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Dreading the flight...

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Dreading the flight...

We leave in 11 days for Maui (my husband, two kids ages 13 and 7, and me). I hate to fly. I always have, but I am willing to fly so I do not miss out on the places I want to see. This will be the longest flight I have ever taken. We fly 4 hours to LA, and then on to Maui. (Just typing that gives me heart palpitations..) So, I guess my question is, What do you do to help pass the time on a long flight? Please tell me Maui is worth the flight!! ;)

Eugene, Oregon
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1. Re: Dreading the flight...

My husband was just like you - hated to fly, got all stressed out at the very thought of it.

He talked to his doctor and was able to get some medication to help him. And he fully loads his iPad and iPhone with movies to pass the time and take his mind off of the flight. Reading in-flight just doesn't work for him, he needs visual and auditory distractions.

Now, while he doesn't enjoy flying by any means, he can tolerate it. Rather than being fearful when he flies, he's just uncomfortable....he's 6'1 and a very broad shouldered guy, so typical airline seats are just not good for him.

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2. Re: Dreading the flight...

We *used* to do winter vacations in the Caribbean until we 'discovered' Hawaii. Now we fly Chicago-Maui every year -- SO MUCH farther, but so much nicer, too.

It is a long flight, and there's *nothing* to peer at out of your window when you're over the water. I read, listen to music, watch whatever is on the airplane screen, Going out, at least you have the anticipation! Coming home -- thank goodness for Ambien and reclining seats on those redeye flights!

If you plan another trip, think about a shorter hop (perhaps to DFW) then a single nonstop on a 767 or 330 aircraft to Hawaii. I suspect you'll be on 757's both legs this time.

Kapaa, Hawaii
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3. Re: Dreading the flight...

I hate to fly too, but given not being able to go to the mainland and see the kids and grands, I muddle through it. I've never taken any medication, maybe I should!! Take things that will keep you and the kids busy. I get up as much as I can and walk around, helps that cramped, penned in feeling. Just make sure not to do it if there is turbulence!! Watching what is available on the flight or doing it on my Ipad, and talking to seat mates is what helps me the most.

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4. Re: Dreading the flight...

I just bought external battery chargers (that run off AA batteries) for my kids Nintendo DS's and Zunes and for my iphone and my wifes Nook. Lots of electronics and AA batteries. Our flight is non-stop from DC to Hawaii so it's we needed 10.5 hours worth of power out of our stuff. We will try and find some activity books for the kids as well.

Surprise, Arizona
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5. Re: Dreading the flight...

I read a book, listen to my iPod, watch DVD's on my portable dvd player and eat snacks. Our flight takes 6 1/2 hrs non-stop from Phoenix to Honolulu and then another short flight to another island.

It will definately be worth it!! Hawaii is "My Paradise" and I love it there. You will have a great time.

Hana, Hawaii
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6. Re: Dreading the flight...

If you look up the word "miserable" in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there's a picture of Caddy's face next to it, which was taken on that United 2 flight from HNL to IAH leaving Honolulu at 7:50 PM and arriving Houston 7:45 AM! LOL!

(It's the most miserable picture you've ever seen!) :) Oh I meant :((

Kent, Washington
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7. Re: Dreading the flight...

I hate flying too but love Maui so much!!! What has really helped me [and I know it isn't an option for everyone] is flying first class. Something about not being crammed in like cattle really takes away a lot of my stress. I had no idea it would help since the first time we flew first class was a total fluke, but it does. Since then we save our air miles so we can at least buy one ticket with miles or companion ticket which makes it much more affordable. Most of the perks of first class are wasted on me...don't really drink or eat very often on planes but the stress relief alone is good enough for me.

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8. Re: Dreading the flight...

We fly 9+ hrs to get to Hawaii.....4 time zones...

Selecting an itinerary featuring our equipment of choice is paramount......an XM'd 767 or A330.The added comfort and AVOD system adds to the enjoyment of the flight.

Keeping one's self adequately hydrated, nourished and rested during the flight plays a key role in experiencing a smooth journey.

An Apple iPad is also along for the trip.......wouldn't be without it.

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9. Re: Dreading the flight...

The above advice is awesome.....this tip is really psychologically major helpful. When you want to look to see "how much longer", don't! Our daughter always looks too early in our six hour flight and she gets so antsy. Thank God she is 24 and knows how to amuse herself without my help! I try not to look at the time at all....

I don't drink or take medication, but magazines, kindle, music and conversation with my guy helps pass the time. Sleep doesn't work for me and most of our Maui flights are daytime.

Honestly.....it is worth it plus millions!!! Being on planes in today's world in pure torture, but at least you will be landing in paradise. I don't get nervous about the actual plane flight, just being treated like cattle and squished together horrifically. And I am too cheap to fly first class cause I would rather use the money saved to get back on another plane to anywhere in Hawaii! You will love Maui...have fun! Deb

Santa Cruz...
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10. Re: Dreading the flight...

I love all the advice given above....but I'll just bet you will be soooo excited that you won't even notice the time....(was that convincing?)

As everyone has said, it is worth it: worth that first smell of the island, the feeling of the humidity beginning on your skin as you walk thru the airport....

Have fun and can't wait to read your report (at work, ha)!