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Starwood Deal

Pensacola, Florida
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Starwood Deal

I cannot believe it. I just got a call from Starwood Resorts with an offer too good to refuse. Now we are planning another trip back to Maui in April. We haven't even been back 10 days and I can't wait. Because of a post I saw awhile back on this website, I went to the Starwoods Resort website and filled out a questionaire. I have 5 nights at the Westin, $180.00 towards a rental car through Avis and $100.00 credit to use at Westin for $749.00. This seems pretty good to me. It is good until the end of next year. The offer is for 2 adults and 2 children although we won't be bringing the kids this time. We asked about the timeshare presentation and were told that we did not have to attend one if we did not want to. I know several people have commented on this forum about the offer and I just wanted to let everyone know it is still being offered.

Seattle, Washington
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1. Re: Starwood Deal

It;s probably a good deal but be prepared, nothing is free, Somewhere in there is a sales person..

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2. Re: Starwood Deal

I am signed up for this and will be using it next month. Just review the old messages on this and you can see that you can avoid any sales pitches and still redeem this. they called me after I signed on but I said I was not interested in any other offers that they "want to offer in addition to this"... They have left me alone since then.

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3. Re: Starwood Deal

We just got back from Maui and we used this deal for the first 5 nights. It was great! We were upgraded to the 5th floor, mountain view. Not an ocean view, but still nice.

We did not have to attend a timeshare presentation. The concierge that you must see (to get your $100 credit certificate) will try to get you to go to one, though. They offer $100 extra in resort dollars if you go. We did go, but after 20 minutes of waiting we decided our time in Maui is too precious to waste. Plus, we hate timeshare presentations!

The hotel and grounds are beautiful. I would love to get the same deal again!

Cottage Grove, MN
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4. Re: Starwood Deal

where do I go to fill out a questionare? This would be a great deal!

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5. Re: Starwood Deal

We're doing it in October. From all reports, there seems to be no catch. I found that the $180 Avis certificate is actually worth very little, though, if you're planning to stay more than the 5 days. We need a car for 7 days. To get the deal, you need to book at Avis' "contracted" Starwood rate, which turns out to be about $380, or a net cost to me of $200. That's almost the same as what I can get through costco travel.

Still, even without the rental certificate, it comes out to be a great deal. You can also add on nights at the westin for a discounted rate. Not anything close to the $749/5 night rate, but still a great deal if you're going for a week. I think it's costing us about $286 per night extra. (Plus you still have to pay the $20 resort fee, even on the special nights.)

As for the timeshare promos, everything I have heard, read or seen, says there is no obligation. They used to try to get you to attend in exchange for upgrading your view. Now it sounds like they offer you $100 extra in resort credit. But you are free to say no. Every guest at the westin, even those paying rack, are subjected to requests to attend a presentation, and the bombardment of timeshare information up and down the Ka'anapali strip is ubiquitous, so it's not like you're treated much differently on the special.

If you can deal with a small room with little view, it's a tough deal to beat.

menlo park
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6. Re: Starwood Deal

This sounds like a great deal. Of course you won't be expecting the best room in the house. I'm really surprised that there is no time share pitch involved. Possibly you were invited because you have rich zip code, making you in their minds a better mark, more inclined to buy the time share, or, in their language "invest in an annual paradise vacation". It's possible that an applicant from a lower rent zip code might not qualify.

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7. Re: Starwood Deal

Sounds like a good deal. I just booked the Westin for 5 nights at $125/night via priceline for 11/8 - 11/13/07. I am a starwood business gold member so I won't get the priceline room but an upgraded room which is awesome. 134 days and counting

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8. Re: Starwood Deal

I used this same offer with the Sheraton Maui back in March (also received this Westin offer about a month before I left for Maui but didn't book a second deal).

It's not a gimmick and an excellent deal.

I was upgraded to a full ocean view at the Sheraton (without asking), on the second day I stopped by to pick up my $100 credit gift certificate from the Concierge, the lady was easy going and simply asked if I was interested in attending the timeshare presentation, I declined, no pressure, it took less than 2 minutes to pick up the gift certificate and a gift snack bag (chocolates, macadamia nuts, etc.). That's it! Using the Avis certificate was a breeze. It's one of the best deals going!

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9. Re: Starwood Deal

A lady I work with just got back from doing this deal. She said it was great. My sister in-law also booked this deal for next February. I went online and filled out the Starwood membership, but I havent gotten anything yet. Is there a seperate questionaire? There is definately no catch and it is a heck of a deal.

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10. Re: Starwood Deal

Can someone please send a link to the specific questionaire that is being mentioned? I went to the www.starwoodownership.com site but was not sure where the questionaire is. I'm addicted to Maui too!