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hawaiian air boarding questions

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hawaiian air boarding questions

They don't seem to publish the answer to my question on HA's website so I thought some of the gurus here would know :)

I'm a bit stressed out about boarding my mainland-HI flight because I've been burned recently by not having space in the bins to put my solitary, size-compliant carryon. I don't have any status with Hawaiian and I'm in a normal coach seat (not preferred). Can someone enlighten me as to how Hawaiian boards their planes?

Aside from borrowing someone's toddler, I'm curious what I can do to maximize my chances of having bin space. Does Hawaiian board from back to front?

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1. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

Funny we were just on an inter island flight and I can't completely remember, but what I do remember is their bins seemed bigger than most. I remember they board first class first and I "think" they start from the back to front. But not sure.

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2. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

They are actually pretty good...after 1st class and special needs passengers are boarded they start boarding by rows from the back of the plane. On our recent flights they announced that passengers should only use the bins above their seats. We always get seats toward the front of the plane and are among the last to board and never had in issue with bin space for our carry-ons.

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3. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

Don't worry if it's compliant it will fit under the seat in front of you and you can use as a foot rest too.

Bring less. If you have a condo just wash cloths and wear again.

The most enjoyable flights are when walking to you seat arms swinging and sitting right down and watching others scramble and shove at the bins.

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4. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

<<Aside from borrowing someone's toddler, I'm curious what I can do to maximize my chances of having bin space. Does Hawaiian board from back to front?>> LOL, I saw a very Scandinavian business associate of mine (suit/tie/briefcase) spontaneously assist an African American woman with her children so he could get on a packed-out SWA flight one afternoon. He scooped up the little kid, he smiled, she smiled ... and they were off to Orange County (read: Disneyland). It got a big laugh from the rest of us standing in line. Commuter flyers can be kindred spirits.

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5. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

If there aren't any convenient harried mothers of toddlers hanging about, can you fake a good limp?

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6. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

On our flight LAX-HNL, they boarded from back to front. For once we had a forward row 12 instead of being in the far back....we were the last to get on....this was on the Airbus A330...we each had a wheeled, legal sized carry-on.....no problem with stowing them close to our seats.

Kauai, Hawaii
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7. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

We fly american, and follow the size limit rules for our wheeled carryon....so far so good. We are also fly coach no frills...seat, seat belt, wings, and engines. We bring out own book, ear plugs and sleeping mask. Just get us to where we want to go.

We are always pleasant to the flight attendents, and briefly make a postitive comment to the pilots, if they are standing near the exit door as the thundering herds are deplaning. " Nice landing with that crosswind; Great job of hand flying, skipper", or some other relevent short comment of appreciation.

Good thing is that we are early, line up when they call our group, and do not have more bags to stow than are allowed. I am aware of the overhead baggage stowage room, so if I have a back pack, or what ever, it fits under the seat ahead of me, and as suggested by another poster, in flight I can use it as foot rest and it raised my hamstrings up a bit higher and makes it much for morecomfortable as those seats in the 757 are torture implements. By stowing bags under the seat, we have allowed some extra overhead space for others.

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8. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

We have never had a problem and usually are the last group to be called but I do stand as close as possible to the line up and be the first in line or close to when they call our rows.

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9. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

Just go ahead and board whenever you want, and don't worry about your group number. That's what everyone else does anyway and I have never seen any attendant turn away somebody for trying to board too early.

(Obviously just kidding, kind of a personal gripe of mine)

Hayden Lake, ID
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10. Re: hawaiian air boarding questions

The last time I flew HA inter island I recall there being open seating. Do they assign seats now?