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Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

Atlanta, Ga
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Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

Hi everyone,

I am an excited little bug when it come to Hawaii. Will be my first time there. Is 3 day stay on each island be too short. Appreciate experience from people whose been there.


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1. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

In my opinion - 3 days is not enough per island. Oahu still has beautiful places, but is very commercial, and certain locations have been over-run by tourism. My advice would be to focus on two islands, vs. going for 3 in three days.

I just spent 6 days in Maui - which I found to be plenty (5 would have been enough), but then I spent 5 days in Kaui, and we still could have done a few more activities/sights.

Ultimately, it depends on how active you are, and what your priorties are in terms of sight-seeing/activities. Don't forget - you're going to have to deal w/ some jet-lag, and inter-island charters don't always get you there on time, so you have to plan with some flexibility.

kohala coast, hawaii
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2. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

if you spend 3 days on 3 islands, you will spend one third of your trip packing, checking out of hotels, standing for hours in line at airports, checking into hotels, and unpacking again. it may only be a half hour flight, but it will use up an entire day of your precious time. stay on 1 island, or at most 2. enjoy.

MN prior HI SD and...
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3. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

snooks and Mauna Kea Lady both have good points

Used to be at the Hono airport one could temp store

luggage a few days. and use a carry on for outer isl trips.

Thing is for me I would decide which Island works best

make it the headquarters islands and perhaps do day trips.

If you go to Kaua'i well I am a Hanalei type gal

Bali Hai and Puff the Magic Dragon inspired areas

I dont know how long I could stomach hearing wise only

being in Po'ipu area & hearing the mispronounciation of the

district as Poy like TOY poo okay preach again but it is

Po breath eee poo.

so anyhow for your three Island I would say branch

out from O'ahu

Come to HAWAII to restore your "batteries" not drain em


MN prior HI SD and...
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4. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

I am sure you all would like me to stop Preaching

so I found a pretty easy site on the Hawaiian Language

Aunti lani I think as a more intense one but try check

the attached link. They are located in Hawaii BTW

Aloha KA kou


and have fun Travelers

Austin, TX
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5. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

My advice is to stay at two islands instead of three. Also, I'd stay AWAY from Oahu. We've been to all the Hawaiin Islands several times and finally decided to spend some time on Oahu on Waikiki beach. We hated it there. It reminded me of New York City or Las Vegas...it was so crowded and teeming with people (Oriental and american tourists) Also, a lot of the architecture is kind of old and looking run down and I didn't even care for the beach on WaiKiki. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiin Village...I had thought it was supposed to be a great resort hotel. Like everything else in Honolulu it was packed with people with lines everywhere. We had to wait an hour in line to check in and half hour lines were common to eat breakfast, etc. We were very unhappy there and cancelled our reservations to go on to Kauai early.

Kauai is my favorite place in the world...It's absolute paradise. Mauai is a close second behind Kauai.

Good Luck

Aurora, Colorado
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6. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

3 islands is too much in 9 days... you can do much better choosing 2 islands...

A few years back, we honeymooned in Hawaii - 5 nights each on Oahu, the Big Island, and Kauai... In Sept this year, went to Maui for 4 nights... I'd been to Oahu and Maui previously with my family as well.

This is what we thought IN GENERAL:

Oahu - most developed island, Honolulu/Waikiki was a big city feel (great restaurants & shopping) but not too much "Tropical Getaway"... Although we did drive around the island to see less developed areas, which were nice, but not great...

The Big Island was awesome for doing things - helicopter ride to see the flowing lava (wow, that was cool) coffee plantations (husband is java freak), black sand beach, volcano park... Stayed at the Hilton Waikiloa and it was nice - very big! a little "Disney" cutsy with the boat ride/monorail thing, but I really LOVED the swimming with the dolphin adventure at the hotel...

Kauai - dreamy tropical green island - by the time we got here, we barely left our hotel (hyatt regency) where we spent most of our time in the pool area! The Hyatt Regancy Kauai was the best hotel we've stayed at in all of the islands. Beautiful! We did take a helicopter ride to see the napali coast and the "waimea canyon - which was nice, but after seeing the flowing lava on the Big Island, not as awe inspiring (maybe we were jaded by this time)... Some pretty good restaurants here including the Beach House...

Maui - this is our Favorite island so far for us - we are not the "lie on the beach" types and like things to do (good restaurants, shopping, activities) as well as a beautiful tropical setting... Stayed at Hyatt Regency (not as great as the Kauai Hyatt, but still nice and the pool area is the better than the other pools we saw in Kaanapali region in our opinion). Snorkeled off of Black Rock (near the Sheraton)... Shopped & Ate at Whaler's Village and Lahaina. Did the Luau at our hotel...

Atlanta, Georgia
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7. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

Yes. I would go to one island, no more than two. It is a long trip, albeit worthwhile, so plan on a little time to relax. To truly enjoy the spirit of Hawaii, allow yourself to wind down to the local rhythm. Take some time to spend an afternoon at the beach (especially on Kauai) and enjoy the beauty!!

Lodi, California
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8. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

I would never suggest doing 3 islands in 9-10 days! Too much time wasted traveling, not enough time to enjoy what there is there! Pick your 2 favorite choices for this trip and save the others for next time! If it is your first trip, we recommend going to Oahu. There is a lot of history, great beauty, etc., You do not have to stay in Waikiki unless that is what you want to do. People often try to talk you out of that, but Oahu is a lot more that Waikiki Beach and shopping!

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9. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

3 day stay per island? --- three days each on Kauai is okay since its a small island and there's not much going on. Maui I would recommend 4 days. Oahu-- you need more than 3. Don't listen to those who 'dis Oahu. I'm from there and the problem is that a lot of visitors stay in Waikiki and never leave during their entire stay! There are B&Bs on other parts of the island, or you can stay near Diamond Head or at the edge of Waikiki, even North Shore or the windward sie. (The whole island does not look or feel like Waikiki.) Keep in mind that the locals stay out of Waikiki--- they just work there.

San Carlos, CA
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10. Re: Is 3 day stay each on Oahu, Kauia and Maui too hectic ?

If this is your first trip, you need to go to Oahu. Yes it is commercial but there is something there for everyone. And there are some really beautiful places still around the island. Once you have had your fix of rum drinks with umbrellas, crowded beaches, and bad hawaiian music, go to Maui. Maui has lots to do, and you will get a better taste of the real Hawaii. You can unwind and still occupy your time.

For your next trip (and there will be a next one), You can do Maui and day trip to Lanai and Molokai. And when you are really ready to just chill and live Hawaiian, head to Kauai.

MK Lady will also advocate Hawaii as well, but save that for your 3rd trip...I'm sure there will be one.

I think you will find the consensus don't over do it! Enjoy the people, culture, and the o'hana