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Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Kauai, Hawaii
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Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Pretty nice weather as our trade winds have returned, and were fairly moderate. A few passing showers, but due to the airmass moving along at a good clip, they would pass very quickly.

Erica suggested that we go to JOES ON THE GREEN for their early bird breakfast, ( 07:00am to 8:30 am) and then hike along the cliffs and dunes trail from Makawhehi Point ( near the hyatt ) over to about CJM stables and back.

She also added that breakfast was on her. Let's Go !


Our absolutely hands down favorite place for breakfast on Kauai.

Located on the south shore, you over look the Kiahuna golf course and mountains. Open air ambiance.

We were treated to old memories of when we were visitors and ate breakfast there a couple of times each vacation. It always feels ood to us, there.

Service was excellent, and friendly, with lots of aloha. Sun was out, but we ate inside, due to the fairly strong trades if we ate outdoors. Still, it is all open with great views.

Our meals, choice of meat, two eggs , hashbrown home fries, and toast was $ 6.95. Yep, I am an expensive date.

We were the only ones there, a few folks were coming in as we left, but still the restaurant was nearly empty.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DUNES AND CLIFF TRAIL:

Trades kept us cool, and still enjoy seeing the coastal ocean and mountain view, with the waves crashing on shore.

The Poipu Bay Golf Course, which is along some of the trail, was also deserted, since it was closed. We had not only the ocean views, but the palm trees and greens of the golf course, and Mt. Haupu and the Kipu mountain range.

Wonderful walk and met a few hikers and runners.

It was great seeing entire families out to enjoy the day, and feel good sharing with mother nature.

Shipwreck Beach at the Hyatt, had only about 8 people out sunning, with a few local surfers riding the waves.

Marvelous way to begin our day. And for visitors who want an in-expensive breakfast and healthy pleasant start of a morning, the above is a pretty good idea..


Drove home to Banyan Harbour, and watched some NFL. Erica walked up to our hilltop pool.

Our plan for dinner was PLATATION GARDENS for their Thanksgiving feast. We also got a call from a friend who was heading over to the Nawilili Tavern. They were having a special thanksgiving dinner for those who live here, and have families back on the mainland, far away.

So, we headed over there prior to driving to poipu to talk story, have a libation and share some aloha hugs. Very nice, but had to get on the road.


I selected Plantation Gardens for our thanksgiving dinner due to the home style plantation house ambiance. It was very nice.

As our normal plan, got there early, and Erica likes to walk through to quite profuse orhcid gardens.

Rservations were for 6pm, and it was about 5:30 when we walked to the reception podium. Greeted the young woman with an aloha attitude and smile...which was immediately reciprocated.

I told her that our reservations were for 6 pm, and we could hang in the bar. She said that she had a table ready for us now if we wished.

Leading us thru the interior area, we were seated at the railing on the Lanai...exactly what we had hoped for. Perfect, overlooking the green gardens and lilly pod and fish ponds.

Oh , a black crested night Heron showed up, and perched himself on one of the rocks to select his own version of a thanks giving feast....fresh fish.

I asked the waiter for a Myers rum.....he came back with two glasses, with a small sample of the two rums that they had , since they did not have Myers.

OK...this is cool, Took some tastes, and selected the one that he actually suggested. He said that it was from Maui. Good stuff.

Our dinners were excellent, and the service, fun. Seems to always work out that way most every time.....98 % of the time, anyway.

We ordered the thanksgiving special, and the servings were perfect. Turkey , dressing, mashed potatoes, extra gravy, and a cran berry spread. Also came with fresh vegies. And of course the holiday pumpkin pie.

The amount of food was perfect for us, Erica ate all of hers, and I did pretty good , but still had a little dressing left over. Wanted to save some room in that little compartment for desert.

Easy drive home after sunset, and not much traffic. Pretty mellow on kauai island.

Oh, we did call back to the mainland to wish our Ohanas a happy thanksgiving, and I also sent out a kauai pic of one of our waterfalls, and a short note.......early that morning.

It is now friday morning, sun is just rising, a few scatterd trade wind cumulous clouds, and a rain shower decening from one of them, but well off shore.

Trades are beginning to rustle the palm fronds, and it is actually cool and comfortable and about 73 degrees. A totally peaceful early Kauai Morning.

Have a most wonderful continuing Thankgiving Holiday, no matter where you might be.


Denny and Erica

Kaua'i, HI
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1. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Aloha from Kaua'i!

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving day Denny and Erica - glad you made the most of it!

So here is another version of Thanksgiving Day - Kaua'i Style!

Up at 4:30 (ugh!!!) - out the door at 5:15am - couple of chores having to do with critters (those who know me will understand!) - then onto Waimea - one stop at Cujo's Mini Mart in Kalaheo for coffee and a couple ume rice balls for breakfast.

Got to Waimea at around 6:30 roughly - gorgeous sunrise!!! Dougie hit the road running up to Koke'e Park - I drove his truck and was his mobile aid station with water, etc. Took some gorgeous pics of Ni'ihau with the sun just hitting it on the way up (Western approach) - got to Kanaloahuluhulu Meadows and enjoyed the sunshine and misty clouds passing through.

Hubby enjoyed his giant Diet Pepsi after his run! I scored a Queen Emma Festival t-shirt at the Museum there - I was working at the Kaua'i Museum that day and wasn't able to attend, so I was happy to get the last shirt in my size - hooray! I've got one from every year for the last 10 years or so!

Drove up to Pu'u o Kila lookout - rough road there, talk about pukas! But nice new bathroom and the view, although light clouds were scudding by, was gorgeous with rainbows appearing and then disappearing. Took some beautiful pics. Hardly anyone about, which is nice when you have someplace to yourself like that for awhile - gives you a real chance to reflect and be Thankful for where you live and good friends!

Driving back, I picked bunches of yellow ginger that were growing like crazy all over - I actually was surprised that there was so much of it out this late in the year - looked like acres of it!

So, our plan was to have Thanksgiving "lunch" at a buffet at Waimea Plantation Cottages and we'd made reservations for noon - when we got there, we found out (my bad entirely) that it wasn't in fact a buffet, but a 3 course meal.

This was bad news because neither of us could eat the entree (turkey) and that left us only with one serving of salad and some mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes with pie for dessert - shoots! As I said my bad entirely, I didn't read the menu well enough to understand that it wasn't a buffet (where we could have had more of the things we could eat) - so.....all dressed up (well, kinda!) and no place to go!

We ended up grabbing a macadamia cream pie from Wong's in Hanapepe and going to Grinds in Ele'ele and having an omlette (which was good!) for our Thanksgiving meal! Don't get me wrong, it was a great omlette, but not quite the ambiance or meal that I was hoping for at the W.P.C.!

Home and watched a French film (hourra!) and had a piece of pie (yum!) and then to bed - hubby had to be at Costco at 7am this morning - they are opening half an hour early - don't know why 'cause they don't run sales on Black Friday, but nonetheless there is always a big line to get in!

So the moral of the story is this: when things don't work out the way you thought - make the most of it and you'll find out it isn't so bad after all! lol

Malama Pono,


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2. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Sounds like you both had a beautiful day on Kauai! Plantation Garden would have been my choice for dinner, also. Thank you for sharing!

Kauai, Hawaii
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3. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade hoping to see DH's cousin's kid, who was a balloon handler for SpongeBob. No such luck; they didn't show but one group of handlers, and that briefly.

We pretty much took it easy, watched a bunch of taped TV shows that DH doesn't get to see due to his travel schedule. He's been working hard weeding and deserves the down time.

Dinner was at Hukilau Lanai, and we both had the traditional dinner. Good turkey, stuffing and mashed sweet and white potatoes along with a salad. The appetizer Sweet Potato Ravioli was good. Didn't like the lilikoi-cranberry sauce much; it was quite sour. Still, a good dinner with excellent service. When they found that they were booked up with a long wait list they opened up the banquet room with a number of tables. It was quite nice. We were by the wall of open windows, and it was quieter than in the main rooms. I'd request it next time.

Then home to DH's home-made pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. Yummy!

Dallas, Texas
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4. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

How lovely to read about Thanksgiving Kauai style. Thanks for taking the time to share. My son and girlfriend came and I had way too much food! Shared with the neighbors also.

Watched Dallas actually play football{Thanks Roy Williams} haha.

Great cold misty windy day spent inside with family!!

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5. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Denny and Erica - this is our first time to Kauai, and we too hadThanksgiving breakfast at Joe's . Been there 3 times already ! That tells you how much we also like it. Then it was on to the Mala.....trails - we probably passed you on the trail somewhere. We wondered why no one was on the golf course. We originally had planned to go the Plantation Gardens for Thanksgiving turkey, but cancelled our reservation and opted for the beauty of the Tidepools at the Hyatt.Like you, we were seated at a wonderful table right by the fish ponds and waterfalls. Beautiful ambience, and meal.

Thanks to all the TA people, we have enjoyed a fantastic 9 days in Kauai - so far. Tomorrow we leave for Princeville for another 4 days.

The most thrilling thing we have done was the Jack Harter "doors off" helicopter tour. I didn't think I'd have the nerve, but DH really wanted to try it, and I am so glad we did. Amazing!!

Besides hanging out at the beach at the Sheraton, some shopping and visiting other beaches, we have tried many restaurants recommended. I think our favorite fun one was Keokis Paradise - 3 times there as well. Also loved Dukes, malasadas at the KMart ladies stand,Merrimans, Plantation Gardens - too many to remember them all !

We would never have found these places if it werent for all you wonderful people taking time to write. Salt Pond Beach has been our favorite sunset place so far - and the food from Da Imu hut (forgot to pick up the lillikoi pie at Wongs. ) Hanapepe Art night was also intersting !

Anyway, thanks again, and Im sure we will have just as much fun up at Princeville. Cant wait to see the high surf !

Kauai, Hawaii
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6. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style


Great stuff........we were hiking from makawehi pt. near shipwreck, to about CJM stables. Share greetings with most everyone.

We , obviously , we were one couple, pretty fit, big smiles, 5'6", I was just in board shorts on the way back.

It was great to see, single runners, couples and families out enjoying the morning air, and coastal views.

It was a very special thanksgiving day and happy to see that you are having a marvelous vacation .

Enjoy your up north adventures. You are gonna love it !


Kailua, Hawaii
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7. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

My son and his wife, who live in Princeville, told me of their Kauai Thanksgiving with about 30 friends, which they billed as a "Pot Luck Triathlon", at Anini Beach.

Seems that each person attending, besides bringing the pot to share, has to participate in at least three of the "sports".

Lots of choices:




Stand-up paddling

Guitar playing



and others, equally strenuous.



rhode island
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8. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Oh Denny,

Thank you for the wonderful post! I always read your posts because you make me feel as though I am on Kauai, and you obviously speak with such love for your island and your fellow man.

Mahalo, friend, and have a wonderful holiday. We hope to see you in May.

Venice, Florida
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9. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Happy Thanksgiving to Denny, Erica and all our other TA friends. Thought for awhile we were going to have Kauai-like weather here in the Ouachitas, but alas, a cold front came in Thursday morning. We had been topping out at 75 degrees all week and on Thanksgiving Day -- 50 degrees and steady rain -- boo hoo. No turkey on the Big Green Egg. We have had several wonderuful Kauai Thanksgivings over the years -- we always ate at Gaylords at Kilohana -- I don't know if it is the same now. Best wishes to everyone.


Kaua'i, HI
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10. Re: Thanksgiving day , Kauai Style

Aloha from Kaua'i!

Alas, Gaylord's is no more - there is a new restaurant in its place and it has been getting mixed reviews - I haven't eaten there (Latitude __) so no pros or cons from me other than the location is still beautiful!

One piece of macadamia nut cream pie from Wong's left - hubby and I will have to split it tonite! Then all our leftovers (lol) are pau!

Malama Pono,