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First Trip to Maui May 2010

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First Trip to Maui May 2010

We just booked our flights for our trip to Maui and Kauai next May. I was able to get us great tickets but unfortunately the flight comes in to Honolulu. So we will have to do Interisland flights for both Maui and Kauai. We have a total of 9 nights and were thinking of a 5night Kauai/4 night Maui split. I am not sure if that is the best choice though. We were thinking of going to Maui first and then to Kauai. It seems there really aren't any direct flights from Maui to Kauai so we will have to fly back through Honolulu. (so it looks like we will have 1 day wasted in the transfers.)

For Maui I have 3 free nights I won at the Fairmont Kea Lani in an Ocean View suite. I really wanted to stay at either the Four Seasons or the Ritz but since I have the room for free at Fairmont it seems silly not to use it. I am hoping that the resort is really nice and we have a great view and great service. We really like to stay at the best hotels with great service and location. Because we have an extra night to use in Maui we could go to a different hotel but I am not sure that makes sense- so we might book the other night at the Fairmont to avoid too much moving around. If anyone has stayed at the Fairmont any information or recommendations on rooms with good location would be greatly appreciated.

I also am debating if we should do 5/4 split with more nights in Maui? Our tentative plan for Maui would be Helicopter Ride with Blue Hawaiian, Snorkeling/sailing trip to Molokini/Lanai, Luau (probably Feast at LeLe since we like a more intimate feel) and some sort of hiking trip. If we had more time we could do Hana but I am not sure we have enough time. We definitely would like to get to Mamma's for dinner one night too. Is it far to get to all of these excursions from Fairmont?

Our last day we will check and out and head to the airport to fly to Kauai. I haven't booked those flights yet but I am assuming I will try to book something late morning so we will get to Kauai with some time to enjoy there on our first day too.

I was also wondering what time I should book my flight to Maui on our first day. We get in around 2:15pm and there seems to be many flights, I was thinking 4pm to Maui.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated! I have looked through several posts and already picked up on some great tips and ideas. I want this to be a great trip but also want to relax- I don't want to feel like we are running around too much.

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1. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

From everything I gather (haven't been yet) Maui has a little bit more going on and Kauai is a bit more laid back. Might want to consider that in your split of days.

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2. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Honestly, I would skip Kauai on this trip unless you have something really special that you want to see or do there. For Maui, you need a couple of days at least to enjoy the beach(es) and snorkel/boogie board. Kauai is a fantastic place if you love hiking or backpacking and I would go if that is what you enjoy. I would not go to Kauai just to do more boat excursions, helicopter flights or luaus or just to drive around and take pictures.

For our honeymoon, we did a week on Kauai and then 3 days on the Big Island - we wanted to see the volcano which was awesome. However, I felt we wasted a couple of travel days and did so much driving on the volcano day that we didn't want to drive around anymore so we just vegged the rest of the time.

The Fairmont is in a fantastic location so you could do a couple more nights there. Why not split your time between South Maui and West Maui? Just a thought.

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3. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Maybe, if you could have flown into Maui and home from Kauai....MAYBE I'd be OK with five nights Maui and four Kauai. However, since that's not happening, stay put on Maui. Split time between West Maui and South Maui if you like. The Ritz in Kapalua is about equal to Four Seasons in Wailea. Or...stay first in something lesser -- maybe the Sheraton -- in West Maui and finish big at the Fairmont.

See as much of Maui as you can. Try Kauai *next* time.

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4. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Thanks for the replies. I wish I could say I could just do Maui. Going to Kauai was one of the only reasons I agreed to go to Hawaii this year. I like the fact that it was less developed with gorgeous scenery. French Polynesia is my favorite place (we have been twice and were thinking to go there again next year but we decided to hold off until our 10 year anniversary.) I really like quieter islands that aren't as developed and I know that Maui won't quite be that, although I know there are many other things it will offer. I am not trying to compare any of the Islands of Hawaii to French Polynesia but we did want to make sure we had at least one quiet lush island experience with a gorgeous resort (St Regis Kauai) for our stay. I have heard great things about various activities etc with Maui so we decided to add it on to our trip because I think 9 nights in just Kauai might be too long for us. I had suggestions on another post about Oahu but after researching the island I really don't think it is for us. Even though there are some luxury resorts on that island it is just too developed for our taste.

I am hoping that doing both Maui and Kauai doesn't prove to be too hectic. I wish there was a direct flight but since there isn't we will just to have to deal with a little bit of inconvenience on that day with transfers. We are thinking of doing more activities while in Maui and then while in Kauai just kick back and enjoy the resort, relax and take the boat tour of the Napali Coast. We still have time so I can change things around with number of days, flight times etc.

If anyone has done Maui and Kauai on the same trip and has any suggestions based on our number of nights I would love to hear any feedback. What I have gathered from reading posts and researching the island is that the two islands will be different enough that we can have 2 different experiences.

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5. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

I think that since you're flying into Oahu and you don't want to spend all 9 days on Kauai (which you'll love... you could easily spend more than 9 nights there, you'll see)- but i would suggest maybe spending a couple days on Oahu. The north shore or windward side in May will be nice then,and you'll be surprised how lovely it is (and I also love FP!)-it's not at all built up like Waikiki (it'll remind you of Moorea). And there's lots to do. It would save you a whole day travelling between Maui and Kauai. Just a thought...

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6. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Call me Curious George. If you love French Polynesia, what did you think of East Maui? People call Hana the last Hawaiian Place. One of our guests said Hana is what he expects Hawaii to be.

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7. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

I just checked and according to Orbitz, Island Air offers a non stop from Maui to Kauai.

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8. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Yes, we are going interisland that way. Maui to Kauai. It seems to take less time than a bigger airline and there is an open market there the day we fly in. We will get there to go through the farmers market.

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9. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Heck, it seems like your trip to Maui should be a whole lot simpler than you are making it.

Shucks, I didn't even know that there was more than one Four Seasons on Maui, and I been there 15 times.

Just offhand, I would say to get yurself a room not too fur from the water. It saves shoe leather.

If it suits ya, just hang out there.

Shoot, is a trip to Hawaiia supposed to be so mixed up anyways.

Hey, ya know Larry? He's my cousin......

He paid 2 millyun for one of those fancy trailers up in the sky that they call a box for some reason. Heck, ya can't even see those little fellas beat each other up.

Enjoy Maui and not make it so complicated.

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10. Re: First Trip to Maui May 2010

Having been to both Kaua'i and Maui many times, I must suggest that you spend the majority of your time on Maui.

Stay at the Fairmont 4 nights (3 of which are free for you), then go to Hana for 2 nights (where you will feel like you are on a completely different island), then spend your last 3 nights on Kaua'i.

In Hana, I suggest the Hotel Hana-Maui. Book a Sea Ranch cottage: www.hotelhanamaui.com

You can easily see most of the highlights of Kaua'i in 2 days. I highly recommend a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour on Kaua'i and Maui.

You could spend you entire vacation on Maui and not even scratch the surface. Choose what you want to do and do it well. Do not rush around trying to see everything...or you will end up experiencing nothing.

If you stay in South Maui, there is no need to go to Molokini. The snorkeling is just as good at Maluaka Beach (in front of the Maui Prince); a close second would be way out and to the left at Wailea beach in front of the Four Seasons.

The Feast at LeLe is a must-do! Good decision. Mama's Fish House is about 15 minutes from the airport, so you could stop by there on your way to the airport. The lunch menu is just as good as the dinner menu...at lower prices. And the views are better during the daytime, too.

Both islands are beautiful. But since Kaua'i is so much smaller, spend most of your time on Maui.

Have a great trip!