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Just Wing It

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Just Wing It

We've never been to Maui, and never been on a big trip really. But we're planning on just winging it when we get there.

We have a car rented and our hotel and that's about it. The husband just wants to book things thru the hotel when we get there. Can you book things thru the hotels down there?

It seems like everyone plans so much. Does anyone just wing it?

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1. Re: Just Wing It

We planned everything prior to arriving.

...and then we got there and winged it entirely. We loved every second of it.

Have an idea of what you want to do (places to see, eat, etc)... and then just run with it.

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2. Re: Just Wing It

I normally just wing it. I am not a fan of organized or paid activities.

I love having the freedom to do whatever strikes my fancy and whatever suits the weather.

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3. Re: Just Wing It

It's more expensive to wing it! At least look around ta to get an idea of thongs to do. If there is something specific you'll want to do see if the activity has their own web site. They often offer discounts.

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4. Re: Just Wing It

I prefer just winging it! Coffee on the lanai deciding what to do, if anything, that day. The only caveat would be if you really want to do the Feast at Lele or Old Lahaina Luau, those often sell out well in advance.

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5. Re: Just Wing It

I think there is a happy medium between planning it an winging it. If there are things you really want to do, like a boat trip, or sunrise tour, its good to do a bit of research to find a good deal, and make sure you get the time/tour you really want. But personally, i try to keep those plans to a small number of things, and then fill in around them on the fly.

Also, there's a difference between research and planning. I do a ton of research, so I know what things I CAN do once I arrive. Doesn't mean I'm going to, but its good to know whats available, how long it might take, where I might get lunch on the way. For example, when we went to Maui in September, I did some research on the road to Hana, so I knew how long it would take us, and where to get a picnic. I don't think we decided for certain that we were going until the night before we actually went (of course...it rained anyways, but not till we got past Paia...no help for that).

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6. Re: Just Wing It

Aloha Apesusi!

Great answers by all, and I concur, but for me, I agree mostly with ChinacatBoston. If there are things you have on your "must-do" list, especially if they are ticketed, or reservations needed experiences, do your research ahead, find the best price for the best time for YOU and book it. Otherwise, I am totally for the "wing-it" mindset, ESPECIALLY in Hawaii!!!

I swear they put something in the water on Maui. Our entire group of 4 adults, all very active, Type A sorts, found ourselves relaxed like we had been drugged. Sounds crazy, but the folks on these forums will attest to it. It is GLORIOUS. Maui is so very, very beautiful, the weather as perfect as one can get (almost all the time!), the people warm and gracious, the smells and sights of flowers, and on, and on, and on. Like Mamma0233 said, you will find yourself just sitting on your lanai for hours, esp. if you have ocean views, just mesmerized by the views and the soft breezes on your face. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Maui! You are going to LOVE Maui, especially if you do NOT overplan or overschedule!!


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7. Re: Just Wing It

NO - don't wing it. If this were your 3rd or 4th trip, then sure. You'll know your way around, have fave restaurants, and excursions. But for the first trip, by all means do your homework. I think it's common sense. You don't want to spend money on a big vacation and not have a solid idea of what you want to do. Can you change your mind? Sure! But have a general idea of where you want to go and what you want to do. If you don't know what you want to do ... how can you ask us questions about it :-)

Get a good map of Maui (essential) and a good travel guide. Read through this Forum for a few weeks.

Truly, you don't want to plan every minute (it is Maui, afterall!) but block out your time and be aware of your options. It will keep you from running around in circles.

You don't say when you are traveling, but some times of the year are very popular, and some dinner reservations, catamaran, and other excursion really should be booked in advance.

And, and this is important, book your car as early as you can. There is a rental car shortage.

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8. Re: Just Wing It

If you have never been to Maui, I think you should at least do some research. You want to start on the Road to Hana early in the day and allow 8-9 hours if you make stops and drive all the way around to the winery. Recently friends of mine ended up after dark on the bumpy/winding road past Hana because they started in the afternoon. Have some idea of what you want to see and then wing it after you get there. It's really helpful if you can get a map of Maui and mark the popular sites before you go. It will save a lot of time and you will see and do more.

Tours are easy, but I like the freedom of staying as long as I like at the different places I visit on Maui.

Aso, watch TA for restaurant ideas and prices.

Have a great time!

Kapaa, Hawaii
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9. Re: Just Wing It

Winging it is fine if that's what you want to do. Only thing is don't book your activities thru the hotels. You will pay a premium price. My first trip to Hawaii was well planned out. We didn't do anything we had planned except a visit to Pearl Harbor. Being from Colorado, not being used to the ocean we just sat on the beach for 4 days with our jaws wide open in the middle of the winter. We did go on a catamaran ride and did the canoe thing, but that was spontaneous. Have a wonderful time and I'm sure you will find plenty to do or NOT!!

ps. never did a Hana trip in less than 12 hours!! 8 or 9 didn't cut it for us.

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10. Re: Just Wing It

I would suggest that you do your homework, research the activities you really, really want to do (some you need to reserve in advance, some you can do when YOU feel like it) and go from there. Then when you get there you will find that weather and your mood will dictate what you want to do that day.... or nothing at all. Have a great trip!