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FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

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FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Roatan by potential visitors is "How safe will I be?" Certainly reports about the high violent crime rate in Honduras trigger reasonable concerns for folks who have not experienced Roatan.

My hope is that people will take this opportunity to give their most helpful opinions and advice about safety of tourists on Roatan and that this topic will eventually be saved to the FAQs column on the right hand side of the page for Roatan.

Though a review of the forums over the past several years would result in a list of some well-publicized crime events, I'm hoping that without sweeping any real concerns under the rug, we also won't dwell too much on isolated anecdotes.

Let's try to have a respectful discussion of the range of opinions!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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91. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

I was in Roatan March of 2013. Two blonde girls, staying in Fosters right over the beach. We were completely safe the entire 10 days we were there. No funny feelings. No feeling insecure. If anything, we made tons of friends both local and travelling. Now I'm going back to Roatan and I have no concern whatsoever regarding safety aside from the normal "Common Sense" issues that can be experienced ANYWHERE including my personal neighborhood.

The ONLY sidenote I'll add is that after walking quite a ways up the beach from West End towards West Bay (there was a storm preventing water taxis from running and we were trying to save money) we later were warned against theft in the area. Turns out as we were staring at the sand as we walked, we missed the HUGE signs hanging from the trees that said "walk this beach at your own risk" but then again, it was in Spanish, and we were fine! :)

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92. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

A family member and I spent the night before a cruise in Miami in 2012 with no issues of crimes. My mom and her sis did the same last year with no issues. So, I don't know what specific crimes took place for the UK to post an advisory on , but okay, whatever

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93. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

I was on vacation in Roatan Feb 1 - 8, 2014 & stayed @ Coco View Resort. I used my credit card 2 times @ the resort & once @ the Roatan Airport gift shop. On Feb 20th, I received a call from the VISA fraud department. My credit card was compromised. Someone had tried to use the Visa # 7 times within a 9 minute period @ Diamond Bank PLC. I contacted the resort via email immediately & still have not received a response.

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94. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

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95. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

good to know. I will leave the credit cards on the ship when I'm in port and carry very little cash. We will be there at Mahogany bay for one day as a port stop in July. i too am wondering about the general safety in the area. I am hearing from so many people here at work etc. that I am crazy to be going to Roatan, Belize, Cozumel, and Costa Maya etc. because they are all so dangerous. Thoughts on this?

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96. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

"travelgirlm82" i'm pretty sure the crime rate in all the places you mentioned is lower than some u.s. cities. perhaps your co workers should stick to talking about places they know something about, like indiana dunes (although thats pretty close to the very dangerous gary, indiana). :)

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97. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

Mahogany Bay is a neat little containerized happy valley type of experience, essentially a gated community of commerce and a simulated Roatan Honduras experience.

I still wouldn't use a credit card or leave an iPad on the counter, but otherwise the biggest fear would be getting sunburned or stubbing ones toe in the paver blocks.

People at work used to get all goofy when you said you were going to Honduras. They remembered the Central American fighting of 1982. (As in, "aren't you afraid of the gorillas... Guerrillas?) Since most of that generation has retired from the workplace, the current generation of co-workers had to pick some other fear to warn you about.

So, to answer your specific question, Mahogany Bay is pretty much-so a slightly cheaper version of Six Flags, complete with a carnival ride and your typical phony Caribbean Harley-Davidson shop that has never sold a motorcycle, just licensed clothing. You are free to buy all sorts of Guatemalan imports as well.

As far as Indiana, the fearsome free fire zone of Gary is a long way from Indianoplace just to visit Michael Jackson's home, but the real threat noted at the Indiana Dunes are the hollow pockets under the root structures of long dead trees. These holes are known to gobble up the likes of kids named Timmy, thus causing Lassie to go and get help.

There are no such holes at Mahogany Bay, thus no need for super smart Collie dogs.

Go, have fun.

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98. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

TravelGirl, people understandably get a false impression of the region from new headlines. That's not the reality.

We've just returned from two years in Honduras, and have travelled in the other places you mentioned.

It's not dangerous. It's good to use common sense about walking in areas you don't know after dark and not carrying obvious valuables and not getting drunk. (Especially in larger cities.) But you would do that in Canada or the U.S. as well.

Overall, these are great, secure places to visit and people are keen that you like their country.

Malaga, Spain
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99. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

True Honduras mainland has a high rate of crime. Having said that I have been to most of the large towns in the last nine years and I have never seen any crime. Roatan is very different. and laid back. I stay in West End which is rapidly becoming the Ibiza of Central America for young rich Hondurans. They are out to have fun like everyone else. Never had or seen a problem there. Enjoy your stay.. Oddly enough the busiest night is Thursday.

Toronto, Canada
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100. Re: FAQ - How safe is Roatan for tourists?

Thanks for the tip on false charges to the room. Sounds like fraud to me. I'am considering travel to Roatan and these post's are informative. Have been to Cuba many times without incident. Have been to Mexico with incidents.

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