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What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

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What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I have read some of the older posts, but didn't have time to scour the threads on the subject.. long story short, got hubby to agree to a heli ride. but he has really bad motion sickness and gets REALLY grumpy when he's not feeling sick or nauseous from it. I'd rather miss this amazing opportunity (whine, cry, kick, sniffle, i'm ok... for now...) than be stuck with a miserable man.

He claims to have taken motion sickness meds before and they didn't work... btw.

I'd like to book with Jack Harter (doors on). I've seen recommendations for other companies, but what are my chances for going with JH and not having a sick husband? I've read about the behind the ear patch and will ask him to check on that too.. has anyone experienced side effects with that? Will also be sure to check out the ginger pills! :o)

Mahalo in advance!

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1. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I use the patches for sailing all the time. The key is to put the patch on the night before and don't drink alcohol while using them. You get a little dizzy at first (I use just a half and know you aren't supposed to but it does the job for me) which is why I put it on for the first time the night before. My son's eyes get a bit blurry at first but it goes away quickly. I get sea sick, air sick, Ferris Wheel sick, you name it and they work for me. Ginger pills are fine too. There is an old thread on a recipe for making ginger pills. Type in ginger pills and see if an old post from Mauiman pops up. Also ask the copter company if there is a particular seat that is better for anti nausea. I've been on a few rides without patches and only got sick once. The pilot thought he was back in Vietnam and was dipping and bopping around and yuck it made me sick. That was on Maui. Anyway I use patches (Dr needs to prescribe) and they sure do the trick for me. He can take it off right after.

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2. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I NEVER get sea or car sick, however, I have taken Dramamine non-drowsy formula when we go out on long snorkel/diving cruises, and it is wonderful. When we were in Kona on the Fairwinds for snorkeling, a lady got really seasick. The crew gave her ginger, which was not helping. I had extra Dramamine and gave them to her. Within minutes she was feeling so much better, she was wondering if she could eat something. I believe the Dramamine would work for the heli ride as well. Aloha!

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3. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I get sea sick, motion sick pretty easily and Dramamine always works for me. I just started using the Less-Drowsy Formula and it worked perfect. I didn't get motion sickness on the helicopter ride (I took Dramamine) but I also didn't think I needed it on the day we went out, the ride wasn't bumpy at all. But you never know, so if he is prone to motion sickness he might as well go ahead and take one. (Also make sure he takes the pill an hour before the activity. If he really is concerned, he can even take one the evening before, and then take one again an hour before the helicopter ride the next day....

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4. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

My husband also gets terrible motion sickness. Here's a couple of things that have worked for him.

Solaray Ginger Trips wafers: no drowsy side effects and you can take them even after you start to feel queasy which is helpful. There are accu-pressure wrist bands that may be helpful, though it isn't as obvious a help as the ginger for him. My hubby finds that the OTC med's (Gravol, etc) make him feel really drowsy which actually makes things worse (he finds being alert when dealing with the motion is better), but of the ones he's tried, Bonine was the best.

Try experimenting with some different things before you go and that way you can find which ones work the best and it will also help to build his confidence before the ride.

Best of luck to you and have a wonderful time!

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5. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I get terrible motion sickness on the helicopter tours. I've used Bonine but it still makes me feel weird. I prefer the doors off helicopter tour since I get a bit of air and I don't get quite as sick.

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6. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I suppose his not going and you going would be out of the question?

This sounds "terrible" I am sure but we do hear about couples where one goes on a golfing day at a legendary course and the other to a spa...

Is it really both or nothing? If both, you could try Antivert or the patch (do NOT touch patch then touch face!) but if I were another passenger and someone on there was airsick and knew in advance it was likely I'd think they had been very self-centered.

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7. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

You have more than one problem.

One is your hubby is flat convinced that he will be sick flying in the helo.

Well, he more than likely will be just that. He will be GRUMPY big time, and that could effect other aspects of your visit.

Plus, on board the aircraft, are several other people, and the pilot....air sickness by one person, speaking into the white mike ( barf bag) with the retching and the smell.....high possibility of others being effected as well.

Even those who are not suseptable to air sickness. This is not good...they also ponied up a few hundred bucks to fly, and their day is ruined in more ways than one. Not to mention incapicitation of the pilot.

Having been a professional pilot, as well as a professional sailing and power boat capt......I have had experience with folks who are highly suseptable to motion sickness. ( 30 plus years worth ). More with flying the air combat dogfights, but also some with sailing charters.

Regardless of what ever motion sickness remedy that your hubby may use, just because it worked for someone else, does not mean that it will work for him.

If it were my mate, who warned me of becoming air sick, and I insisted on them taking meds, and flying, and then they were blowing chunks all over themselves , and into the bag, and effecting others, I would not allow that senario to begin, I would just go on my own....

Reward time......it is only an hour flight time.....once you are back on the deck, then you treat your best beloved to a special lunch, or fun thing that he might really enjoy, and not be concerned about motion sickness.

All will be happy, no stress, and no anger. Everyone feeling good.


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8. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

Lots of good advice here. I've used the patches (scopalimine) (sp?), but just for really bad stuff like sleeping on a sailboat. Usually Bonine does a great job for anything else. I always take one before any flight including helicopters. If you decide to take Bonine, do yourself a favor and ask your druggist for 25mg. meclizine, which is the generic for Bonine. You do NOT need a presciption and you can get it for around $5 for 100 versus Bonine at around $5 for 10.

Encinitas, CA
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9. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

Thanks all for the really good thoughts here (Denny, I was cracking up reading your post- if anyone remembers the Goonies movie; it kinda reminded me of Chunk's barf story!). Yes, I did complain to him that he should be positive and not expect to be sick.. but he's as stubborn as I am and kind of a brat sometimes... so it may take a while until I get him to "promise" that he will have a good attitude, and by that time, there might be no room left for him OR me on the heli.

And Honu_Ohana, I jokingly (sort of not jokingly) mentioned to him that I could go and he could take a hike (haha) or surf, just to see what he would say, and he took it actually worse than I had expected him to. Who knows.. I might convince him in the next week that it wouldn't be a bad thing if just I go. Cuz I totally get what Denny is saying... his 'tude is nasty to begin with, and I just don't want to have to baby him that whole time and I don't want it to be a miserable experience for everyone else (not to mention a disastrous "chunk" session).

the other day, though, he was talking about the list of things we wanted to do on the island, and with a half-smile on his face he said "all I want to do is go to the beach and relax,... (pause)... and maybe take a helicoptor ride." :o) I love the guy!

We'll see what happens! But it was really good to see that there are many folks who are prone to motion sickness but were still able to enjoy the ride! Thanks so much for your posts! :o)

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10. Re: What did YOU do for your motion sickness on a heli ride?

I'm very prone to motion sickness so I always take dramamine. The patches have not worked for me in the past so I prefer the pill. I don't mind feeling a bit tired, as opposed to feeling sick. Our family took a helicopter ride and my daughter & I took dramamine, whereas my husband (who never gets sick) did not. The ride felt a little wavey at times and is nowhere as smooth as an airplane. Even with the dramamine I still felt a little off and my husband felt very ill. Still it was an amazing experience ... but I don't think we'll do it again ...