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Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

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Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!


I've spent hours on these boards doing research and was hoping I could get some advice about my plan. We are not really interested in doing the volcano or hana (sorry, I know we are missing out, but we get car sick easy and don't want to wake up early in the AM!). We want a combo of relaxing and some fun activities. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Aug 16-19: Staying at Grand Hyatt in Kauai

Thurs, Aug 19: Arrive and check in KBH

Dinner Leilani's

Friday Aug 20: West Maui Parasailing

Dinner Kimo's

Warren & Anabelle's Show

Saturd Aug 21: Goofy Foot Surf School

Lunch/ shop Lahaina

Dinner Roys

Sunday Aug 22: Nothing planned in day

Dinner Dukes

Monday Aug 23: Mendes Ranch

Lunch: Mama's Fish House

Dinner: Round Table Pizza on the Beach!

Tuesday Aug 24: Kapalua Dive Center for Intro Scuba

Lunch Pineapple Grill

Dinner: Hula Grill

Wedsne Aug 25: Drive to Four Seasons in the AM (have pkg w/ free breakfast buffet & lunch at Ferraros.

Lunch at Ferraros

Thursday August 26: Scooter Snorkel

Complimentary Canoe Tour

Massages Spa Grande

Mala for dinner

Friday, August 27: Last day, nothing planned.

Dinner: Nick's Fish HOuse or Ferraros (can't decide!).

Please let me know what you think!!!

Thank you in advance =)

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1. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

Sorry, one more thing. We are trying to pick our restaurants based on Hawaiian feel and good food. We live in SF, so we could sit in a dark restaurant and eat a great steak any time. Thanks!

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2. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

You have a very good plan in place...just don't "force" yourself to stick to it! Be flexible and decide each morning over coffee which way you want to go since most don't require a reservation. You may well change your mind about somethings after you arrive! Believe me, doing "nothing" on Maui is perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged! Enjoy your honeymoon and congrats!

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3. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

to me it seems like a rather busy schedule -- you havent scheduled much time for you know --------------relaxing on the beach -- as posted earlier doing nothing on maui is doing something

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4. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

Looks like alot of "stuff" for a honeymoon. Like you have taken a bunch of things out of travel guides. Do you really want to do all this?

The car-sick thing ... given the other choices on your list, your tender tummies may have something to say! I doubt that the Road to Hana would bother someone from SanFran!

Two of the "gotta-do's" as far as I'm concerned is a Trilogy catamaran/snorkel sail (it leaves from the beach at your hotel!) and Haleakala.

Given your comment about a dark restaurant in SF ... why would you want to go to Warren and Annabelle's?? How about 'Ulalena instead ... go Hawaiian! Or a luau?

AND -- to have a great Hawaiian experience, on Wednesday night, go to the Masters of Slack Key Concert at Napili Kai in Napili. The concert series has 3 or 4 Grammys to their name! www.slackkey.com

I have been five or six times ... wonderful! Go early (make reservations) and have dinner at the Sea House at Napili Kai. Incredible view and food! And you will get a jump on the parking :-) I give this my highest recommendation. A true gem, and fairly close to your hotel ... about 10 minutes.

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5. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

This may only be me, but why do people preschedule every minute of a vacation before they even get there? I know it's fun to plan for a trip but this is a little out there. Just relax and enjoy each new day. How about just doing nothing for a day but hanging out at the beach or pool? I find it funny that only the wifes or girl friends plan out schedules like this.

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6. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

I like Ferraro's for closeness to water and ambiance/view.

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7. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

So I thought it would be good to go in w/ a plan (of course we can cancel anything), and have an activity every other day or so. I have about 6 days of doing nothing but hanging on the beach. We are very active and would get bored if we didn't have any activites, especially w/ 13 days in Hawaii. When we went in 2008, the wait times were crazy at restaurants, so I thought I'd make reservations ahead of time this time.

I've only been to Maui for four days, so sorry, but yes, many of my plans revolved around guide books and online reviews.

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8. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

I think the ladies do most of the wedding planning and this just continues to the honeymoon.

I believe in at least starting with a plan too. You really don't have more than 1 thing to do most days besides dining so that's seems ok. What happens after several days is you start skipping events and getting up later and just relaxing more.

When you don't plan, and you get to the last days, you feel bad you went such a distance and left many things out you read about or sow pictures of.

There is also plenty to see while in Poipu and looks like just lounging at the pool.

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9. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!

I agree with the other posters who commented that the schedule was WAAAAYYYY too busy. Do all your meals have to be planned ahead at certain restaurants? I hope you have have not gone ahead and made reservations for them all.

How about just throwing caution at the wind and doing what you feel like when the time comes?

I am not saying cancel all your restaurant 'must -eats', but there are MANY restaurants that you will find and enjoy on a whim.

You are on your honeymoon...so relax and ENJOY!!!

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10. Re: Pls chk HONEYMOON schedule-- I've spent hours!!!!


I think you have a good plan, as long as you stick to changing it if you wish-in other words, as an outline it's good-as a "MUST DO", it would be perhaps too much.

I would def choose either the slack key concert or 'Ulalena over W&A........and I'd also pick Nick's for dinner since you will have already been at the FS and maybe end up eating at Ferraro's another time.

Have a great trip and congrats!