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I am a 50 year old man and I have been watching The Batchelorette lately and noticed it is not a good thing for men to have hair on their chests. Am I going to have to visit a manscaper before I go to Maui next month? Would I stand out if I had a little hair on my chest?

Phoenix, Arizona
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1. Re: Hair

You will not stand out.

One of things I love about Maui is you see every size, age and shape of body and everyone is okay! No need for extra ab workouts before you go, no one cares!

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2. Re: Hair

I agree with Mary above, but the fact that you actually wrote to ask about manscaping tells me you may be sensitive about your chest, so perhaps look within yourself to decide. The guys on The Bachelorette are in their late 20s; I don't think a 50-year-old man is expected to look like a 20-30 year old man. I think it's more about how you feel than what others would think. . . .

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for Maui
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3. Re: Hair

Oh Boris...the variety of folks you are going to see on Maui! You will be just fine! Maui is a VERY "I am who I am" kinda place...just go and enjoy!

BC Canada
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4. Re: Hair

You're awesome Boris! I watch The Bachelorette too, but those guys are all in their 20s. Don't even give it a second thought....besides the fact that a lot of women love hairy chests. The one thing that I adored about Hawaii was that fact that there were so many people of so many different sizes and shapes that no one cared at all what anyone looked like. Its so liberating. I would see some very overweight American women there wearing bikinis.....and I remember worrying that I was too fat. I've gained a few since then, but this time round I won't care at all. It's a melting pot of everything, and you will blend in no matter what you look like.

Are you single and going in hopes of finding romance? I would say just be yourself...the one you end up with may very well adore hairy chests!.

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5. Re: Hair

Oh you're just fine! I love Hawaii because it's so easy-going about appearance. Now, we don't hang out poolside at resorts but in Kihei on the beaches! You see all sizes, styles, ages and hair types. Everybody loves the beaches of Hawaii! People watching is such fun.

I'm not the size I used be when I was younger. Next to some gals, I am in great shape. Next to others, I need to get to the gym ASAP! As long as I feel good about me, everything's fine. And thank God my guy seems happy with me. :-) Have fun on Maui....and it's cool to know guys worry too! Thanks. Deb

Edmonds, Washington
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6. Re: Hair

I agree and love that fact that all kinds non-super model people wear bathing suits in Hawaii without feeling out of place. I find it very refreshing.

That said, the whole body hair paranoia that exits in some younger people is sad. Those guys on TV don't just shave and wax their chests; they do the same to their forearms, underarms and most any part of their exposed bodies that have hair. Working out and have a nice bod is great, but this over grooming is a little too self-absorbed.

Boris, if you got it. Flaunt it. The vast majority of people won't care.

Kihei, Hawaii
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7. Re: Hair

If u have time grow the moustache and run the Tom Selleck look.

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8. Re: Hair

You're using reality television as a reference point for your own appearance?

Step away from the TV ...

Edmonds, Washington
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9. Re: Hair

""You're using reality television as a reference point for your own appearance? ""

It goes far beyond reality TeeVee. That hairless look is seen in almost all parts of pop culture. When my youngest was in HS, (grad HS 2003) she told me that in some circles, ANY arm hair, as in forearm, was considered unacceptable - for boys or girls. My head still hurts from snapping towards her.

Pretty sick, Imo.

Gotta love Hawaii for what it is.

Newberg, Oregon
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10. Re: Hair

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we hear occasional reports of Sasquatch sightings -- so wouldn't give it a second thought. :-)