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First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Ozark, Missouri
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First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Hi! My husband and I are planning our 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii next year. We're shooting for 2 weeks there. My "plan" is to stay in a nice condo on one of the islands, and hopefully find some reasonable huts or villas on another island the other week. ANY IDEAS??? I'm having a hard time finding little 'grass huts' to stay. I'm not even necessarily SET on Maui. I actually don't even know which islands are best.

One week, we'd like to stay in a grass hut (not looking for upscale or anything) on one of the islands... and another week perhaps more of a 'touristy' stay somewhere---condo, nice big, fun, active beach somewhere.

Can anyone help me?

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1. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Oh dear, I had already checked you in at Kona Village Restort on Big Island, in one of their 'hales'...until I read the part of your post about 'not looking for upscale'.

OK, how about one of the B&B's in Hana? That way you could go to Maui and get both the 'grass hut' (sort of) experience in Hana, and have a wide choice of condos in either West Maui or South Maui for the rest of your stay. Condos can be had for as little as $100/night up to 'very pricey'.

A good place to start looking is: www.wizardpub.com

They have aerial views of all the resorts along with reviews and a link to the resorts' websites. Once you have a few possibilities selected, check on vrbo.com to rent a specific condo or B&B from an owner. Also ask about compexes here on the forum.

santa barbara
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2. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Aloha Mrswar,

If you read the great trip report by SoggyinSeattle, she mentions the Yurt they stayed in.....that might be as close as you can get to the "little grass hut". I had the same idea as Chisue...the Kona Village might fit all your criteria, but it is very upscale.

Lagrangeville, NY
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3. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!


I suggest you get a few Hawaii guide books to familiarize yourself because I have a feeling you might not have the correct vision of what Hawaii is like, and might be disappointed with Hawaii.

Other than the yurt mentioned perviously, there are also tree houses in Hana. I thought they looked neat. Do a websearch for "tree houses of hana". They are not in operation now, but perhaps you can call and check for next year. I have to point out that tourists generally do not stay in Hana for a full week though.

Palm Springs...
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4. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

there is only one placce in all Hawaii that offers a " sort of Grass hut....Its The Kona Village Resort

Figure $500 a night... with meals included.... and its a class act.. no phones.. no TV

These " shacks" dont exist in Hawaii...its a immage that is false. promoted in movies and travel posters... also no natives are going to shower you with flowers... and there are no secret beaches, waterfalls or jungle pools to swim in.

What you want is in Fiji.... places like Matangi Island and Nukumbati island....

Hana, Hawaii
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5. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!


Maybe you did not mean "grass shack" literally, huh? I have stayed twice in Hana at the Hana Kai Maui condo; albeit last time 10 years or so ago. It was very nice and I would stay there again. Don't know current info on this place, but I liked it. We drove down to Hamoua (sp) beach, which looks a little like the South Pacific.

HawaiianDan, I beg to differ on the locals, my friend. When I arrive in Maui, they run to greet the "pink clad wonder", throwing plumeria blooms in front of my feet, as I walk. Maybe you've been watching Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" again? I am more famous (and much sexier) than Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle! Just something for you to think about...Your friend...Caddy

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6. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

I'm afraid that for what you envision with grass huts you need to go to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, or elsewhere in the South Pacific.

There hasn't been any authentic housing built in that style here in a long long time. Little plantation era wood frame homes with tin roofs are about as old style as you get here.

You will be disappointed if you don't read up and expect Hawai'i to look very USA ... McDonalds and chain stores a-plenty.

by the way, there is a problem with real thatched roofs in the tropics. Cockroaches love to live in them. This is a problem in places like Tahiti where they're still used.

Molokai, Hawaii
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7. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

and those roaches come big around here!

yes, when it comes to building styles of condos and hotels in hawaii i am surprised and disappointed to see that most don't blend into the landscape, but look rather mediterranian or just plain stark urban concrete. i like hotel moloka'i which has a unique style of roofs like in tahiti. google it to see what i mean. when i looked at pictures of that hotel you mentioned in kona with the little grass hats, i was in love! until i saw the price...

Hana, Hawaii
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8. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Having been on the grounds of Hotel Molokai about a year ago, I would concur with Halemalu. I like the look; very appro.

BTW, Halemalu! I have a big roach in the garage, I've named "Charlie" that I would gladly box and mail to you in Molokai. That way he would be in paradise with the other Molokai roaches.


San Francisco
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9. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

I, too, am wondering if your really want to go to Hawaii, or somewhere else in the South Pacific. The Islands of Hawaii can be very different from each other and you need a good basic guidebook like "Hawaii for Dummies" and a map.

Hawaii is not a backward nation ... it's a State and the cross-roads of the Pacific. I'm assuming that this is your first trip to Hawaii, and therefore I recommend that you do find suitable hotel/condo accomodations - on whichever islands you choose. It's just that you really don't know what you are asking for ... and probably would not be comfortable in it if you found it. Maybe on your second trip you can be more adventuresome ... but not the first.

Time to do some reading ... and establish a per-night budget for your accommodations, flights, food, etc. It's great that you will have 2 weeks.

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10. Re: First trip to Hawaii! Looking for grass huts... & advice!!!

Another suggestion, Kauai has some accommodations that are old time plantation residences. Waimea Plantation. These are condo-like accommodations, where you buy food and cook it up for yourself. It is not completely isolated but is in a very quiet area of Kauai. The beach there isn't great for more that walking on as the water is churned up by the outlet of the Waimea River. Kokee forest on Kauai also has rustic cabins available.

I have seen shacks on Maui but not the kind that you could rent or would want to stay in. Here's another recommend for wizardpub.com to check out what is available (or 90% of what is available on the larger islands).

Caddy, I am glad some people get the kind of treatment they are accustomed to on Maui.