’t live near them and don’t get to see them often, it was a great way to spend some quality time with them.

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208. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

My 4-part saga on hiking the North Kaibab Trail of the Grand Canyon from the N. Rim to the river and back begins here -


Each of the 4 instalments is posted as a separate post but there is a link to the next instalment in the comments/replies in the first 3 parts, so they can be accessed in order if starting from the above.

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209. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here


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210. Re: Trip Report Links - Post Here

Over the long break of the holiday season, we visited Red Rock Canyon NCA, Valley of the Fire SP, Hoover Dam(passing through), and Death Valley NP. We had also driven parts of the Historic Route 66, and stayed overnight at GC. We then made our way to Phoenix, passing Wupakti NM, and Sedona.

We flew into Las Vegas, did a one way rental from Las Vegas airport, and dropped off the rental car in Phoenix airport (where we flew out). We had a very good deal from Alamos. Below was our itinerary for this trip.

Day 1- Arriving late at night, checked in to Towneplace suites in Henderson for a 2 night stay.

Day 2- Visited Red Rock Park (drove the 13 mile scenic drive and stopped at overlooks); continued to Valley of the Fire SP-fantastic for some good hikes; then we drove the Northshore Drive to Hoover Dam (a lot of people visiting the dam, so we decided just to drive through the dam area). More Details Continued On : http://www.ashisoft.com/

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