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Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

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Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

The "new economy" has come knocking on my door and our annual family trip to Hawaii is now on hold. That being said I still keep checking airfare which is high for late March & early April of next year. Am I looking too early or did I miss out on good pricing?

I am a glass half full king of person so I am hopeful things will turn around soon but if the consensus is I have missed the boat on good airfare then I'll plan on a 2013 return to the islands.

Due to our current circumstances I had no intention of considering a 2012 trip but since we have family there and if I can get affordable airfare we can stay with them. Our son is so sad at the thought of not being able to see his aunt and uncle until 2013 .We are trying to see if we can work something out.

We would be flying out of Seattle. Thoughts? Thanks.

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1. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

Generally air prices drop 3-1/2 to 4 months out, but that doesn't mean a sale won't come along. When we booked for last Aug, we did so in late April. Before that, the prices were sky high.

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2. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

we will be vacationing in June of 2012, every summer we take a vacation. "somewhere" this summer it will be back to Maui. I usually book our airfare in mid Nov. Now, rates are usually high when I start planning my vacation. from July-end of Oct. booking around Nov 7th or so. Prices usually go down. right now airfare for June 8th is 1,142 it has not budged at all since my researching in July.... i beleive they will go down a bit. I check every single day. or every other day at least. I say keep checking. you still have time. and when you see the price drop. book it.

good luck

Vancouver, Canada
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3. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

Hi Bellabell,

We're playing the waiting game too for airfare to Maui in early April 2012. In years past, we would have had our tickets purchased long ago, and at a good rate. We've been looking for good rates from Vancouver, BC (Seattle as a second choice), but they have yet to surface.

Right now for two we're looking at about $1800 return from Vancouver, when I know we've gone for under $800 return for both of us in the past.

Just looked at Hawaiian Air from Seattle and for two of us in early April 2012 it would be about $1200, which we just might end up doing if the airlines from Vancouver don't come down soon.

Good luck, and I hope find the airfare you're looking for.


Calgary, Ab
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4. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

bellabell, this sounds exacly like our situation last year. We weren't planning to go but I put a deposit down on a condo in October and checked airfares daily until I found a screamin' deal through Alaska (the airline, not the state!) in December. I was only going to commit if the price was right. It turned out being the best trip of the 5. Good luck.

Interestingly, unless we had booked our airfare in August of that year, there was NOTHING in terms of seat sales until that fateful day in December. Hang on, be ready to bail, and you might be in for a nice surprise.

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5. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

I too was in the same boat and needed to find decent airfare for for next April 5th. I checked every website at least twice a day. Then overnight the priced dropped significantly ($601 pp LAX-KOA including the car) and I could not type fast enough to make our reservations. This happened on Sept. 1.

I swore to myself that once I found a fare I could live with I'd book it and not look back. Sure, maybe I could have saved a little more on another sale or maybe I wouldn't! :) Good luck - hope you can make something work.

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6. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

Thanks for your replies! They are much more hopeful than I though they would be. I too usually have our airfare booked nearly a year in advance but the past couple of years that has not produced the best airfare. The airlines seem to be holding out until much later before lowering their fares.

Last year I was able to use points for our tickets but alas not this year. I guess I'll just keep checking. It won't be the same as past vacations due to monetary restrictions but hey the natural beauty of Hawaii is free and family and friends are the most important things in life not a beachfront condo or resort, although that would be a bonus :-)

Jacin - Have you checked into Alaska Airlines out of Bellingham. I know they only fly to Oahu but if the price was right the added cost of an inter island flight to Maui might still make it work. Just a thought.

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7. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

It's simply a supply and demand thing. I've seen some decent prices pop up for November and early December travel lately. And as more and more people start putting their plans on hold, the airlines will start dropping the fares to try and fill those emptly seats for the springtime season. If you're not going to be penalized yet for accommodations reservations, I say hold on a bit and keep watching the fare announcements.

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8. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

One thing to consider is that sometimes you can get a good rate playing the priceline.com game. But, this far out that may not be the case.

Second, inventory changes and airlines decide to increase and decrease their fares often so you should set paramaters on some of the sights to update you if there is a change for the better.

I blieve that if it is your desire to be in Hawaii you will be in Hawaii.

Santa Monica, CA
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9. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?

I'm a bit concerned about recent news regarding American Airlines. If they cut more flights - and they have been doing just that - prices could very well stay high for some time, not just AA but all airlines. Airfare is the hardest thing to gauge. I envy you, Trixxee!

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10. Re: Too soon or too late for Spring 2012?


Bella......Alaska flies from Bellingham-SEA-OGG. For next February, their prices are running as low as 550/PP...........and that's February, very high season.

The problem with March is it's spring vacation and Easter time. I'd wait and see a while. You don't say what fare you are getting, but a nonstop on Alaska from SEA-OGG, late March into early April is currently running about 700.