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Trip Report - Part 2 - long

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Trip Report - Part 2 - long

First a quick joke courtesy of the DW.

Q: For a Stay-at-home Mom, what is the difference between a Maui vacation and life at home?

A: 15 degrees Celsius.

OK, not that funny, but unfortunately true for DW as we pick up our story.

March 15

The little one wakes up at 5am and has started to come down with Girl 1's cold, and I'm in day 2 of my cold. Nothing major, mainly the sniffles, I still consider e-mailing the boss and asking if I can take sick leave instead of vacation leave, but think the better of it, as I know what the reply would be.

We start our normal morning routine of feeding the kids, then having Grandpa come over to help lug all the beach gear down to Kam 3 beach. DW decides to stay behind with the little one. Rest of us spend a couple hours down there. The girls make their daily sand fort masterpiece on the beach, this time with the help of a boy they meet. There are virtually no waves so I can't use the boogie-board. Lots of snorkellers though, too bad we haven't got around to renting any snorkel gear yet. I end up sitting around watching the kids for a couple of hours, which really is torturous for me as I am very much a do-er instead of a do-nothinger (the irony is that I'm a civil servant). We do have one semi-breakthrough though, Girl 2 is now brave enough to get calf-deep in the water.

Head back to the condo for lunch, then head out on the grass with the girls to play with a velcro ball-catching thing and a frisbee. Play starts well-enough, as it always does, Girl 1 has a pretty good arm and is able to catch 50% of what I throw to her. Girl 2 doesn't get frustrated with not being able to throw or catch as well as Girl 1 for a good 20 minutes or so. Finally the frustration sets in and Girl 2 wants to switch to Frisbee over Girl 1's objections. I agree to Frisbee, and remind Girl 2 "remember big crocodile arms, which chomp on the frisbee" and she shows me she can do it. So we do it for real and I throw it and she chomps down, too early, and it whacks her in the nose, and oh my that's a lot of blood, lets go see Mom.

So after all the tears had been spilled, and cleaned up (not to mention the blood), the girls went off to the pool with Grandpa while DW & I went off to rent snorkel gear and go to Longs Drugs for some cold medication.

We got back intime to get everyone ready to go off to the luau at the Wailea Marriott. When I'm feeling under the weather, I want to get over it as soon as possible, so that means no drinking until I'm better. Therefore there was no argument over who was driving to the luau, it was going to be me. We drove off to the luau, were seated right at the back near the centre aisle so we could have a decent view of the show. We were also the closest table to the drinks table, which made DW happy. The girls really enjoyed seeing all of the craft displays and getting a shell necklace and a Hawaiian (temporary) tattoo. They also saw a sea turtle in the water right off the luau grounds. Then it was time for the meal and it was pretty good. One note though, when they said it was all-you-can-eat, they meant it was all you can eat in one pass at the buffet. My buffet strategy is to take small samples of everything, then go back to load up on the things I like. By the time I had tried my first plate, they were packing up all of the food.

Then the show started, and from the opening conch greeting and lighting of the torches I knew we were in trouble. Girl 2 is a strange amalgam of a very in-your-face aggressive girl (I'm think of putting her in rugby or a martial art when she is old enough) and the world's biggest scaredy-cat. As soon as the drums started for the first hula, she let out a scream and wanted to go home. Luckily Grandma & Grandpa had been to this luau before, so after 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to calm Girl 2, they acceded to her demands. The rest of us stayed on and really enjoyed the show. The fire-knife dancer was pretty incredible.

The show ended and we drove home and put the girls to bed. DW had had a few drinks and was feeling a bit frisky so I took a couple of the night time cold pills to hopefully feel well enough to reciprocate and ZZZZZZZZ...... Darn medication.

March 16

Get up at 6:30am. Still don't feel great, but decide that I can't afford not to work out, so go for another run. Run to the Shops at Wailea again, but this time stop at the top of the hill back down to South Kihei road (30 minutes of running), and walk the rest of the way. See a couple of whales looking through the construction site at Y-intersection where the main road diverts up the hill off S Kihei.

Have breakfast, and everyone heads to the beach. As the conditions seemed to be the exact same as the day before, I do not bring the boogie-board, but do bring the snorkel gear. Girls start construction on the daily masterpiece, while I curse at the big waves that are coming in that would been perfect for boogie-boarding. DW & I go snorkelling off the south end of Kam 3. I'm not the strongest swimmer, so I tend to only go out far enough to see fish and coral then stop and hover. We do this for 30 minutes, see some fish, but nothing too exciting. Come back in for a rest, then head back out for another 15 minutes or so. Again good snorkelling but nothing too exciting to report. Spend our daily two hours at the beach, then head back for lunch.

DW & I decide to go off to explore Pai'a and Makawao and give the older girls the option of coming with us or staying with Grandma & Grandpa and go to the pool. The girls make the decision we were hoping for, and we tell them to behave for their Grandparents while we take the little one to Maui Tacos for lunch. DW has a Lahaina burrito, while I have a Napili. Both are good. We then drive up to Pai'a, park in the public parking lot and walk around the town a bit before heading to the beach at the west end of the town. The surf is up 6'-8', and there are a lot of surfers and boogie boarders out. Really enjoyed watching them.

We then head over to Ho'okipa Lookout and watch the windsurfers who were dealing with even bigger surf. We also saw a couple of sea turtles in the water at the base of the cliff.

We then headed up to Makawao, but by the time we got there it was raining hard, so we decided to continue on to the Tedeschi Winery in hopes that it is not raining there. Also I'm hoping that a bit wine might make the DW feel frisky again because I'm feeling better now, but by the time we reach the winery DW declares that she now has a migraine. Doh! I try the four samples (a chardonnay, a pineapple wine, a pineapple-passionfruit wine, and a merlot-syrah), and don't think that any are worth buying. We leave ahead of a bunch of tour busses, and get back to Kula in time to get hammered by the same rainstorm. Have to put the wipers on full and slow down just to be able to see, outside temperature has also dropped to 59 according to the car's thermometer. Drive back to the condo. Leave DW and the little one to rest, and go over to the Grandparents to eat and get the older girls. Update GPs on our adventures then get into next version of conversation with Mom re DW. Sigh. (they have the classic Mom-in-law - Daughter-in-law relationship).

March 17

Get up at 7am. Wow, extra long sleep. Get breakfast and then get ready to go down to the beach. Little one now has a fever, so DW stays behind with her, while rest of us trek off to the beach. The girls make their daily masterpiece. I do a bit of snorkelling and then some boogie-boarding (see I'm learning, bring everything). See a few more interesting (read: colourful) fish. Head back to the condo for lunch.

After lunch head to the pool. This being Wednesday means that it is Mai-Tai day at the Kam Sands. As I am feel well again, I try one. Yum. So I have a couple more, then go up to get changed for the sunset cruise that DW are scheduled for. DW comes down has a couple of Mai-Tais as well, we hand over the girls to the Grandparents and then each have one more Mai Tai for the road.

We are on the Alii Nui (65" sailing catamaran) run by Maui Dive Shop. The thing that really appealed to us was that they would pick us up and drop us off so that we could freely imbibe. We get picked up promptly at 4pm, then pick up a few more people on our way to Ma'alea. Around 4:45pm we board the boat, there are around 40 people on this sailing. The boat is lovely, the crew are great, the food is good and the drinks (more Mai-Tais) are strong. We are given a wristband that entitles us to 3 drinks, but they forget to ask of one of my tags so I get 4 drinks (bonus!). The trip is awesome. We see a lot of whales, with one getting within 10 yards of the boat when we are sitting relative still under sail power. We have an absolutely fantastic time, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Once the trip ends we are driven back to Kihei, and ask to be dropped off at Moose Mcgillicuddys so that we can continue our evening. DW has a lava flow, I have a beer and we order a natchos. After a couple of bites we realize that we are stuffed, and ask for a doggie bag. Head back to the condo, thank the GPs for looking after the girls (Grandma has larengitis, DW is very happy about that), put the girls to bed. I lie on the coach to wait for DW to upload photos onto laptop so that we can retire to the bedroom, but ZZZZZZ...... Darn alcohol.

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1. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

Thanks so much for one of the most entertaining trip reports in awhile! I was cracking up...there is a reason we didn't take our kiddlets to Hawaii until they were teens...and trust me, they still ruined the mood! They are alot more fun, and respectfull as adults! Teehee

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2. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

Love your reports and absolutely love your sense of humor...keep em coming!

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3. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long


Your reports are a riot! Keep 'em coming.....and maybe give the snoozy medicine to the kids.......;)

Dallas, Texas
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4. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

Such a great report!!!!! I had to really laugh over the /alcohol/cold/frisky/med/comments!!!! Carry on my friend!!!

Stay well!!!! Praise the Lord for Grandparents!!!!!!

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5. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

Awesome tail... I can't wait for the next installment :-)

Aloha,Oregon ( Near...
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6. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

were taking 4 kids and I am trying to prepare myself that it will not be like I remembered when it was just the 2 of us...I really hope that they do not get sick.. that would stink!! And we have no grandparents but my almost 16 yr old will do.. but then again that comes with the selfish.. "why do I always have to baby sit" ... drama.. But I have a feeling after a few lava flows I will not care what he thinks :) We only plan on 2 evenings away for dinner while the kids do pizza at the condo and then the rest of the time will be kid focused. Knowing that we are bringing them with us we just plan on doing kid friendly things the whole time :) But I am not looking forward to the " I have to go potty" as soon as we get all the way down to the beach! And there will be no way my little girls will go pee in the water.. they are divas and need a bathroom.. backpacking with them for 3 days was a nightmare when it came to potty time.. uggg! Your post made me laugh.. and I am guessing that I will have the same feeling as your wife..lol.. Oh and I am also in school full time so I will be having to write papers while I am there.. oh joy!

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7. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

What a trip! I love your retelling.

Huntington Beach, CA
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8. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

See a couple of whales looking through the construction site


So . . . what did the whales think of it?


Thanks for your report! I don't travel with kids . . . yet, as my grandkids are young, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about life with kids on Maui.



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9. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

WOW !! What a great TR. Needed a good laugh! :)

10. Re: Trip Report - Part 2 - long

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